The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II Walkthrough

It's time to save Middle-Earth once again, and GameSpot's Walkthrough to Battle for Middle-Earth 2 is going to get you through the battle!

By: Doug Radcliffe
Design: Randall Montanari

EA’s real-time strategy sequel The Battle for Middle-earth II takes place during J.R.R. Tolkien’s books and Peter Jackson’s award-winning film adaptations (as well as the first game!). But it’s a new location--the northern lands where the Elves and Dwarves held off hordes of Goblins and Orcs of Mordor.

The Battle for Middle-earth II refines some gameplay elements--new resource model and you can build structures anywhere on the map--and adds new playable races, the Goblins, Elves, and Dwarves (Gondor and Rohan from the first game are combined into Men of the West). This game guide contains tips for all the new units, heroes, and abilities as well as complete walk-throughs and solutions for the two huge campaigns.

This Gamespot game guide for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II includes:

  • Forces of Good: This section provides tips for the Elves, Men of the West, and Dwarves, including strategies for units and heroes.
  • Forces of Evil: Goblins, Mordor, and Isengard are covered here with tips on using units and heroes in battle.
  • Good Campaign Walk-through: Look here for solutions to all objectives and bonus objectives for the good campaign.
  • Evil Campaign Walk-through: This section offers complete mission walk-throughs for the evil campaign.
  • Multiplayer: General strategies and coverage of all Evenstar and One Ring powers are found in this multiplayer section.
  • War of the Ring: Complete territory bonuses list and tips for War of the Ring mode.

Chapter 1 - Forces of Good

One of the most important concepts in The Battle for Middle-earth II--and it’s similar to many real-time strategy games--is the rock-scissors-paper approach to combat. This means that certain units are better suited to fight other specific units. For example, pikemen are best used against cavalry while cavalry are best used against archers.

In general, The Battle for Middle-earth II follows this logic: swordsmen beat pikemen, pikemen beat cavalry, cavalry beat archers, and archers beat swordsmen. There are some exceptions and, of course, other unit types to consider (such as trolls, giants, and spiders). However, remember that rule and you’ll know how best to counter the makeup of an enemy’s army as well as how to micromanage the fight when the moment of combat approaches.

This section covers the forces of good: Elves, Men of the West, Dwarves. You’ll find details on heroes and units and general strategies for using each group in battle. Note that this chapter was written on the retail version of The Battle for Middle-earth II.


Two words: Silverthorn Arrows. The Elves excel with bows; their upgraded archers are extremely, extremely formidable and several of the Elven hero units implement bows (including the mighty Legolas) as well. The Elves are certainly the ranged race. The Elves’ unique Silverthorn Arrow upgrade has many players wondering if the Elves are simply too powerful. Apparently the game’s executive producer thinks so as well; Mike Verdu’s blog stated that the Elven Silverthorn arrows will be toned down a bit in a future patch.

For now, battalions of fully upgraded Elven archers can wipe out "powerful" late game units like eagles or even the Balrog. Indeed the upgrade is powerful (and arguably unbalanced given Mike Verdu’s statements) but it’s also quite an expensive investment. If you rush to Silverthorn Arrows, you’re exhausting an enormous amount of resources that your opponent may be using to rush your base. The Elves can excel in late game but aren’t as powerful early.

Elves plus Silverthorn Arrows: expensive but incredibly powerful.

Being weaker early leaves the Elves vulnerable to an aggressive opponent. Acquiring the Silverthorn arrow upgrade is pricey. Building the Eregion Forge, upgrading it, then researching the upgrade, then applying the upgrade to your archer battalions is a big investment. It also means your Eregion Forge must be well-protected to avoid a disastrous setback. An effective counter is not allowing the Elves to sit back and fund upgrades until they possess a near unbeatable army.

The Elves use two structures to train their primary army. The Elven Barracks builds warriors (counter pikemen), archers (counter swordsmen), and the Mithlond Sentries, which are the Elven pikemen to counter cavalry. There are two archer types: Lorien and Mirkwood. The Mirkwood Archers can stealth (great for gaining sight on enemy areas for power usage) but are unable to improve with the Elven Armor upgrade at the Eregion Forge.

The Green Pasture creates the Elven cavalry units primarily used to rush and flank opposing archer lines. The Elves can also build the Entmoot and construct Treebeard or Ents as siege weapons to topple defenses.

The following chart reveals the Elven heroes, cost, command points (CP) and a rundown of each hero’s abilities.

Haldir200050You can switch Haldir between sword and bow. You must reach level six before unlocking his first ability: Leadership (which Elrond can acquire at level three). Leadership boosts nearby allies +50% damage and armor as well as accelerating experience gain. Golden Arrow is Haldir’s only other ability at level ten; it’s high damage and can stun certain evil units.
Glorfindel150050You can toggle Glorfindel between mounted or on foot (and receives the strengths and weaknesses of each). Blade of Purity unlocks at level three and boosts Glorfindel’s damage and armor +100% for a short time (best used while in combat, of course!). Wind Rider increases speed and armor while mounted. Starlight is like temporary leadership but also heals nearby allies.
Arwen80025Arwen is an inexpensive hero but lacks a potent ability until reaching level ten. She can be used mounted or on foot. At level two Arwen receives Athelas (Elrond has this at the start), which heals nearby heroes. Flood unlocks at level 10; Arwen summons a flood to damage enemies or put out fires. Think of it as a version of the similar Evenstar power.
Legolas300075Legolas comes equipped with Hawk Strike, a high-damage double-arrow attack. Unlock Knife Fighter at level two for a melee attack that increases Legolas’ armor. Train Archers at level four is a useful ability because it helps enhance the Elves’ strength: archers. Use it to provide archer battalions with experience. Finally Arrow Wind at level seven is used to launch a continuous volley of arrows at a specific target.
Thranduil250075Thranduil offers several stealth abilities. Wind Walk allows Thranduil to shoot while invisible. Use Move Unseen, unlocked at level three, to allow targeted allies to become temporarily stealthed. Elven Cloak at level four allows Thranduil to remain invisible while standing still (spy!). Dead Eye at level seven grants a temporarily increased to damage while Thorn of Vengeance at level ten is a powerful single-shot attack suited for a hero or high-hit point unit.
Elrond250050Elrond comes equipped with Athelas and provides Leadership at level three. Use Farsight at level six to reveal map areas. Whirlwind at level seven summons a powerful tornado that can send enemy battalions flying. Finally Restoration at level ten heals allies and fully refreshes special ability timers. Use this to essentially give your heroes two special attacks in the span of seconds.

Men of the West

The Elves love archers and the Men of the West love cavalry. The Battle for Middle-earth II basically combined the forces of Gondor and Rohan into a new faction: the Men of the West, which feature heroes and units from both (essentially a mixture of the best of the best), creating a hero-laden race that offers solid soldiers and awesome cavalry.

The versatile Rohirrim (ranged or melee) are the class of the Men of the West. Combine the Rohirrim with the leadership bonuses offered by several of their heroes (Boromir, Theoden, Faramir, Aragorn) as well as bonuses to cavalry (Eomer, Theoden) and you have a fast, mobile strike force that can crash through and over weakly armored warriors and archer lines. Keep Eomer close for the Horse Lord ability (cavalry near gain +50% damage and armor and gain experience twice as fast) and Theoden for the Glorious Charge (Theoden and nearby cavalry take only 10% of normal damage).

Expect the enemy to train pikemen (or the equivalent) to counter the Rohirrim. Support your Rohirrim with Gondor Soldiers or Gondor Tower Guards (though the Tower Guards are primarily pikemen themselves) to counter the enemy’s pikemen that are attempting to counter the Rohirrim! Also, don’t forget the Rohirrim’s ranged ability to keep your distance from enemy pikemen On sight, switch to bows and remain at long-range then send your soldiers in against the enemy pikemen.

Three separate structures train the Men’s units: the Barracks the soldiers, the Archery Range the archers, and the Stable the cavalry. Erect the Blacksmith to research blade and armor upgrades; research Fire Arrows for Gondor Archers at the Archery Range. Don’t neglect the Ithilien Rangers, which can use stealth and gain sight on enemy armies and structures. Plus they’re solid ranged units as well.

The Men also feature a unique structure, the Marketplace that offers economic upgrades that can pay off big in long games. The improvements are: Grand Harvest to boost the output of farms, Siege Materials for essentially a 50% refund upon destroying one of your structures, and Iron Ore to reduce the cost of certain upgrades.

The following chart reveals heroes, cost, command points (CP) and abilities for the Men of the West.

Eowyn120025Eowyn lacks both Leadership and bonuses to cavalry, typically making her a seldom used hero. But her abilities don’t require high level. Smite is a single-shot attack that does higher damage. At level three, Eowyn can mount a horse. Disguise at level four makes Eowyn appear as a normal Rohirrim. Finally, Shield Maiden at level five can boost Eowyn’s armor 65%.
Eomer100025A cavalry-heavy strategy should include Eomer and his Horse Lord ability, which is essentially Leadership for cavalry (+50% to damage and armor and faster experience gain). Outlaw Leadership at level two means nearby allies score resources per kill. At level five, Eomer gains Spear Throw, a single-shot higher-damage ranged attack.
Boromir125050Boromir is one of several Men of the West heroes to provide Leadership (in his case, at level five). The Horn of Gondor unlocked at level two can stun nearby enemies. The Captain of Gondor at level seven can be used to give targeted units experience.
Theoden120050The King of Rohan provides leadership, invaluable benefit to cavalry, and experience boost as well--a must have for the Men of the West. Theoden comes with the Leadership ability. At level four unlock Glorious Charge, which strengthens Theoden and nearby cavalry by making them take only 10% of normal damage (Theoden must be mounted). Like Boromir, Theoden can give targeted units experience with King’s Favor at level six.
Faramir120050Faramir can use a sword or bow. Wounding Arrow unlocked at level two causes target to flee (use against most threatening foe!). At level three Faramir gains the ability to mount. Faramir gains Leadership at level six and Captain of Gondor at level seven, two abilities he shares with Boromir.
Aragorn200050Aragorn, the heir to the throne of Gondor, is the second most expensive hero for the Men of the West and offers a wide variety of abilities. He arrives with Athelas, to heal nearby heroes. Blade Master at level two boosts his damage and armor +100%. Aragorn gains Leadership at level four. At level six, unlock Elendil to cause nearby units to flee (soon to be trampled by your Rohirrim!). And perhaps best of all, at level ten Aragorn can summon the Army of the Dead with Oathbreakers.
Gandalf300075The wizard Gandalf is expensive but powerful and provides an array of magic attacks. Wizard Blast is a close-range attack that blasts back enemies--clear an entire battalion! Gandalf shoots lightning from a sword with Lightning Sword at level two. Gandalf can mount his horse Shadowfax at level five. Istari Light at level seven and Word of Power at level ten are both extremely potent abilities offering high damage to multiple enemies.


The Dwarves possess several unique units: an assortment of siege weaponry that can tear through enemy structures.

The Dwarven resource production structure provides one of the race’s most interesting features. The Dwarves can use the Mine Shaft to quickly travel from one area of the map to another--an important detail because the Dwarves aren’t exactly known for their swiftness. This means it’s vital to know what you’re up against in every battle because a slow retreat often means a fast death at the hands of your pursuers.

The Mine Shaft offers many strategic possibilities. You could use Mine Shafts as a mobile defensive force to quickly move units around the perimeter of your base to repel attackers. You can place a Mine Shaft close to, but out of sight, of an enemy base. Meanwhile you send a small diversion force to the opposite side of the enemy base; when your foe moves units to counter, you send the real force through the Mine Shaft and start toppling structures as fast as possible. And the Dwarves can do it quickly because they have some of the best siege in the game.

Another unique Dwarven unit is the Battlewagon. At creation it’s a fast, cavalry-like unit (it can trample enemies) with an oil barrel attack. But the vehicle can use an assortment of upgrades. You can turn the Battlewagon into a mobile healer by adding a Hearth or upgrade it with a Banner Carrier to aid other troops. You can create some archers to ride the Battlewagon like a chariot.

The Dwarves use three structures to train their primary units. The Hall of Warriors creates Guardians (like soldiers are good against pikemen) and Phalanxes, which counter cavalry. The Archery Range trains Axe Throwers (upgrade with Forged Blades) and Men of Dale (upgrade with Fire Arrows). Finally the Forge Works serves as both an upgrade center as well as the production center for Dwarven siege.

The following chart reveals heroes, cost, command points (CP) and abilities for the Dwarves.

Gloin150025Gloin comes equipped with Slam, which causes area effect damage to surrounding units and high damage to structures. Shake Foundation is unlocked at level four. Use it against an enemy structure to disable its abilities. At level ten Gloin receives Shatter Hammer, which creates a small earthquake causing damage to surrounding units.
King Dain250050King Dain provides Leadership out of the gate, which is a big benefit for any Dwarven troops (+50% damage and armor, gain experience twice as fast). Mighty Rage at level four heals targeted units and also provides +50% damage and armor. Stubborn Pride at level seven grants nearby units resistance to fear. King Dain unlocks Summon Royal Guard at level 10: call in several battalions of experienced dwarves to fight at King Dain’s side.
Gimli400075Although the cost seems high, Gimli is certainly worth the effort when used effectively. Gimli comes with Axe Throw, a single-shot ranged attack that inflicts high damage. Leap Attack at just level two inflicts high area-effect damage to enemy units. At level five unlock Slayer, which increases Gimli’s damage +200% and doubles his attack speed. Although Gimli doesn’t feature many abilities, they’re low level and very effective.

