The Mummy Returns update

See new screenshots from Universal Interactive's PlayStation 2 game.

Universal Interactive Studios has released several new screenshots from its upcoming Sony PlayStation 2 game, The Mummy Returns. In the game, players can control either the heroic Rick O'Connell or the mummy Imhotep in separate quests to defeat the Scorpion King. O'Connell's quest involves rescuing Alex and vanquishing Imhotep, his living and undead allies, pygmy mummies, and the Scorpion King. He will have guns, handheld and projectile weapons, and dynamite to aid him during his quest. On the other hand, Imhotep's adventures will involve raising the Scorpion King to assume control of his army. Imhotep will wield handheld weapons and will have a variety of magic spells at his command. The game's indoor and outdoor levels are based in such real-world locations as London, Cairo, and the grand Hamunaptra ruins.

The Mummy Returns will be released for the PlayStation 2 this October. The game is being developed by Blitz Games.

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