The Most Quote-Worthy Interviews of Comic-Con 2012

The developers behind Halo 4, Ultima Forever, and Fortnite weigh in on their upcoming projects.

We're putting together a collection of the most interesting interviews from GameSpot's live stage show at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Read on to see those highlights…

Cliff Bleszinki's Epic Vision

"When I was at GDC and Warren Spector got his [lifetime achievement] award, he had this quote that really resonated with me. He said that a great video game isn't about the creators showing players how creative they are, it's about players showing the creators how creative they are." [Click to read more]

Paul Barnett's Rose-Tinted Memories of Ultima

"Everyone who played Ultima IV who's old and craggy and remembers when all of this was text, they have this vision in their head of what all of this was like. In their head, it was this beautific game, and it wasn't really 27 different key controls with terrible, juttery graphics." [Click to read more]

Frank O'Connor, Halo's Master Chief

"In video games, you can do a little bit of human emotional storytelling but you have things like the Uncanny Valley and video game tropes that you're always fighting against. And there are exceptions to that, plenty of video games that do a good job on that--but they have to focus on that." [Click to read more]

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