Chapter 2 - Forces of Evil

Concepts that apply to the forces of good also apply to the forces of evil. Consider unit counters carefully as you train your hordes of warriors, archers, or mounted units. In general, the forces of evil rely on overwhelming numbers to defeat their enemies. Goblins and Mordor can create cheap troops quickly and pressure a foe early and often with harassing attacks.

This section covers the forces of evil: Goblins, Mordor, and Isengard. You’ll find details on heroes and units and general strategies for using each group in battle. Note that this chapter was written on the retail version of The Battle for Middle-earth II.


The Goblins rely heavily on the numbers advantage. Their basic warriors and archers aren’t nearly as strong as other races but they’re inexpensive--you’ll simply have more of them for the same amount of resources used. Because the Goblins can create inexpensive units, it’s a good idea to put pressure on your enemy early and often. Harass enemy structures and units with Goblin Warriors, Goblin Archers, and eventually fast Spiderlings to try and cripple an opponent’s resource production.

Similar to the Dwarves, the Goblins’ employ a networked tunnel system as their resource production structure. You can keep them protected and move them quickly around base for an agile defense or attempt a diversionary or flanking attack. The Goblins’ Spider Pit also trains Spider Riders, which are the Goblins’ cavalry unit and can be used to trample enemy warrior or archer lines; the Spider Riders can also utilize spear for close-range combat or bow for ranged warfare.

The Goblin heroes include Drogoth the Dragon Lord.

The Goblins’ ability to pressure early is important but it’s also vital to utilize the Fissure structure for longer games. The Fissure produces Half-Troll Marauders, which are the Goblins’ pikemen, Cave Trolls, and Mountain Trolls. The Goblins’ troll units are pricey but powerful as both melee and ranged (think siege) units. You won’t be able to rely on them alone. Support your most powerful units with cheap and numerous Goblin hordes.

Enhance cheap Goblin units with the One Ring Powers and provide support with a wide array of summon powers (Wildmen, Spiderlings, Wyrm, Watcher, Dragon, and Balrog all included!). Scavenger is a good choice for its extra resources for kills, especially if you plan to be aggressive from the start.

The following chart reveals heroes, cost, command points (CP) and abilities for the Goblins.

Goblin King300025Unlock Skull Totem at level two. You can place the Skull Totem on the ground and it remains until destroyed; while active, the totem reveals shroud, detects stealth, and provides armor, damage, and experience bonus to nearby troops. Obviously helpful in battle but it’s a small area. At level three, the Goblin King gains the ability to mount. You’ll receive Leadership at level four and Poisoned Stinger at level six. Poisoned Stinger stuns the targeted enemy and also suffers poison damage over time. Call from the Deep is a powerful level ten ability; the Goblin King summons three Fire Drakes.
Shelob200050The spider from the pass of Cirith Ungol offers three abilities. Unlock Instill Fear at level three, which as the name suggests causes fear in nearby enemies. Poisoned Stinger at level six poisons the enemy unit and causes more damage over time. Finally Tunnel at level ten allows Shelob to tunnel underground and emerge at any unshrouded location.
Drogoth the Dragon Lord500075Drogoth is extremely expensive but provides powerful abilities. Beware of upgraded archers! Drogoth comes with Fireball, which launches a ball of fire causing area effect damage. Wing Blast at level three shoots a shockwave also causing area effect damage. Unlock Fire flight at level six to launch a fiery missile and Incinerate at level ten to ignite an area with dragon fire.


At its most basic, Mordor is similar to Goblins: cheap warrior and archer line used to aggressively pressure an opponent (in the case of Mordor, the units are Orcs not Goblins). Instead of the Fissure, Mordor constructs the Troll Cage for Mountain Trolls, Attack Trolls, and Drummer Trolls. Attack Trolls are the race’s premiere unit; support the Attack Troll with cheap Orcs as well as heroes. Maintain pressure early with Orcs and Nazgul and move to Attack Trolls as the game progresses. Remaining unit selections can depend on what units your enemy produces.

Mordor’s Haradrim Palace provides its counter cavalry unit, the Easterlings, as well as another ranged unit, Haradrim Archers. The monstrous Mumakil are produced by the Mumakil Pen. The impressive looking unit counters structures and cavalry and its riders can be upgraded with fire arrows. Be careful, however; Mumakil are expensive and are rather easily disposed of by enemy pikemen.

Build the Tavern for its unit improvements. The structure also trains yet another unit, the Corsairs of Umbar, which counter pikemen (an escort for the Mumakil). Add the Great Siege Works for catapults and battering rams to level enemy bases. Despite its foundation of Orc hordes, Mordor features a lot of structures and varied units.

The following chart reveals heroes, cost, command points (CP) and abilities for Mordor.

Nazgul (3)100025You can train up to three Nazgul heroes and toggle the mount as well. The Nazgul are cheaper than most heroes but also fragile, especially against counter cavalry. Dread Visage at level two reduces enemy armor and damage. Unlock Morgul Blade at level six to cripple a targeted enemy and inflict poison damage (try killing someone with it!). At level ten, the Nazgul receives Screech, which causes enemy units to flee in terror.
Mouth of Sauron150050You can use the Mouth of Sauron mounted or dismounted. At level four, he receives Doubt, which reduces enemy damage and armor. Dissent at level six can cause targeted enemy units to turn hostile to each other. At level ten, unlock Evil Eye; it’s a ray of light that inflicts high damage to targeted enemies.
Fellbeast (2)300050Fellbeasts are aerial units that feature one ability: Screech, which causes enemies to flee in terror. You can train two Fellbeasts. They’re formidable but very vulnerable to upgraded archer fire.
The Witch-King500075The pricey Witch-King can be used mounted or dismounted (by mounted he’s essentially a Fellbeast). His abilities include Dread Visage at level two, Screech at level six, and Hour of the Witch-King at level ten. The latter ability causes enemy special ability timers to exhaust. The Witch-King seems more vulnerable while mounted. Keep him on foot to fight alongside the orcs of Mordor.


Harass enemy buildings and units with fast Warg Riders.

The Uruk-hai are Isengard’s army. Unlike Mordor and its numerous unit-producing structures, Isengard condenses most of their units into a single building, the Uruk Pit. The building creates the Uruk-Hai (counter pikemen), Uruk Crossbowmen (counter swordsmen), Uruk Pikemen (counter cavalry and use against trolls and giants), and the Uruk Berserker (counters infantry and good at killing heroes).

Construct the Warg Pit to train Isengard’s answer to cavalry, the Warg Riders. Use the Warg Riders to trample and flank enemy archer lines. Use the Howl ability when entering combat or attacking a structure. A Warg-heavy strategy should be combined with Sharku, Isengard’s hero unit that features the Blood Hunt ability at level five. Blood Hunt boosts nearby Wargs and Warg Riders damage and armor by 50%.

Isengard’s One Ring Powers include several boosts to economy, including Devastation, Industry, and Fuel the Fires. Both Devastation and Fuel the Fires rely on forestry (Devastation turns trees instantly into resources and Fuel the Fires increases output from harvesting trees by 100%). Added resources can help fund upgrades for the formidable Uruk-hai as well as Isengard’s siege.

The following chart reveals heroes, cost, command points (CP) and abilities for Isengard.

Wormtongue80050The spy for Saurman is inexpensive and offers a few abilities. Escape comes natural for Wormtongue; use Escape to become stealthed and unable to be attacked for a short period of time. Venomous Words at level three reduces enemy armor and damage. Back Stab at level six inflicts high-damage and poisons. Unlock Corrode Allegiance at level ten, which allows Wormtongue to control a targeted enemy hero.
Lurtz120050Lurtz can wield a sword or bow. Use Cripple when armed with the bow to pin an enemy hero in place. Unlock Carnage at level three to give Lurtz +100% damage and +50% armor (only with sword equipped). Lurtz provides Leadership (+50% armor and damage and gain experience twice as fast) at level five. You’ll receive Pillage at level six. Keep Lurtz at the front line and you’ll gain resources for kills.
Sharku120025Sharku is the leader of the Warg Riders. Tame the Beast at level two gives Sharku control of target Wargs or Warg Riders. Unlock Blood Hunt at level five to boost nearby Wargs and Warg Riders’ damage and armor +50%. At level ten, Sharku receives Man Eater. You’ll replenish Sharku’s health and receive +50% damage and armor for a short period.
Saruman300075Saruman comes equipped with Wizard Blast to knock back enemies. Unlock Fireball at level two to inflict area-effect damage. The Wormtongue ability at level four gives Saurman control over targeted enemies for a short period. Unlock Speech Craft at level five to grant experience to targeted units. Use Thunderbolt, received at level ten, to inflict big damage to a targeted enemy.

Chapter 3 - Good Campaign Walkthrough

This section provides general strategies and a complete walkthrough for the good campaign. You begin controlling the Elves and move on to the Dwarves. Walkthroughs include solutions for completing all objectives and bonus objectives and tips on succeeding in specific battle situations.

One of the most important tips is to remain patient. In most missions, there is no hurry to complete objectives (unless there’s a specific countdown on the screen). It pays to play defensive and concentrate on building structures, upgrading those structures, maximizing your command limit with powerful units, and improving those units with researched upgrades.

A patient strategy also pays off late in missions when you should have a larger sum of resources available for additional defenses at your base or additional defenses (like a Fortress with multiple expansions) used offensively!

Another important tip is to maximize the level of your heroes during each mission. Lead battles with your heroes and reach that mission’s "level plateau" where the hero will stop gaining levels. This way you can have faster access to abilities.

Likewise, maximize the number of Evenstar power points you can acquire during each mission. You’ll gain points while eliminating enemy units and structures but each level has a plateau where you won’t gain any more points. Reach that level, if at all possible, before completing the level.

Evenstar Powers

The campaigns feature a power set unique to the forces of good and evil. This section provides a rundown of the most important Evenstar Powers--the powers available to the forces of good--that you may choose from during the good campaign. Tips for using each are also provided in the mission walkthroughs. You may acquire more than the powers listed below but these are certainly the "must haves" for the campaign. Number of points required to acquire the power is listed in parenthesis.

  • Elven Gifts (5) : This power provides a 50% boost to hero damage. Your heroes will be at the front line of many battles. Plus it’s important to use heroes frequently to advance level and acquire new abilities. Elven Gifts is a passive power; once purchased, Elven Gifts provides a permanent increase. No recharging required!
  • Elven Wood (5) : Creates lush terrain that provides +50% armor to ally units. The benefit only applies to units on the terrain so the enemy could retreat and force you off lush terrain and away from the benefit. Don’t use on moving enemies. Use when the battle commences.
  • Heal (5) : This power can quickly turn the tide of a tightly contested battle. Heal is especially useful on high hit point units such as heroes or Ents. Hold the power back until you have suffered high damage for maximum effect.
  • Summon Tom Bombadil (10) : Use this power to summon Tom Bombadil, the mysterious stranger that saved the Hobbits in the Barrow Downs, to the battlefield. Tom Bombadil is most effective against enemy battalions. Summon him to aid against hordes of enemy goblins. Don’t forget to use his ability! Wipe out a full battalion in swift fashion. He’s effective as a "meat shield". He’ll soak up damage and provide distraction while the rest of your army obliterates all enemies. Save power points and pick up Summon Tom Bombadil as early as the second mission.
  • Rebuild (10) : Rebuild is to structures as Heal is to units. You certainly want to have Rebuild in your arsenal by the time you reach Erebor--its ability to repair a heavily damaged Fortress is invaluable in this difficult defensive mission.
  • Rallying Call (10) : Cast on a group of units to boost damage and armor by 50%. Like Elven Wood, use Rallying Call just as an important battle begins. Ideally use Rallying Call on your high-damage, high-armor units (that have full upgrades) for maximum effect.
  • Barrage (15) : This power bombards the targeted terrain with devastating artillery. Use the power against enemy units or structures, though it’s much harder to hit a moving target since the targeted terrain remains constant and the fiery boulder artillery isn’t immediate. If you use Barrage against units, launch against stationary units or units moving through a chokepoint or tightly enclosed area.
  • Earthquake (20) : Acquire Earthquake near the end of the campaign, most likely at Erebor. Use the power to create a powerful Earthquake that causes heavy damage to structures. Although ideally used against buildings, Earthquake can be used against enemy units. You’ll use it to aid against the attack waves in Erebor and to demolish towers at Dol Guldur.
  • Flood (20) : Summons a powerful flood to crush enemy units. Wash away battalions of enemy forces! Effective point usage and you should be able to acquire Flood and Sunflare for the campaign’s final mission.
  • Sunflare (20) : Calls a fiery beam of sunlight to scorch the battlefield--which means it torches enemy battalions.

1 - Rivendell

Objective: Bring Glorfindel and his elves to Rivendell.

The good campaign begins at the outskirts of Rivendell. Your initial units include the hero Glorfindel and some Lorien Warriors; you’re positioned in the southwest corner of the map. Select your units and proceed east. Group your forces as you see wish but it’s useful to place Glorfindel in his own group and the warriors in a secondary group so you can lead with your hero.

As stated, keep Glorfindel in the lead; his hero status means he’s powerful enough to handle the opposition, at least in this particular mission. Plus it’s wise to start leveling him up to increase his power and abilities. Glorfindel can be used on foot or mounted.

As you continue east, you’ll encounter groups of goblin warriors and archers. Send Glorfindel in first and assist with your Lorien Warriors. You’ll encounter other warriors under attack by goblin forces. After aiding your allies, add the remaining Lorien Warriors to your battle group.

The largest battle so far takes place at the bridge near the eastern edge of the map. As before, lead with Glorfindel then move in your other warriors. Now would be a good time to utilize Glorfindel’s Blade of Purity ability, which increases his damage and armor. Upon eliminating the goblin threat, cross the bridge and receive additional objectives.

Objective: Warn Elrond of the approaching goblin army.

Find Elrond and Gloin on the northern edge of Rivendell. Approach him to complete the objective.

Enter Rivendell and move toward the northern edge of the map. There you will find Elrond and Gloin. Move Glorfindel to Elrond to complete the objective.

Objective: Defend Rivendell from attack.

Bonus Objectives: Train a battalion of Lorien Warriors from your barracks. Gloin must reach level 2.

Now would be a good time to consider which good campaign powers you want to begin with. You have enough points to acquire one of four powers now. Increase your points through combat; you can only reach certain point plateaus in each mission (to prevent you from acquiring something like Earthquake by the third mission!). Of your initial choices, Elven Gifts is a solid selection because it increases hero damage +50%. You’ll want to utilize your heroes heavily always but even more so in these early missions to level them up quickly.

Elven Wood creates lush terrain, which increases ally armor +50% and debuffs present enemies by eliminating their leadership bonuses. Drop Elven Wood on a large battle to assist your forces but battles can move and don’t always last long so it can be a quickly used power. Enshrouding Mist works in a similar fashion; though decreases enemy armor and damage instead of improving your own. And Heal is self-explanatory. Acquire Heal later in the campaign when you have more expensive units and more powerful heroes where the use of Heal could change the tide of a huge, important battle.

You can now add both Elrond and Gloin to your battle group (have them join Glorfindel). Locate the Elven Barracks southeast of Elrond’s location and begin training Lorien Warriors to add to your second battle group. Position troops toward the western side of Rivendell to prepare for the goblin attacks.

Utilize Glorfindel and Gloin as the front line of your defense. These heroes play a big role during the good campaign so you want to level them up as quickly as possible. You should be able to reach level three during this mission if you use them primarily during battles.

A reinforcement army of Lorien Archers arrives from the west. Place the archers in a new battle group and continue to add additional troops using the Elven Barracks. You’re told the Eagles have spotted more approaching goblin forces and are going to lend aid.

The next wave of goblin forces contains Cave Trolls and a Mountain Giant. Focus archer fire and your hero attacks (use special attacks if they’ve regenerated) on these tougher foes. Activate Gloin’s slam attack against a tightly packed group of goblins for big damage as well as Glorfindel’s Blade of Purity power during large battles. After the battle, Arwen arrives with a reinforcement group of Rivendell Lancers. Add them to your melee battle group or use them in a fourth group of units and use them to flank enemy groups that are currently engaged with your heroes or warriors.

Objective: Destroy the goblin base to the south.

When the Eagles arrive, it’s over for the goblins.

Intercept goblin forces approaching from the bridge. Work your way across the bridge; you’ll receive the Eagle reinforcements once you’ve penetrated the maps southern section where the goblins have set up their base. Locate the goblins at work to the west and utilize your new winged allies to crush the goblin structures.

Expect groups of goblin warriors and archers to intercept your forces. Charge the goblin archers with lancers and counter the goblin warriors with your own warriors and the Lorien Archers. Don’t forget your powers or your hero special abilities. Continue to lead with your heroes if you require additional experience to make their plateau level; if they’ve suffered heavy damage, retreat your heroes out of the battle.

When you spot the Mountain Giant, task your heroes immediately on the imposing enemy and call in the Eagles as well. Destroy all goblin structures to trigger the arrival of the Wyrm. Use the Eagles against the Wyrm; defeat the beast to complete the mission.

2 - High Pass

Objective: Establish a base in High Pass. Build a Mallorn Tree.

This mission is somewhat of a primer for base building as the early objectives require you to build specific base structures. Begin with the Mallorn Tree, the resource gathering structure for the elves. Place the Mallorn Tree on the highest percentage you can find; explore around the Fortress and to the north to locate a spot with a percentage in the high nineties. The higher the percentage, the faster your resource gathering becomes. Construct additional Mallorn Trees to quicken resource production.

Objective: Build an Elven Barracks. Build a Green Pasture. Build a Battle Tower. Add a Watch Tower to the Fortress. Train Lorien Archers and Rivendell Lancers.

The next set of objectives come one at a time and require the building of specific base structures or the training of specific units. Use your builder to construct the Elven Barracks, which trains melee and ranged troops and then the Green Pasture, which trains the Rivendell Lancers, the elves’ cavalry unit.

Select the builder and construct the Battle Tower (note that you can place archers inside for greater firepower and also upgrade the tower’s shot to Silverthorn Arrows) on the northern side of your base. Select the build spots around the Fortress and add the watch tower. Finally, select the Elven Barracks and the Green Pasture to add Lorien Archers and Rivendell Lancers to your army.

Take your time and construct all available base structures and research all improvements.

Note that you aren’t limited to these base structures. You can also build three more important structures: the Eregion Forge, Mirror of Galadriel, and the Heroic Statue. The Eregion Forge provides improvements to Elven troops; the Mirror of Galadriel heals nearby troops that aren’t currently engaged in battle; and the Heroic Statue offers a leadership bonus to nearby troops.

Construct a Mirror of Galadriel within your base; you can use the location as a retreat point between battles to mend troop wounds before seeking out new enemies to combat. Erect the Eregion Forge and as resources become available begin upgrading the force and research the improvements starting with Silverthorn Arrows to upgrade your archers then Elven Armor to upgrade all troop types and finally the Forged Blades upgrade for your melee and cavalry units. Finally, place a Heroic Statue near the tower and your base to provide leadership to your defensive units and structures should your base come under attack.

This mission, like many others, becomes much easier if you take the time to maximize your command points and acquire all the unit upgrades available before venturing into enemy territory.

When you’re ready to proceed, move your units north; lead with Glorfindel and Gloin and utilize them primarily in battle to continue to provide them with experience to increase their level. Locate the goblin lair just north of your base. Eliminate the goblins and wait for more to appear for additional experience. Destroy the structure when you’re ready.

Send your heroes north along the western edge of the map; a Mountain Giant there topples an icy tower and blocks the path.

Bonus Objective: Kill all Mountain Giants.

Return to the area just north of your base and find the path eastward. Led by your heroes, move your units east and discover more goblin structures. Discover a larger goblin force here; the group includes a Mountain Giant. Target the Mountain Giant with your heroes and their special abilities. Utilize your cavalry against goblin archers and your warriors and archers against the goblin warriors. Continue to crush any goblin structures along the route; between battles, retreat any wounded battalions to your base and to your Mirror of Galadriel.

Move into the southeastern corner of the map. Gloin should have reached level four by now and possess the Shake Foundation ability. Use this new weapon on the enemy tower.

Bonus Objective: Destroy all Goblin Tunnels.

You’ll discover the first of three Goblin Tunnels in the southeastern corner. All three are marked on the mini-map. Eradicate all enemy units and structures from the southeastern corner. Explore the far eastern edge to discover a Cave Troll lair. Like the Goblin Lairs, you can use heroes or units to eliminate the troll and wait for another to spawn effectively gathering experience until you finally eliminate the lair.

Follow the path north and discover another hero, Haldir, trapped on a plateau; he’s under attack from goblin forces.

Objective: Rescue Haldir.

Obliterate the goblins attacking Haldir then add the new hero to your group.

You don’t need to rush to Haldir’s aid as he fends for himself rather nicely. Don’t avoid eliminating the goblin forces between your units and Haldir’s position. Crush the Mountain Giant lurking about (your second of three to complete the bonus objective) and move through the pass west and to the plateau containing Haldir.

Free Haldir by eliminating the surrounding goblin forces. Add Haldir to your hero grouping; he provides a leadership bonus to nearby troops. Wait for the goblin counterattack to arrive from the north. Pepper the enemy forces with your upgraded arrows and charge the wounded adversaries with your Rivendell Lancers.

Proceed northwest toward the second of three Goblin Tunnels. Use Gloin’s Shake Foundation as well as your Lorien Archers against the enemy towers that defend the pass. Eliminate the Goblin Tunnel and other enemy structures. To complete all bonus objectives, it’s important to comb every inch of the map to ensure you don’t miss a tunnel, a Mountain Giant, or a Giant Fissure, which is featured in the final bonus objective.

Bonus Objective: Destroy all Giant Fissures.

The final Goblin Tunnel is located within the main base to the northeast. Expect to encounter more defensive towers, plenty of goblins, and a new adversary, the Spider Rider protecting the area’s goblin stronghold. Counter towers with heroes, Shake Foundation, and your upgraded archers. Allow enemy forces to advance to your position where you wait with heroes, archers, and charging cavalry. Avoid advancing into the very northeast corner of the map until all goblin forces have been eliminated.

Objective: Kill the Watcher in the Water

There’s a spectacular beast waiting for your troops in the northeast corner. Concentrate all archer and hero might on the Watcher in the Water to eliminate the threatening beast. Destroy any remaining fissures and tunnels to complete bonus objectives. Demolish the final structure to the north and finish the mission successfully.

3 - Ettenmoors

Objective: Reach the Elven settlement.

Your initial units include Glorfindel and Gloin alongside some Lorien Warriors. Check the northwest path to find some hidden treasure, which is added to your resource reserve. Assemble your units northeast and find a battalion of Lorien Archers. Quickly add them to your battle groupings because goblin warriors and archers approach from the northwest. Repel the threat with your heroes and supporting units.

Bonus Objective: Destroy 8 Goblin Tunnels.

The goblins can use their tunnels to move quickly around the map. Destroy eight of their tunnels to complete the bonus objective. Find the first along the western edge of the map. As you arrive, quickly task your Lorien Archers to counter the fire of the goblin archers perched on the high cliff. Rendezvous with more Lorien Archers from the north; gather them into your ranged battle grouping.

Proceed north and defeat spiderlings and more goblins as you approach the settlement, which is currently under attack from enemy forces.

Objective: Drive the Goblins from the Elven settlement.

Drop Elven Wood to help eliminate the enemies occupying the Elven settlement.

Locate Mirkwood Archers from the western shore and use them to assist your forces against the goblin attackers and their Cave Troll. Use your hero abilities as well as your good powers if necessary to repel the attack. Once the enemy forces have been cleared from the settlement, it’s time to begin base construction.

Objective: Free the dormant Entmoot.

Your next objective is to free the Entmoot located within the northeast corner of the map. A couple builders arrive to aid in base construction. There’s also a building to capture inside the settlement; use a hero to capture the Inn, which can train Hobbits. Begin base construction with a Fortress. Expect Haldir to return around this time; add him to your hero battle grouping.

Select your builders and construct two to three Mallorn Trees. Construct in prime locations (green percentages) for faster resource production. Defend the eastern edge of the settlement with some Battle Towers. Construct an Elven Barracks and Green Pasture to add melee, ranged, and cavalry units to your army. Leave some command point room for later in the mission when you can train Ents from the Entmoot.

Like the previous mission, you should take the time to build an Eregion Forge and all its upgrades as well as a Mirror of Galadriel to heal wounded troops and a Heroic Statue or two to provide leadership. Between battles you can return your army to the mirror for healing. Take the time to upgrade units and towers before venturing east toward the enemy positions.

With an upgraded army, proceed east and trigger some goblin attacks. Easily fend off the assault with the aid of your towers, statues, and the mirror to heal troops after the battle.

Bonus Objective: Destroy the Goblin Sentry Towers.

Search southeast to discover a goblin tower that triggers a bonus objective. Eliminate the tower with upgraded archers, heroes, as well as Gloin’s Shake Foundation ability. Find the second tower on the northeastern side of the settlement.

Bonus Objective: Destroy the Mountain Troll and the Giant Drum.

Searching the area north of your settlement triggers another bonus objective. There’s a giant drum on the cliff north of the Elven settlement. When you trigger the objective, a Troll appears ahead of your troops and begins running to use the drum and summon Mountain Giants. Eliminate the Troll before it reaches the drum. Use Glorfindel on horseback along with your upgrade archers. Search the surrounding area for treasures and destroy the drum. Find a Cave Troll lair nearby for extra experience.

After freeing the Entmoot, build an Ent or Treebeard--or both.

Proceed east along the map’s northern edge and eliminate goblins and goblin structures along the way (remember you’re specifically looking to eliminate tunnels to complete the bonus objective). The Entmoot is in the map’s northeastern corner; eliminate the Cave Troll defending the Entmoot to complete the objective. Select the Entmoot and train an Ent or Treebeard (or both).

Continue south and eliminate spider pits and some more goblin tunnels. The goblin stronghold is located in the map’s southeastern corner. Destroy the wall protecting the stronghold.

Objective: Destroy the Goblin King’s stronghold. Slay the Goblin King.

Focus fire on the most threatening targets: Mountain Giants, Cave Trolls, and the Goblin King before turning your attention to the goblin battalions. Be ready for a counterattack (a great time to use any powers you have ready). Locate the last goblin tunnel in the southern corner of the base. Complete that bonus objective before destroying the goblin stronghold to complete the mission.

4 - Blue Mountains

Objective: Slay the Dragon

You begin the mission with a combination of Elven and Dwarven forces: these include Lorien Warriors, Milkwood Archers, Dwarven Axe Throwers and Guardians, and Demolishers. Your trusted heroes Glorfindel and Gloin once again lead your army.

Collect some treasure north of your start position then locate a spider lair to the northwest.

Bonus Objective: Eliminate all Spider Lairs.

Clear the cave of its spiderling, spider, and lair infestation. You must clear the cave to receive the next objective.

Bonus Objective: Build a Fortress inside the cave.

Select a builder and construct the Fortress in the cave’s center. Goblin attacks arrive from the eastern side so defend that point with towers and your army. Use a builder to construct a few Mine Shafts (the Dwarven resource structure) within the cave. Locate spots that offer the highest percentage for resource production.

Build a Hearth (heals nearby units that aren’t engaged in battle) and a Forge Works. You can add a Heroic Statue to aid in base defense. Upgrade the Forge Works to unlock Dwarven Improvements to melee and ranged troops damage and armor. Don’t forget the Dwarven Hall of Warriors and Archery Range to train more units.

Keep your construction indoors--there’s a dragon lurking outside.

The main challenge to this mission is the nefarious dragon hovers above the exterior catwalks that connect your base position from the map’s eastern and southeastern section. You must make your way through this center section and avoid the dragon’s wrath to continue with the mission. Listen for the dragon’s auditory cue that indicates its arrival. While the dragon circles overhead, avoid the exterior section. Listen again for the dragon’s auditory cue that it has left the area temporarily.

While the dragon is gone, use your heroes to eliminate the goblin tunnels, units, and spiderlings occupying the exterior section. There’s a Signal Fire on the opposite side; capturing the Signal Fire reduces your power recharge rate times. Note that the dragon will destroy your Signal Fire, though it can be repaired for a cost of 500 resources.

Bonus Objective: Demolish the Citadel door.

The door into the citadel is located in the southeastern corner of this exterior area. You can use heroes to eliminate the door or move in your Demolishers to take it down. Remember to wait for the dragon to leave before shuffling troops through the perilous exterior section of the map.

There’s a cave that opens near the Signal Fire. A large group of enemies lurks inside. It’s best to lure these enemies back to your Fortress defenses. You could also invoke a power to aid in the battle (you should have acquired Tom Bombadil by now). Don’t venture inside this cave unless you are prepared to repel a large force of goblins and spiders.

Bonus Objective: Build two Mine Shafts.

The Dwarven resource production centers, Mine Shafts, can also be used to transport troops from one map location to another: essentially an underground tunnel network. You probably have already built a couple Mine Shafts in your initial base which meets the bonus objective but it’s a wise idea to construct at least one more Mine Shaft in the southeastern tunnels so you can quickly transport troops from your Fortress base area to the southeastern section to avoid the dragon hovering over the exterior section. Also construct a Hearth in the southeastern section as an area to gather troops for healing between battles.

These southeastern corridors aren’t too complicated. The northwest entrance forks eastward and southward. You can explore eastward and into the northern cave if you haven’t already. The large enemy force gathers there (if you haven’t triggered it already). Before engaging the large enemy force, it’s wise to have your powers recharged and forces fully upgraded. Clear out this northern cave then continue south into the corridors.

Be sure to gather any treasures found along the way (use the new funds to acquire remaining upgrades or to maximize your command point limit with more troops).

Bonus Objective: Eliminate all Fire Drake Lairs that infest this cavern.

Locate a hole on the southern side of the corridor. It leads into a cave that contains the first of three Fire Drake Lairs. Don’t underestimate the Fire Drake. A couple Fire Drakes’ fire breath attack can eliminate your heroes quickly. Your heroes can soak up damage better than your Elven or Dwarven battalions though so begin the attack with your heroes but move in your ranged forces to provide support. Utilize Glorfindel’s Blade of Purity and Gloin’s Slam to increase damage against the Fire Drakes. Upon eliminating the drakes, destroy the lair. If you forget to destroy the lair, additional Fire Drakes will spawn (which could be used to generate more experience for your heroes or troops).

Beware of goblin counter attacks from the northwest while exploring the Fire Drake cave. Continue toward the map’s southeastern corner and find another Fire Drake cave. Eliminate the Fire Drakes and the lair; this was the second of the three lairs.

The third Fire Drake Lair is in the map’s center. You can reach it from moving north from the second lair then going west or you can return to the area’s main entrance (from the exterior area) and moving eastward. Destroy the third and final Fire Drake Lair to complete the bonus objective.

Towers will help take down Drogoth--or a whole army of Axe Throwers.

The far eastern room is blocked by Blue Mountain Gates. Eliminate the gates with your heroes, Demolishers, or even Gloin’s Shake Foundation ability. Eliminate enemies and structures within the cavern.

The northern chamber contains the dragon (and supporting enemies). The dragon is certainly a powerful menace but can be taken down quickly by your upgraded archers and plentiful battalions of Axe Throwers. For additional firepower you can construct some Battle Towers in the chamber just south of the dragon for further ranged damage.

Destroy the gate to reveal the dragon’s chamber. Concentrate all ranged firepower on the dragon while your heroes and melee forces combat remaining enemies. Utilize your powers for aid against the remaining enemies while ranged troops battle the dragon (as well as lure the beast toward your towers). The northern room contains plentiful treasure but it’s hard to recover the goods unless you sacrifice units or heroes. The mission ends as soon as the dragon dies so you may not have time to gather the treasure unless you clear the enemies while keeping the dragon intact.

5 - Gray Havens

Objective: Clear all enemy forces out of the Gray Havens.

You start near the map’s northern edge; heroes Glorfindel and Gloin lead battalions of archers and warriors toward the harbor Grey Havens to the east. Quickly assemble your troops and move east to engage enemy forces currently ransacking the Grey Havens.

Enemy forces are currently attacking a Mallorn Tree, Elven Barracks, and the Fortress. You must use archers (or a power like Tom Bombadil) to counter the enemies bombarding the Mallorn Tree. Work quickly to save it. Split your remaining forces and send half to counter the enemies at the Elven Barracks and the enemies assaulting the Fortress. Clear all enemies out of Grey Havens to complete the first objective.

Objective: Secure both Shipwrights in the Gray Havens.

It’s time to expand the Grey Havens. Select the Fortress and train a couple builders. Use the builders to construct additional Mallorn Trees to hasten resource production. If you lost the Elven Barracks in the initial battle, replace it with one of your builders (and a Green Pasture for cavalry). Construct an Eregion Forge and research all upgrades and improvements and add them to all battalions. Erect a Mirror of Galadriel for healing troops (used primarily near the end of the mission). Maximize your command points with additional battalions. Upgrade them fully.

Plan ahead. The end of this mission contains a vicious attack from goblin forces. The attack arrives from the area west of the Grey Havens. As resources permit, begin construction on several Battle Towers along the western path into the Grey Havens. Support the Battle Towers with garrisoned, upgraded archers and a Heroic Statue.

There’s no rush. Take your time to complete all base structures and upgrades before sending heroes south to the Shipwrights. Capture the two Shipwright structures to gain control of the Grey Havens docks.

Objective: Build a fleet of no less than four Elven Warships.

After capturing the shipwrights, start construction on your Elven Warships. Don’t forget their upgrades.

Select each dock and begin construction of Elven Warships. These are pricey vessels so it may take some time to complete construction of four ships. There are a couple upgrades available for the warships. Select the vessel and acquire the armor upgrade along with Cirdan’s Craftwork, which allows the ship to restore its health over time. Acquire the upgrades before building the next ship.

Keep an eye on the mini-map. Look for red dots moving north from the map’s southern section; this indicates an enemy vessel is heading your way. Group your Elven Warships into a single battle group. Counter enemy vessels by focusing all of your Elven Warship firepower on a single enemy ship. Once it’s destroyed, focus fire on another enemy vessel. Watch your ships’ health carefully and retreat any heavily damaged ship back toward the Shipwrights. If you’ve acquired Cirdan’s Craftwork then the ship will automatically restore its health.

Objective: Destroy the Corsair Naval Blockade.

Upon completing construction of the four Elven Warships, a large number of enemy Corsair vessels moves into position near the map’s southern section. A new ship becomes available in your dock to aid in the destruction of the imposing blockade.

Objective: Build an Elven Storm Ship.

You’ll use the Elven Storm Ship to ram a ship in the blockade. The Storm Ship must hit an enemy ship or it won’t serve its purpose. Once the Storm Ship makes contact, it creates a devastating whirlpool that sucks in nearby ships. Note that the whirlpool can consume your own ships as well. You can also research improvements for the Storm Ship to help the vessel meet its mark.

Keep your warships away from the blast then move in to finish off the remaining Corsair vessels. Should you lose any Elven Warships, reinforce your fleet with new warships and send them south to prepare the assault against the Corsair shores.

Objective: Build an Elven Transport Ship. Capture the Corsair Shipwrights to the south.

Construct a couple Elven Transport Ships and load your heroes and a couple battalions of archers, melee, or cavalry troops. Send the transports south and protect them against enemy fire from any Corsair defenders.

Before scouting south, be sure to have a full fleet of four Elven Warships--there are additional Corsair vessels defending the shore. Furthermore, the Corsair docks produce additional ships to try and defend its shoreline. Once again the Elven Warships are expensive so research Cirdan’s Craftwork and retreat any damaged ship instead of allowing the enemy to sink it.

Unload the transports on shore and engage Corsair ground troops near the Shipwrights. You can also use the Elven Warships to provide additional firepower against the Corsair forces; however, beware of an enemy catapult that could fire upon your ships.

Eliminate the Corsair defenders and the catapult. Use your heroes to capture the Corsair Shipwrights. If the docks produce additional Corsair ships, focus your warship fire and destroy them. Send your heroes onto the Elven transport and return north to the Gray Havens. Send other forces east; there’s an enemy Tavern over there that trains additional Corsair troops. Destroy it.

The beach assault waves attack the western side of the Grey Havens. Defend the area with plentiful towers loaded with archers.

Objective: Destroy the first wave of the beach assault.

Preparing ahead will save you now. But even if you didn’t, you have time to erect some defenses. If you haven’t already, build several Battle Towers on the western side of Grey Havens (and load them with archers). Maneuver your troops nearby and place a Heroic Statue there to aid them. If you haven’t acquired all of the unit upgrades, do so now before the enemy forces arrive.

Enemy vessels move up the western side of the map; the transports unlock the enemy forces on the northwestern shore. A sizable group of Battle Towers can handle most of the enemy forces; aid them with your ground troops and heroes. Utilize regenerated powers (Tom Bombadil, Elven Woods, Heal, etc). After repelling the first wave, Dwarven reinforcements arrive on the northwest side of the map.

Objective: Destroy the second wave of the beach assault.

Bonus Objective: Build an Elven Bombardment ship.

A new ship is available at the Gray Havens dock: the Elven Bombardment ship can attack from long-range. You may not have the command points available to construct the ship but if you do, construct one to complete the bonus objective.

The second enemy wave is more deadly than the first. Add additional towers or even a Fortress to aid in the defense of Gray Havens.

Objective: Destroy the final wave of the beach assault.

A third and final wave of enemies arrives onto the northwestern shore. Defend Gray Havens with your Battle Towers, Fortress, heroes, powers, and units. Repel the final wave to complete the mission.

6 - Celduin

Objective: Return to the docks.

Bonus Objective: Dain must survive.

You begin the mission with the Dwarven hero King Dain and some Guardians--you’re currently cut off from ally forces. King Dain’s abilities include Leadership and Mighty Rage, which can heal ally troops.

The first part of this mission is challenging; it’s easy to lose a lot of troops if you aren’t careful. Keeping those troops alive will make the first half of the mission much easier. Utilize King Dain’s heal ability to aid a wounded battalion; also, utilize your good campaign powers to help keep your battalions alive.

Move northwest to find more allies. These troops are currently engaged in battle so aid them quickly. You’ll encounter friendly archers coming from the north. Send them south to King Dain and the Guardians quickly because enemy forces are in quick pursuit. Gather your troops together and use the Heal power or King Dain’s Mighty Rage before continuing onward.

Gather treasure along the northern edge. Move carefully to the east. There’s more treasure here but you’ll soon encounter a Cave Troll and Nazgul. Keep most of your troops out of the fight; you can lose a lot of men very fast to the Troll and Nazgul. Task King Dain against the Cave Troll and provide support with ranged troops. This is a prime battle for any recharged powers, such as Tom Bombadil, that can assist in aiding your army or harming the enemy. There are a number of ally forces nearby; move them toward your other forces and eliminate remaining enemies. Check all battalions for upgrade potential and acquire everything available.

Continue in a southeast direction. Use King Dain in a battle against a second troll then gather nearby treasure. Beware of a long-range enemy attack ship off the northeastern shore as you continue south toward a squad of surrounded Phalanxes.

You’ll encounter reinforcements along the docks but they’re usually under attack. Help these Phalanxes!

Bonus Objective: Destroy all Mordor Catapults.

The Phalanxes are under heavy attack; a Mordor Catapult attacks from the west. Send a couple battalions to engage the catapult while remaining forces aid the Phalanxes. Select the Phalanxes and switch them into Porcupine Formation to aid in their defense. Use helpful powers (Tom Bombadil, Rallying Call, Heal, Elven Wood, Elven Gifts) to aid in the fight to rescue the besieged troops.

Bonus Objective: Capture all Inns and Outposts.

The area is littered with buildings to capture. Captured Inns can train Men of Dale while captured Outposts increase resource production. Locate the first Outpost just south of this battle and capture the structure. Look offshore to the east to discover some treasure. Heal wounded troops and move west then south to work your way to the original troops. Search the southeastern shore for a Mine Shaft that contains additional units to add to your battle groups.

Capture the Inn as you move west. As you near the rendezvous with previous forces, the small base comes under your control. Eliminate nearby enemies to gain a foothold.

Objective: Cross the shallows.

Take the time to capture all nearby buildings. There’s a Shipwright to the south and two more Outposts and an Inn within the base. Search north for another Shipwright and an Outpost. Train Men of Dale from the Inn and add them to your battle groups. You’ll need them against the impending Mumakil attack. Select your units and acquire any upgrades possible.

Objective: Repel the Mumakil assault.

The western side of the docks is essentially your base of operations. Use the Hearth to heal troops between battles.

Your small base contains a Hearth, which heals nearby troops that aren’t currently engaged in battle. The forces of Mordor send ground troops led by mammoth Mumakil to attack your newly formed stronghold. Maintain your position and continue to reinforce your army with additional Men of Dale. Add all ranged troops to their own battle group. As soon as a Mumakil moves within range, recall your ranged battle group and order them to fire on the formidable beast. Use any recharged powers to assist in the battle. Use King Dain’s Mighty Rage to heal wounded troops in a pinch if you can’t wait for the Hearth.

Repeat until all Mumakil assault waves have been defeated. It’s time to cross the shallows toward the Mordor Fortress.

Objective: Destroy the Mordor Fortress.

Mordor catapults clutter the shallows between your base and the Mordor Fortress in the southwest corner of the map. If you want to play it safe, you can use King Dain and King Dain alone to venture into the shallows and eliminate many of the catapults alone. Even if you spot flaming projectiles headed your way, King Dain is agile enough to avoid them. Keep an army of melee and ranged units just outside your base and ready to assist as necessary. Get King Dain across the shallows to complete one of the objectives. Also beware of a Wyrm that appears on the western side of the shallows.

Mordor forces launch a counterattack after you cross so be prepared to retreat to your base and battle enemy forces there. Use the Hearth to mend your troop wounds before venturing back through the shallows. Watch for small enemy squads escorting catapults on the northern and southern sides of the shallows. Intercept these with a small army supported by King Dain.

Escort your army across the shallows to the western edge of the map. Lure enemies into your archers and utilize powers like Tom Bombadil, Elven Wood, and Rallying Call to assist against the aggressive enemy force. Explore the northwestern side of the map to find a Signal Fire (capture it to increase your power recharge rate) and a Mine Shaft, which offers reinforcements (and also can be used to transport units quickly from the other Mine Shaft southeast of your base). Eliminate the Wight Lair up north for some extra experience and treasure.

The Mordor Fortress is impressive. Beware of Black Rider and flying Nazgul along with the Fortress’ catapult emplacements. Lure enemy forces away from the Fortress and out of the range of those devastating artillery expansions. You could stand ground north of the enemy Fortress and wait for powers to recharge if needed before mounting the final assault against the Mordor Fortress. Eliminate the catapult emplacements as quickly as possible before attacking the Fortress itself.

7 - Erebor

Objective: The throne of Erebor must not fall.

Bonus Objective: Build a Fortress in Dale. Build a Wall in Dale.

The Mordor war host has set its sight on Dale and the throne of Erebor. At the beginning of the mission you have 15 minutes until the Mordor army arrives--and that’s just the first wave of three enemy waves!

It may not be worth your effort to protect Dale (the small village southwest of Erebor). Bonus objectives include constructing a Fortress and walls in Dale but that can be a large commitment of resources that you may wish to spend elsewhere--especially since it will be very difficult to defend a Fortress against the mammoth Mordor assault. You could send King Dain and some ranged units into Dale to clear out initial Mordor raiding parties. Place ranged units into towers and use King Dain to battle Mordor forces near the towers.

Most of your attention should be devoted to defending Erebor weak spots: the northwestern entrance, the middle entrance, and the southeastern entrance. It seems as if the Mordor attack concentrates on the northwestern entrance; or that’s the entrance where you can easily lead the Mordor attack toward.

You have a ton of resources but you’ll be surprised how fast the reserve dries up when you’re building Fortresses, acquiring upgrades, and erecting expansions. Send King Dain to the southeast corner of the map and capture the Signal Fire, which will increase the rate at which you recharge powers--quite important in this defensive mission!

A Fortress loaded with emplacements...and towers...and walls...and powers. You’ll need them all to repel the vicious assaults.

Construct a Fortress at the northwestern entrance and the center entrance. Once the Fortress has been built, research Dwarven Stonework (to increase the Fortress’ hit points), Masterwork Munitions (to improve catapults emplacements), and Mighty Catapult, and then add the catapult emplacement to as many emplacements as possible (if you want to save resources, place the catapults in the rear and the Axe Towers in the front).

Most importantly, erect a wall hub and a wall a few spaces in front of the Fortress. The wall serves to slow down the Mordor assault. While the Mordor forces collect at the wall, your catapults are bombarding the enemy units with flaming projectiles. Complement the Fortress with several upgraded Battle Towers filled with Axe Throwers.

Place a second Fortress with similar upgrades and emplacements in the center Erebor entrance. Use a builder to construct Battle Towers to protect the southeastern entrance.

Later in the mission once you have accumulated additional resources, you can even construct a Fortress directly in front of the throne of Erebor as the last defense against Mordor forces that managed to sneak through your defenses (plus the Mouth of Sauron who enters Erebor through a secret entrance). Don’t neglect unit upgrades as well as additional melee and ranged forces to assist the Fortress’ in base defense.

Objective: Defeat the first wave of Mordor attackers.

The horn echoes through Erebor when the countdown hits zero. The forces of Mordor arrive from the southwest corner of the map. You can attempt to lure forces toward the northwest corner, though it seems they funnel their naturally. You can keep the bulk of your ground troops in the center and move them northwest or southeast depending on the movement of the Mordor forces.

The best time to use your powers (namely Barrage and Earthquake) is when the Mordor forces have collected in one area. For instance, if the enemy units proceed to the northwest corner, wait for them to collect near the small incline, which will be just south of your Fortress. That’s the perfect time to launch Barrage or Earthquake. Use Tom Bombadil when the enemy is within range of your catapults. The enemy will focus on Tom Bombadil while the catapults inflict heavy damage.

A few more useful powers include Summon Men of Dale; like Tom Bombadil, use this power when the enemy forces are within range of your catapult emplacements. Couple the Men of Dale with the Elven Wood. Dwarven Riches increases a Mine Shaft’s output by 300%. Finally, watch the health of your Fortress and emplacements carefully. Use the Rebuild power when emplacements or the Fortress itself is almost defeated to restore its health to maximum! And of course Heal is always useful to instantly mend wounds of a handful of troops.

Objective: Defeat the second wave of Mordor attackers.

Upon defeating the first wave, the countdown clock returns with just five minutes until the next assault. Spend the time replacing any of the catapult additions to your Fortresses. If you have the resources, add another Fortress to one of the entrances or erect more Battle Towers and fill them with Axe Throwers to increase firepower around Erebor. The attack waves increase in difficulty (especially the third and final attack wave) so it’s vitally important to utilize your resources to increase defenses between attacks.

Defend Erebor against the second assault as you did the first. Try to save powers for the third wave, especially the slower recharging powers like Earthquake.

Objective: Defeat the third wave of Mordor attackers.

The final wave is the most difficult. Instead of weakly armored goblins, the Mordor attack wave includes plentiful trolls, a flying Nazgul, and Mumakil. Spend the time to replace catapult attachments and erect more Battle Towers (or even another Fortress). If you haven’t placed a Fortress near the throne of Erebor, do so before the third wave arrives.

Make sure you have also replaced any wall that’s in front of the defensive Fortresses. This will help slow down (or even confuse) those menacing trolls and provide time for your catapults and powers to do their work. You can also add emplacements to your wall for additional firepower. Guide the third wave toward your best defended entrance, though the northwest is optimum because it’s easy to invoke Barrage and Earthquake on the tightly packed incline where the Mordor units get hung up before reaching the Fortress.

The third wave is by far the most deadly. Weaken the trolls with powers like Barrage and use walls to keep them at bay while your towers and Fortress emplacements finish the job.

Be ready to use Rebuild on your defenses to give your Fortress and its emplacements another round. Keep ground units back, just inside Erebor and target the Nazgul. Also, be ready to intercept any trolls that manage to sneak through. Keep King Dain ready and in his own battle ground and use him to finish off any heavily damaged Mumakil (don’t use battalions or they will be quickly trampled).

During the third attack wave, Elven reinforcements appear along the western edge. Quickly select the Elven troops and send them through the middle of Erebor directly to the throne. Don’t attempt to chase down trolls that are breaching the northwestern or southeastern entrances. You need them at the throne and fast!

Bonus Objective: Defeat the Mouth of Sauron and his retinue.

Have builders near the throne constructing towers or using your Fortress and walls to add emplacements. Target everything that comes near, including the Mouth of Sauron and his minions that breach Erebor through a secret entrance. You can’t allow a group of trolls to reach the throne. It falls very fast to troll attack. Prepare ahead with defenses around the throne for additional firepower to repel the third and final assault against Erebor.

Objective: Destroy the Goblin base.

Saving Erebor was the hard part. To complete the mission you must annihilate the goblin base that has taken over Dale. Replenish your troops and wait for powers to recharge them annihilate the goblin base with an Earthquake, Barrage, and a heavy attack from your ground forces.

8 - Dol Guldur

Objective: Locate and capture the Northern Signal Fire. Locate and capture the Southern Signal Fire.

This mission is long but not overly difficult if you take the time to prepare defenses, upgrade your units fully, and maximize your command points before launching the attack against Dol Guldur. There’s no rush. As long as you can fend off some meager attacks from the goblins, you can take the necessary time to prepare your forces for the assault on the enemy stronghold.

Your initial objective is to capture two Signal Fires, one in the northwestern corner of the map and the other in the southeastern corner. These Signal Fires alert ally reinforcements, which will arrive in mere minutes after capturing the Signal Fires.

You begin in the southwestern corner of the map. Your first goal is to erect a tightly packed set of defenses so you can train units and acquire upgrades without worrying about the threats from enemy raids. Construct a few Mallorn Trees around your base to fund your war machine. Ideally they should be close to your defensive structures so you can adequately defend the trees but they are cheap to replace should the structures be demolished by enemy attack.

Construct an Elven Barracks, Green Pasture, and Eregion Forge. Select the forge and upgrade the structure then purchase all of the unit improvements. As resources become available, upgrade your melee, cavalry, and ranged troops with their respective improvements.

Enemy raids arrive from the north, northeast, and east. Position your towers along these angles and place a Fortress in its center. Upgrade all towers with Silverthorn Arrows and place archers inside for increased firepower. Place Heroic Statues to aid your units and don’t forget a Mirror of Galadriel to heal your units in between battles.

You’re in no hurry. Defend in the southwest corner while you build a huge, upgraded army.

Be patient. Leave some command points for Ents. Construct an Ent Moot and train Treebeard along with an Ent. You’ll receive some more Ents in reinforcements but the more the merrier; the Ents are extremely helpful in bombarding Dol Guldur’s ridiculous amount of catapult towers.

When enemy raids arrive, lure them close to your Fortress and towers then engage with cavalry with support from archers. After the short battle, retreat to the Mirror of Galadriel to restore your hit points. You’re led by Elrond before reinforcements arrive. He offers Leadership to nearby troops, can summon a Whirlwind against enemy troops, can reveal map locations with Farsight, and can heal nearby allies and restore their abilities with the Restoration ability. Later when you have more heroes in the mission, use Athelas to heal nearby friendly heroes.

Continue to defend the southwest corner of the map until you have maximized your command points and constructed a Fortress with a mixture of Ent and Axe Tower emplacements as well as four to six Battle Towers to the north and east of the Fortress. When ready, gather Elrond and your battalions of archers, warriors, and cavalry units and proceed east. You can leave behind a few battalions but your defenses should be able to handle anything that attempts to overtake your base.

Bonus Objective: Destroy all Spider Lairs.

Proceed east toward the southeastern corner of the map. You’ll encounter four Spider Lairs along the way. Defend the spiders populating the lair then demolish the lair. Mordor won’t give up the Signal Fire lightly. Expect to face towers, catapults, warriors, archers, and trolls. Counter the catapults, tower, and trolls quickly then focus fire on the warriors and archers. Finally level all of the enemy structures in the area before capturing the Signal Fire to trigger the arrival of Erebor reinforcements.

Return to the base then proceed north to the second Signal Fire in the northwest corner. Destroy four Spider Lairs along the way to complete the bonus objective. Expect to face similar defenders at the second Signal Fire. Eliminate the catapult quickly then towers, trolls, and remaining units and structures. You can use powers (and new powers if you’ve acquired Flood and Sunflare) but you should be able to handle the defenders easily. Capture the Signal Fire to trigger the next set of reinforcements.

Objective: Breach the Fortress of Dol Guldur.

To say Dol Guldur has a lot of towers wouldn’t be stressing the fact enough. There are an enormous amount of catapult and arrow towers. It’s important to advance slowly through Dol Guldur and take out each tower one by one. If you start moving quickly and come under fire from several catapult and several arrow towers at once, you could find yourself losing a lot of men and heroes.

Ents and Treebeard are especially valuable for their high-damage, long-range attack. A squad of four to five Ents can level a tower in a single barrage. When the reinforcements arrive, you’ll add new and former heroes to your group, including Arwen, Gloin, and Glorfindel. You also receive a Dwarf bulder so construct a Forge Works to research all of the Dwarven improvements.

Because you receive a large amount of reinforcements from Erebor and Mirkwood, it’s doubtful you will be able to train any new units for a long time (unless, of course, you lose a lot of units). Since you can’t replace the Ents until you fall under the maximum command point limit, protect the long-range attackers. Use the Heal power to keep them healthy.

If you’re patient, it’s likely easiest to roam with heroes and Ents only. You can keep a group of archers and cavalry units at the entrance into Dol Guldur as backup. If enemy forces engage you, retreat heroes and Ents to the squad for assistance.

Bonus Objective: Seize all Signal Fires.

Beware of the Balrog lurking in the middle of Dol Guldur.

There are additional Signal Fires located within Dol Guldur. Find in the northern corner and another in the eastern corner along the outside ring. The faster you can capture these Signal Fires, the faster your power recharge rate becomes. You’ll want powers to assist in the destruction of the mighty Fortress. Topple towers and structures with Earthquake and Barrage and annihilate enemy units with Flood, Sunflare, and Tom Bombadil.

Dol Guldur is very tight quarters. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by crossfire of arrows and catapults. Work patiently. Beware of Wyrms on the northwestern side and a Watcher in the Water on the eastern side. Work on clearing the outermost ring then move into the next ring. Avoid moving through the center toward the northeast corner or you’ll summon the Balrog. He’s not especially deadly if you can battle the beast with heroes, Ents, archers, and powers. Just be ready when you move up those stairs.

Objective: Destroy all free-standing Mordor structures within Dol Guldur. Repel the Mordor counterattack.

A new countdown appears after you’ve breached Dol Guldur: it’s the Mordor counterattack. You have approximately seven minutes, thirty seconds before it arrives. Shore up your defenses with another Fortress and more Battle Towers if necessary. It’s a huge assault but if you have constructed a Fortress and maximized its damage potential with attachments alongside several Battle Towers, you can handle the assault. Powers will also help. Keep your heroes on call to return and assist in finishing off the Mordor units.

As you work through Dol Guldur, find all seven Signal Fires. Numbers five through seven are found through the middle after the battle against the Balrog. Eliminate all structures, including the Fortress and the Prison. All of these can be tackled from long-range with Treebeard and the Ents. Annihilate Dol Guldur to complete the good campaign successfully!

Chapter 4 - Evil Campaign Walkthrough

This section provides general strategies and a complete walkthrough for the evil campaign. You begin controlling the Goblins and move on to the armies of Mordor. Walkthroughs include solutions for completing all objectives and bonus objectives and tips on succeeding in specific battle situations.

One of the most important tips is to remain patient. In most missions, there is no hurry to complete objectives (unless there’s a specific countdown on the screen). It pays to play defensive and concentrate on building structures, upgrading those structures, maximizing your command limit with powerful units, and improving those units. A patient strategy also pays off late in missions when you should have a larger sum of resources available for additional defenses at your base or additional defenses (like a Fortress with multiple expansions) used offensively!

Another important tip is to maximize the level of your heroes during each mission. Lead battles with your heroes and reach that mission’s "level plateau" where the hero will stop gaining levels. This way you can have faster access to abilities.

Likewise, maximize the number of The One Ring power points you can acquire during each mission. You’ll gain points while eliminating enemy units and structures but each level has a plateau where you won’t gain any more points. Reach that level, if at all possible, before completing the level.

The One Ring Powers

The campaigns feature a power set unique to the forces of good and evil. This section provides a rundown of the most important The One Ring Powers--the powers available to the forces of evil--that you may choose from during the evil campaign. Tips for using each are also provided in the mission walkthroughs. You may acquire more than the powers listed below but these are certainly the "must haves" for the campaign. Number of points required to acquire the power is listed in parenthesis.

  • Tainted Lands (5) : This is essentially the equivalent of the Evenstar power Elven Wood. It "taints" the targeted area of terrain and provides +50% damage and armor to ally units. Use as the battle begins when enemy units are forced to fight or retreat and remain under assault from your pursuing army.
  • War Chant (5) : This power is similar to the Evenstar power Rallying Call. Use War Chant on your most impressive units (high-damage and high-armor trolls are a good bet!) and boost their damage and armor +50%.
  • Darkness (10) : Temporarily covers the map in darkness, which boosts ally units damage and armor by 50%. Darkness is excellent for providing an assist during an important skirmish or when assaulting an enemy base.
  • Untamed Allegiance (10) : You’ll encounter various monster lairs throughout the evil campaign. Use Untamed Allegiance to gain control of the creatures around the lair; also, you can train more from the lair itself. Although it’s not particularly useful (other than solving a bonus objective) early in the campaign, it pays off at Erebor where you can capture and train Fire Drakes.
  • Arrow Volley (15) : This power launches a volley of arrows (hence the name!) at a designated target--it’s best used on a stationary group of enemies. It can wipe out a couple battalions! One of the best uses for Arrow Volley comes at Erebor where you can wipe out a whole group of enemy builders--for their treasure!
  • Eye of Sauron (15) : Invoke the Eye of Sauron for a number of benefits: it reveals stealthed enemies (which helps against rangers in several missions, such as Fornost), boosts allies damage and armor +50%, and those allies boost experience twice as fast.
  • Industry (15) : A power like Industry can be useful, especially in a mission like Erebor where you need resources as fast as possible to maintain your defense. However, for the most part it’s easier to turtle in and play defense against the not-so-aggressive AI and accumulate a lot of resources with or without Industry.
  • Summon Dragon (20) : Obliterate enemy structures or units with the aid of a fire-breathing dragon. This evil power is particularly useful in eliminating King Dain’s army at Erebor.
  • Dragon Strike (20) : A fire-breathing dragon does a fly-by scorching. Ignite battalions of units with this devastating power.
  • Summon Balrog (20) : This is the pinnacle of evil powers and a huge benefit in the battle at Rivendell, the last mission of the evil campaign. Check Balrog’s powers for additional damage against battalions or structures standing in the Balrog’s way. Work quickly because he’s gone before you know it!
  • Rain of Fire (20) : Efficient acquisition of powers means you’ll likely be able to gain Rain of Fire during Rivendell as well. Use it to crush the Rivendell Fortresses (it’s also similar to one of Sauron’s abilities).

1 - Lorien

Objective: Build a Goblin Cave.

This mission is essentially a tutorial mission; it provides the basics of base-building and combat for the goblins. You begin in the northeast corner of the map with a small base and four heroes at your disposal: the Mouth of Sauron and three Nazgul.

You have enough points to acquire your first power; both Tainted Land and War Chant will serve you well through the next few missions. Tainted Land is like the good power Elven Wood; it taints an area of land and all ally units within gain +50% damage and +50% armor. War Chant improves targeted allies with similar boosts to damage and armor.

Select a goblin builder and construct the goblin cave to complete the first objective.

Objective: Build two goblin hordes from the cave.

The goblin cave trains goblin warriors and archers. Select the goblin cave and train one of each or two sets of warriors or archers. Any combination completes the objective. Train a few extra hordes of warriors and/or archers but leave command point room for Cave Trolls, which you’ll be able to train within a few objectives.

Objective: Build a tunnel.

The goblin tunnel generates resources and can also be used as an underground transport system. Select a builder and construct a tunnel. Look south of the Fortress for a high percentage spot (even up to 100%). Practice using the transport system.

Objective: Build a fissure.

You’ll want the Goblin Fissure to build Cave Trolls.

Choose a builder and construct a fissure to complete the objective.

Objective: Upgrade the fissure to build Trolls.

Select the fissure and upgrade the structure. The upgrade must complete before you can train Cave Trolls.

Objective: Build a Cave Troll from the upgraded fissure.

Select the upgraded fissure and build a Cave Troll. You should have room under the command limit. Continue to produce Cave Trolls until you have maximized the command limit.

Bonus Objectives: Build up your Fortress defenses with 2 upgrades.

Select a build plot around the goblin fortress and enhance the defenses with an upgrade. Finish two expansions to complete the objective.

Objective: Cross the river and destroy the two Elven treehouses.

When you’ve completed the base construction objectives, the Elves advance from the south in a preemptive strike against your goblin camp. The attack is meager--a few battalions of warriors that are easily dispatched by your overwhelming army. Charge the warriors with your Nazgul heroes and provide support with Cave Trolls switched to melee combat and goblin archers from long-range.

Move your forces south to the river crossing. The Elf hero Haldir waits on the western side with battalions of warriors and archers. Launch arrows against the enemy forces then advance your trolls and Nazgul. Counter the enemy warriors with trolls and charge the archers with your Nazgul. Focus on Haldir after slaughtering the Elf defenses. You can’t kill Haldir, though; he’ll escape before his health expires. Destroy the nearby treehouses.

Objective: Destroy the stronghold of Lothlorien, Caras Galadhon.

Move your forces west but explore the first northern path to discover a bonus objective.

Bonus Objective: Free all 3 giants.

Liberate captured Mountain Giants and add them to your assault group.

The Elves have captured three Mountain Giants; the giants are held captive in three separate locations. Eliminate the defenders around the giant to free the beast. Add the giant to your battle groups. Like the Cave Troll, the giant can be used as a melee or ranged attacker.

Resume course west and destroy the structures along the northern and southern edges. You’ll trigger a large force of Elves led by Haldir. Your goblin Nazgul heroes are fragile so don’t allow them into a huge brawl without support from the Cave Trolls and Mountain Giant in melee mode. Haldir will escape once again.

Bonus Objective: Build a tunnel on the far side of the river.

The goblin tunnel can be used as a transport system. Use a builder to construct a tunnel on the western side of the river. You can use a tunnel near your Fortress to quickly shuttle troops to the western side of the map to reinforce your battles.

Move toward the southwest corner and discover the second captive giant guarded by archers and warriors. Eliminate all defenders to free the Mountain Giant. Continue to obliterate all structures in your path.

Proceed north and battle Haldir once again as he defends the outskirts of Caras Galadhon. If you get too close to the Elf base, you may trigger attacks from the other heroes, Celeborn and Galadriel. Eliminate enemy warriors and archers along with their heroes. Locate a third captive Mountain Giant in the northern corner of the map. You must eliminate the warrior and archer defenders to free the beast.

Use the Mountain Giant’s ranged attack against the structures and towers near the Elf Fortress Caras Galadhon. You should be able to get your Nazgul heroes up to level four during the course of the mission. The Mouth of Sauron receives the Doubt ability at level four; it significantly reduces enemy armor and damage. Crush the enemy base, though Galadriel escapes the goblins’ wrath.

2 - Grey Havens

Objective: Capture the shipwright.

Use your initial battalions to capture the two shipwrights along the shore north of your start position.

Objective: Construct three Corsair Black Ships.

Select the shipwrights and build at least three Corsair Black Ships to complete the mission objective. You can build more than three but you may want to save the initial resources for an additional bombardment ship when you’re able to construct the long-range attack vessel.

You could also choose to upgrade the Corsair Black Ships’ attack and defense with the Pirate Flags and Upgrade Armor improvements respectively. Consider building four ships and upgrade their attack but save 6,000 resources to build two bombardment ships later in the mission.

Objective: Sink the Elven convoy fleeing the Grey Havens.

Use the Corsair Black Ships to sink Elven transports.

Elven transports will appear from the eastern side of the map. Position your Corsair Black Ships near the map’s center and wait for the transports to arrive. Focus fire on each of the transports to eliminate the Elven concoy quickly. An Elven Warship escorts the final wave of transports. Eliminate it by focus firing all of your Black Ships on the warship then shift your attention to the transports.

Objective: Destroy the Elven Battle Towers defending the beach.

Construct a Bombardment Ship from the shipwright. If you were conservative with the Corsair Black Ships and their upgrades, you could possibly construct two Bombardment Ships (expensive vessels at 3,000 resources each). The towers are located on the northwestern shore. There are three in all (one may be hidden by fog of war). Annihilate the towers from long-range.

Bonus Objective: Capture the Outpost.

When you’re low on resources, you’re told of an Outpost in the southeast corner of the map. Capture the Outpost and you receive a bounty of resources plus more over time. You can use the Bombardment Ship to crush the Mithlond Sentries defending the Outpost then move in your troops to capture the structure.

Objective: Defend the transports.

Corsair transports arrive from the southwestern corner of the map and move north toward the beach outside Grey Havens. Intercept Elven Warships that attempt to sink your transports; these enemy vessels move in from the east.

Objective: Defeat the Elves defending the beach.

The Elves aren’t going to give up Grey Havens easily. Scores of Lorien Warrior and Lorien Archer battalions defend the beach. Also, a couple Ents bombard your beached forces from long-range (near a Battle Tower). Select your Bombardment Ship (or ships) and eliminate the Ents and the tower. You can also bombard entire battalions of enemies before they engage your forces.

Not long after you’ve made land, goblins arrive from the north, including the hero unit Gorkil the Goblin King. His abilities include the Skull Totem; place a totem and it remains on the map until destroyed while revealing shroud, detecting stealth, and providing damage, armor, and experience bonus to nearby troops. Useful during large battles, such as the one currently on the beach!

Objective: Destroy the three fortresses.

Prepare for a huge battle when attacking Grey Havens. Have your powers ready to assist your troops.

Construct goblin tunnels to increase resource production. Select the Treasure Trove and upgrade it fully. Now you can acquire all of the unit upgrades. You also have battalions of Half-Troll Marauders for this mission; these pikemen excel against cavalry. You will be attacked early on from the northeast: and it’s enemy cavalry. Counter the forces with your Marauders with assistance from Gorkil.

Organize your force and begin moving east. Note that your Bombardment Ships can reach enemy towers, battalions, and even the objective fortresses. You can attempt to control the Grey Havens harbor by parking your Corsair Black Ships inside; they’ll destroy every new Elven Warship that appears while your Bombardment Ships continue to topple Grey Havens.

You’ll face a huge battle near the entrance to Grey Havens. Allow the Bombardment Ships to assist. Target enemy cavalry with your Marauders and don’t forget to place a Skull Totem for bonuses to damage, armor, and experience. Move into Grey Havens and eliminate structures and the fortresses. Once the three fortresses are destroyed, the mission ends.

3 - Shire

Objective: Reach the Eastfarthing.

You begin the mission with a few battalions of goblin warriors and archers (with fire arrows) and a hero unit, Gorkil the Goblin King (use him mounted). Before venturing south, search west for some hidden treasure. Obliterate the Hobbits south of your start position. Continue south until you reach the next objective.

Objective: Destroy all 4 Seats of Power.

The Hobbits’ 4 Seats of Power are marked on your mini-map. You’ve reached the first; destroy it easily with your goblin troops and Gorkil the Goblin King. You also receive additional reinforcements to add to your battle groups. Continue toward the southeastern corner of the map--it’s the Eastfarthing. Eliminate any Hobbit opposition along the way then proceed into the southeastern corner for a new objective.

Objective: Build a Fortress.

Goblin builders arrive for base construction. Construct a Fortress in the Eastfarthing. You also receive some more reinforcements: Wildmen of Dunland. You can upgrade their attack with torches. You will be attacked by the Dunedain from the west and northwest so prepare defenses accordingly. Gorkil can handle a lot of your defenses while you erect necessary defenses and structures, including tunnels for resource gathering, a fissure for Marauders and Mountain Giants, and a Treasure Trove for unit improvements.

Watch carefully for any enemy catapults bombarding your base. Immediately send out Gorkil (mounted) to intercept the attack. Support Gorkil with your other troops if the catapults are escorted by enemy forces. Also watch for a group of attackers arriving from the southern edge of the map.

Objective: Defeat all Dunedain.

Take your time in the southeast corner constructing your base, defenses, and spending resources on upgrades and improvements. Upgrade the fissure to train Cave Trolls and then again for Mountain Giants. Research the upgrades at the Treasure Trove and apply them to your goblin warriors and archers. Add a few towers and fortress expansions to assist against the attacks arriving from the west and northwest and continue to watch for catapults. There’s a Longbottom Farm west of your base; capture it.

Bonus Objective: Destroy the Green Dragon Inn.

Find the Green Dragon Inn just northwest of your base. Destroy it to complete the bonus objective.

There’s a bridge northwest from your base in the Eastfarthing; just on the other side is the Green Dragon Inn. Expect to encounter some ranger defenders. Lead the charge with Gorkil supported by upgraded archers, Cave Trolls, and Mountain Giants. Obliterate the Green Dragon Inn to complete the objective.

Expect the Dunedain to counterattack from the north with a couple catapults. Be ready for their charge. Maximize your command limit at all time; if you get below the limit, train additional archers or Mountain Giants to add to your battle groups.

Gather your troops and proceed west. If you’ve maximized your command limit then spend available resources on adding more tower defenses around your base structures. The second Seat of Power is found west of your base. Destroy the Seat of Power and any defenders. Locate a Signal Fire in the southwest corner; capture it and your powers will recharge faster.

Bonus Objective: Destroy Bag End.

Move your horde north toward the northwest corner to find the third Seat of Power. You’ll also find Bag End nearby; complete the bonus objective by destroying the structure along with the Seat of Power. Eliminate the meager Hobbit opposition attempting to block your path. Continue to the northern edge to find the final Seat of Power.

Search the northeastern corner to find Farmer Maggot’s mushroom farm; capture the structure for additional resources. Use them to increase your defenses around the bridge northwest from your base.

Objective: Kill Wormtongue. Destroy the Isengard Fortress.

Isengard troops attack from the bridge northwest of your base. Defend the bridge!

The forces of Isengard, led by Wormtongue, arrive and construct a base in the southwestern corner of the Shire--apparently not too pleased about your incursion into the Shire. Attacks arrive from the northwestern bridge; attackers include Warg Riders and Uruk melee and ranged troops.

The bridge should be defended by towers (upgraded and filled) and supported by Gorkil and your troops. The chokepoint is also an ideal spot for powers like Tainted Land and Gorkil’s Skull Totem. Repel several waves of Isengard attacks before beginning a push toward the enemy base.

The greatest dangers are the enemy towers and long-range ballistae. Use your Mountain Giants’ ranged attacks to obliterate the defensive towers and siege weaponry. Move builders up just outside the enemy base and erect towers. Retreat to the safety of additional firepower while you maintain ranged bombardment on enemy structures from your Mountain Giants. Expect Wormtongue to attempt to repel your attack early on. Surround him with your troops (switch Mountain Giants to melee mode) to eliminate Wormtongue as quickly as possible. Level the Isengard base to complete the mission successfully.

4 - Fornost

Objective: Destroy all structures in the outer city.

This attack on Fornost requires patience. Catapults heavily defend the city but if you’re patient with base defense and unit construction, you should have little trouble demolishing almost everything inside the base (though fortunately the final objective allows you to leave a lot of the enemies intact).

Bonus Objective: Use Untamed Allegiance on both of the Spider Lairs.

Acquire the power Untamed Allegiance if you haven’t already and complete the bonus objective by using the power on the two Spider Lairs--one to the west and one to the east from your start position. Untamed Allegiance converts the lair allowing you to control its created creatures and even make more. The power pays off big time in a couple missions when you can capture a Fire Drake Lair. Capture the Spider Lairs before constructing tunnels to the far west and east or the tunnels will come under attack from the pesky spiders.

You will want more tunnels. Clutter the southern edge of the map with tunnels to maximize resource production and increase the command point limit to 800. Construct a Goblin Fissure and a Treasure Trove and start upgrading the structures so you can train advanced units and research improvements.

Once the Goblin Fissure is fully upgraded, train Mountain Giants to fill your command limit. You can add some goblin troops and Half-Troll Marauders to the group but use most of your command limit on the giants and their long-range attacks.

Take your time in the southern corner of the map. The enemy’s attacks are easy to defend while you create a formidable army.

At some point early in the mission, the Dunedain send their rangers through the eastern side of the city and attack your base. It’s a steady stream of attackers. Repel the assault with your forces, Mountain Giants, and Gorkil. Don’t move too far north or you may be in range of enemy catapults. Also keep in mind that the rangers can be stealth; watch for this as you advance north into the eastern side. Use the Eye of Sauron power to reveal hidden foes.

You have a couple options. Enemies pour from the eastern side to attack your base so to stop those assaults, it’s better to mount your attack against the southeastern side of the base and then complete the objective by destroying the middle and southwestern side. However, the next objective contains an item in the northeastern side, which means you will have to move your forces quickly toward the eastern side. To counter this, simply move your forces before destroying all of the western structures. Leave a unit there to complete the initial objective and your forces will be in better position for the next task.

Position your forces just south of the eastern side of Fornost and obliterate enemy forces that emerge from the city. Use your Mountain Giants to destroy sections of the wall to open a hole in the city perimeter so you can advance into this southeastern side of Fornost. Your initial objective is to eliminate the structures inside the outer city; these are the structures in the southeastern (your current location) and southwestern sides of the city. Don’t advance to close to the northeastern side of the city or you will be bombarded by catapults. Eliminate high catapults from long-range with your Mountain Giants’ ranged attack.

You will lose units but you should have plenty of resources to build more. Replace slain Mountain Giants with new ones. Set your Goblin Fissure rally point toward your forces to reinforce your army quickly. Make sure the newly-created Mountain Giant doesn’t move through enemy fire.

Bonus Objective: Capture the Inn.

Advance west through the middle of the outer city and continue to annihilate structures, enemy troops, and catapults. Move into the southwestern side and demolish all the structures there but move most your troops east before completing the task. There’s an Inn on the western side; capture the structure to complete a bonus objective. You can train troops from the Inn but your command limit is better used with Mountain Giants and their long-ranged boulder attack.

Objective: Destroy the castle’s citadel. Destroy the Earth Hammer.

A group of four Mountain Giants can destroy the Earth Hammer with their long-range attack.

There’s a powerful enemy weapon in the northeastern corner of Fornost: the Earth Hammer. A five-minute countdown appears on screen; at the end of five minutes, the Earth Hammer launches its attack on your base. Keep your builders away from the Fortress should you not destroy the Earth Hammer in time. The attack isn’t devastating but can destroy some unit-producing structures and resource production centers. Be ready to replace any necessary buildings.

The advance up the eastern side isn’t terribly difficult. Eliminate units first then demolish buildings. More enemies will arrive from the city’s northern city. You can likely destroy the Earth Hammer with a Mountain Giant suicide run (just send your Mountain Giants directly at the Earth Hammer without care for the enemy units surrounding them).

Move up builders into the southeastern side of Fornost and use your vast amount of resources to build another Goblin Fissure and other production centers so you can reinforce your army as quickly as possible.

After the Earth Hammer is destroyed, your final target is the Citadel in the northern center of Fornost. The good news is you do not have to eliminate any of the remaining enemy structures or units: only the Citadel. You can create a small base and defenses in the southeastern side of Fornost and maximize your command limit with Mountain Giants. With a full army, move north then northwest toward the Citadel and ignore enemy units and simply target the Citadel until it’s destroyed.

5 - Mirkwood

Objective: Advance to the Old Forest Road in the North.

You control new forces in this mission and have a new set of heroes: the Mouth of Sauron, Nazgul, and the Shelob. You begin with some orc warriors and archers and a few builders. Once again, patience pays off in this mission. There’s no reason to rush at the start so it’s much wiser to sit back and play defense while gathering plentiful resources and maximizing your command limit, building upgrades, and improvements.

Construct Slaughterhouses to generate resources and increase your command limit. Place the Slaughterhouses strategically for the best possible efficiency (at least in the green, such as north and south). Add Lumber Mills near forestry to increase resource production even further. Locate a Spider Lair north of your Fortress: use the Untamed Allegiance power to command the spiders.

Erect a Troll Cage and upgrade it for Mountain Trolls. Also train Drummer Troll to provide leadership to nearby troops. Upgrade your Orc Pit for the Banner Carrier upgrade. Construct a Tavern and research Fire Arrows for your archers. Your force should consist primarily of Mountain Trolls and fully upgraded archers. Continue to litter the area with Slaughterhouses, even if it means poor efficiency, so you can increase the command limit to 900.

Advance north when you have prepared a full attack force and completed construction of all necessary buildings. Start saving up resources; you’ll want to fund a couple Fortresses later in the mission. When you reach the bridge north, Ents destroy it to prevent your crossing.

Be patient early in this mission. You want to accumulate a large resource reserve for the mission’s final objective. The task becomes much easier when you can afford extra Fortresses and a bunch of towers.

Objective: Find another way across the river.

You can use heroes exclusively to eliminate Ents. Just be prepared to retreat and heal.

Move east and you’re told that scouts have discovered a way across the river. Be ready for an attack from cavalry and archer units. Counter with your heroes, Mountain Giants, and archers.

Objective: Find and destroy the Ent base.

The problem is that you can enter the shallow river from the eastern side but you can’t cross unless you traverse the river to the far western side--and a squad of Ents lines the northern side of the river ready to bombard your forces with boulders. The good news is that your fast-moving heroes, Shelob, the Mouth of Sauron, and the Nazgul, can basically handle the Ents on their own. Move your heroes through the river to the western crossing. Don’t stop and the Ents won’t be able to hit you. Cross the river and start attacking each Ent one by one as you move east on the northern shore.

When you suffer heavy damage, retreat and allow your heroes to heal. There’s no rush. Just keep killing Ents one by one as you push east then retreat and heal and repeat. Otherwise, archers equipped with fire arrows can light up the Ents, though expect to suffer casualties.

The Ent base is on the far eastern side of the river. You can continue the same hero technique there. Eliminate all Ents guarding their Entmoots then demolish each Entmoot one by one. It’s a patient process but entirely effective. Just avoid losing a hero and having to spend resources to recall that hero (and the time spent doing so) and just retreat your heroes away from the base. You may spot more Ents being created; just kill them as soon as they spawn from the Entmoot.

Bonus Objective: Bring Shelob to tame the spiderlings.

If you move Shelob north from the destroyed bridge, you’ll discover a gang of spiderlings. She’ll tame them on sight and you can add them to your battle group (above and beyond your command limit, so it’s wise to max your limit before you find the spiderlings).

Being patient through this entire first part of the mission means you should be able to save up a large reserve of resources. Don’t advance further north until you have maximized your command limit. You’ll soon trigger the next stage of the mission, which is essentially timed.

It’s better to advance north from the former Ent base. It’s a forked path: the left side contains another Spider Lair for Untamed Allegiance and the right contains a small squad of Elven enemies. Beware of stealth units. Send builders up the eastern side (ideally around three to four builders) to follow your units.

Objective: Build up and defend Sentry Towers in the designated spots before the Elves do.

Bonus Objective: Find and destroy the Elven bases.

Protect the designated spots with additional towers and even Fortresses.

In order to control the Old Forest Road, you must construct four Sentry Towers and defend them for approximately two minutes. You must not allow the Elves to control the spots. There’s a small enemy base in the northeast corner of the map. Move in your heroes, Mountain Giants, and archers and demolish the Elven base to prevent more reinforcements to the northeastern position. There’s a Sentry Tower spot near that location and it makes an ideal spot for your new base.

If there’s an enemy tower on the spot, destroy it. Construct a Fortress near the tower spot (so the tower will be in range of your Fortress’ defenses). Add Barricade Expansions to your Fortress for additional firepower. Erect more towers near the spot and upgrade to fire arrows. Build another Orc Pit and Troll Cage in the northeast corner to reinforce your army quickly.

Begin construction of a Sentry Tower on the northeastern spot. As soon as you do, the Elves counter with some cavalry units. The Fortress and towers should be able to handle the attack but assist with your heroes, Mountain Giants, and archers if necessary.

Now simply move to each spot and take it over. Add defensive towers before adding the Sentry Tower to the designated location and be prepared for the Elven counterattack. Continue to push to each subsequent spot. The main Elven base is located in the northwest corner.

It’s difficult to completely annihilate the Elves because of the constant reinforcements produced at their base structures. Level the structures as quickly as possible with long-range attacks to prevent reinforcements. Lure enemy units into towers or another Fortress constructed just outside their base. Watch for Ents to appear toward the eastern side to prevent you from holding the towers. Counter them quickly with archers and heroes. Hold your Sentry Towers at each of the four spots (remember to add towers or Fortresses to help in their defense) for the designated countdown to complete the mission.

6 - Withered Hearth

Objective: Find the Dragon Lord.

Bonus Objective: Build a Fortress.

You begin in the southwestern corner of the map; your initial units include Attack Trolls, catapults, and some battalions of archers and warriors. Build a Fortress and several Slaughterhouses for resource production. Add some Lumber Mills. You’ll also want an Orc Pit, Troll Cage, and Tavern and upgrade them to their full potential. Stay within the southwestern corner of the map and patiently construct your base and build your resource reserve before venturing too far to the north. If you are attacked, spot the dwarves arriving from the northeast.

Objective: Free all the Fire Drakes from the Dwarven bases.

Bonus Objective: Destroy all Dwarven Mine Shafts.

Exploring a bit north of your start position reveals the first of several Dwarven Mine Shafts (the rest reside within the Dwarven bases). Eliminate the Mine Shaft with your catapults. Exploring to the northeast reveals a Dwarven base and captured Fire Drakes. The remaining captured drakes are revealed on the mini-map.

Add the Great Siege Works to your base and add catapults to your assault group.

Locate the Warg Lair along the western side of the map. Use Untamed Allegiance to gain the Wargs and their lair (you’ll find several more throughout the mission; use Untamed Allegiance after the power restores). Explore just northwest of the Warg Lair to discover some treasures to add to your resource reserve. If you do grab the treasure, beware of a hostile Fire Drake that attacks. Counter with heroes and Attack Trolls.

Continue to defend in the southwestern corner and get upgrades to the Orc Pit, Troll Cage, Tavern, and Great Siege Works. You will want to maximize your command limit with Attack Trolls, upgraded archers, and catapults. Beware of enemies from the northeast and east. Enemy catapults also arrive; watch for their projectile attacks then send your heroes out to eliminate the unit. Also beware of Dwarven Demolishers. Quickly counter with heroes and Attack Trolls; if left untouched, the Demolisher can destroy a Slaughterhouse in a single blow.

If you haven’t already, add Arrow Volley to your list of powers. It’s an effective power for eliminating a group of stationary enemy units. However, Arrow Volley pays off even more in the next mission.

With a fully maxed army, begin catapult bombardment the Dwarven base northeast of your position. Attack the gate holding in the Fire Drakes; as soon as the gate falls, the Fire Drakes come under your control. Send the Fire Drakes to your supporting units and counter any enemy units sent your way. Demolish all structures before regrouping at your southwestern base.

Add the Fire Drakes to your hero group. The dragons are extremely powerful but make sure you don’t send them alone against enemy forces. You don’t want to lose their ability to burn through dwarven battalions. Support them with your heroes and Attack Trolls. Ideally enemy forces should be focused in on your heroes (which can regenerate health) or Attack Trolls then you move in with the Fire Drakes to finish the job.

Advance to the northeast to free more Fire Drakes. Use catapults to demolish towers, walls, catapults and other enemy forces. It’s heavily defended compared to the middle base. Be patient and level the Axe Towers and Catapult Emplacements with your own long-range catapults. If you lose any, reinforce from your southwestern base. Destroy the gate holding in three more Fire Drakes and add them to your group. Level all the buildings including the Mine Shaft for the bonus objective.

This squad of catapults can make quick work of enemy walls, towers, and defensive emplacements.

Continue again to the northeastern side and demolish another dwarven base. Use catapults and when the enemy sends out a counter attack, repel it with heroes, Attack Trolls, archers, and Fire Drakes. Crush the walls, towers, structures, and the Mine Shaft. The final base is to the southeast. The gate to the Fire Drakes is on the southeastern side. You’ll have to demolish the base to get there.

Once again the enemy towers and catapults are the biggest dangers. Patiently demolish each in turn with your catapults and use Attack Trolls, archers, heroes, and Fire Drakes against enemy units that attempt to repel your overwhelming attack force. Destroy the Mine Shaft on the eastern side. Eliminate the gate holding the Fire Drakes and add them to your group.

Now you must find the Dragon Lord; he’s located in the far northwestern corner of the map. Find the entrance to this path on the northeastern side; once there start going west along the northern edge of the map. Men of Dale will appear and attempt to impede your advance to the Dragon Lord. Your heroes and Fire Drakes will make quick work of the weak enemy archers. Send your heroes and Fire Drakes to the northwestern corner--to the Dragon Lord--to complete the mission.

7 - Erebor

Objective: Make enough room to build a base by destroying the buildings of Dale.

This mission is a challenging mixture of tough defense followed by an assault on a heavily defended enemy that can be made much easier with good power selection. The early part of the mission is the tough defense; enemy units will be constantly advancing against your Fortress. Patience and effective base building can eventually make the attacks completely meaningless.

Your siege party contains five catapults, three mountain trolls, some warriors, and your heroes. Before you even move, scan the map into the city of Dale and notice the row of builders. These builders actually hold treasures of Dale. If you could defeat them, you could gain an easy and quick boost to your resource reserves. As you near them, though, the builders escape making it very hard to kill each one.

Then there was Arrow Volley! Use the Arrow Volley power before even moving your troops. Position the target at the center of the builders and watch all of them perish under your attack. Move your forces northeast and eliminate Dale’s initial defenders and start scooping up the treasure the builders’ left behind. Target Dale buildings with your catapults. Use heroes to capture the treasures left behind. The more buildings destroyed, the more you add to your resources. Demolish enemy towers as well.

Objective: Destroy the throne of Erebor.

Bonus Objective: Build a Fortress worthy of Sauron.

If you haven’t already, add the Summon Dragon power. It comes in handy during the destruction of Dale but it’s even more vital during your attack on the throne of Erebor. Enemy attacks are very heavy when you’ve moved your forces into Dale; don’t hesitate to use the dragon to help repel enemy forces. Your new objectives appear once you have cleared enough space for a base. Don’t stop destroying Dale structures, though; there are plenty of them so continue to annihilate them and gather treasure throughout the first part of the mission.

Build a Fortress and start erecting Slaughterhouses and Lumber Mills southeast of Dale near your start position. You’ll need to defend your Fortress position while slowly building new structures and upgrading. Obviously you want to maximize your command limit as soon as possible.

The enemy attacks in constant waves. Use the Gate Watcher expansion in combination with the catapult expansion for maximum effect.

A great way to help defend the Fortress is to add the catapult expansions to the Fortress’ southern build plots while adding the Gate Watcher expansion to the northern build plots. The Gate Watcher expansion repels enemies approaching the Fortress. The catapults launch their projectile, the Gate Watcher repels the enemies, and then the projectile ends up wiping out some or most of the enemy battalion. Add Barricade Expansions to the remaining build plots. Construct two to three towers on each side of the Fortress. Try to make sure they are in range of the Fortress or at least one another. Upgrade the towers.

All of this defending could take awhile. The enemy arrives in a steady flow of attackers. You may exhaust your initial forces defending but once you have erected the Fortress, its expansions, and some towers, you are virtually free to start training more units. Construct the appropriate buildings and start upgrading. Leave some room under the command limit, however. Remember to continue to level Dale structures around your base and gather treasure with your heroes.

Search the southeastern corner of the map. Use Untamed Allegiance on the Fire Drake Lair. Now you can train Fire Drakes if you’ve left some room under the command limit! There’s also a Signal Fire in the southeastern corner. Capture the structure so your powers recharge faster.

Don’t attack the base and throne of Erebor in the northeast even you are defending well and have fully upgraded units and a maximized command limit. The dwarven hero Gloin eventually arrives in the southwest behind your base. Gloin and his supporting forces start destroying your resource production buildings. Use powers to aid in repelling Gloin and his attackers.

If you have been wise with power selection up to this point you should be able to afford Dragon Strike before you assault the throne of Erebor. Acquire Dragon Strike and wait for Summon Dragon and Arrow Volley, if used, to recharge before beginning your attack. Obviously you should have a maximized command limit with upgraded units.

If you’ve explored the northeastern base you’ve discovered the huge entrance gate. You won’t be going that way. Instead, move your units to the southeastern corner where the Fire Drake Lair and Signal Fire are. Move quickly to avoid the high catapults defending Erebor. Continue to monitor your base in the southwest. You should have sufficient defenses to repel the constant but meager attacks on your base. Keep adding towers with your resource reserve.

Bonus Objective: Kill King Dain.

An effective way to wipe out King Dain’s army: Summon Dragon plus Dragon Strike plus Arrow Volley plus Tainted Land.

Enter Erebor through the southeastern entrance and advance north. You’ll encounter some enemy buildings, which can be destroyed with catapults, along with some enemy units, which can be countered with heroes. But your main goal is to move as quickly as possible to the northeastern room just before the throne. You don’t even need to move all units there; your goal is to simply gain sight of that room so you can obliterate what’s inside with your powers.

The throne of Erebor is there and King Dain’s large dwarven army guards it. There are also towers to the southwest of the throne. When you have gained sight of that room, use Summon Dragon, Dragon Strike, and Arrow Volley on King Dain’s army. For extra punch, move in your army and heroes (which are simply replaceable since you are defending so well in the southwest). You will annihilate King Dain and his army. You may not be able to eliminate the throne now but you will have cleared almost all of its defenses--that won’t return.

Rebuild your force or, if it remains, move it north and attack the throne of Erebor. If you’re extremely patient and wait for your powers to recharge, use Summon Dragon to obliterate those towers, though they won’t pose much of a problem to a large attack force against the throne. The key is clearing out King Dain’s army and using powers to assist. Don’t forget Tainted Land and War Chant if you use your army to assist.

8 - Rivendell

Objective: Penetrate the perimeter of Rivendell.

You begin in the southern edge of Rivendell with a Fortress, archers, Half-Troll Marauders, and Gorkil the Goblin King. Begin construction of tunnels and Lumber Mills throughout the southern area. Move your units west of your Fortress. The enemy will use Arrow Volley and Barrage to damage your units. Keep Gorkil to the east and he’ll take the Arrow Volley blow then simply regenerate health. Move units away from tunnels as well to avoid being killed in any power attack.

It won’t be long before Glorfindel attacks with some cavalry support. He arrives from the east and uses a Barrage attack beforehand (keep your units away from your structures). Use Half-Troll Marauders to counter the cavalry. Surround Glorfindel because he’ll try to escape when he’s low on health. It’s better to slay him now so make sure he’s completely surrounded by units.

Gorkil the Goblin King will reach level 10 during this mission and acquire the Call from the Deep power. He’ll have the ability to summon three Fire Drakes into battle.

Explore the southwestern corner for a Warg Lair (use Untamed Allegiance) and a Signal Fire. Capture the Signal Fire for faster regeneration of your powers. Your goal is to acquire enough points to activate the Summon Balrog power. It shouldn’t be a problem but may not happen until later in the mission.

Consider additional Fortress upgrades, like the Dragon’s Nest to train a Fire Drake. There are also more heroes to recruit.

Play defensively at first and begin construction of Fortress expansions: add the Giant Sentry and Arrow Dens. You can also use resources to upgrade the Fortress with the Web Cocoon (increases Fortress Armor) and then the Dragon’s Nest, which allows you to summon a Fire Drake. It’s expensive but later in the mission when you have plentiful resources in your reserves consider the addition for the extra unit and its power.

Also, select the Fortress and recruit more heroes: Shelob and Drogoth the Dragon Lord. Drogoth is expensive but extremely powerful (his fiery abilities are extremely powerful against enemy battalions). Construct a fissure and upgrade to Mountain Giants, a Treasure Trove, and Orc Pit. Patiently defend your position until you have created a mammoth army and researched full upgrades.

If you press east, expect to encounter additional Elven battalions. Beware of western attacks when you press east. There’s an Outpost in the southeastern corner. Capture it to increase resource production. There’s also a Shipwright on the eastern edge. You can capture it and build Corsair Black Ships to attack the tower on the northern side of the river but it’s not necessary.

One of the most important things to do during this early defense is to locate the southern path found just east of your base. It’s a narrow path leading to the map’s edge. There’s nothing there now but later in the mission, the Fellowship attacks with the Army of the Dead. Use resources to construct a row of four towers at the northern edge of the path. Upgrade each tower to Fire Arrows and even add upgraded archers to each tower.

The Balrog can wipe out legions of enemy troops.

With a maximized command limit, explore the western side and discover the bridge leading to the western side of Rivendell. Enemy towers protect the crossing. Lure Dunedain forces across the bridge and into your heroes and units. Soon Mordor forces arrive with additional reinforcements. At the same time, watch out for a Hobbit assault in the southeast.

You’re given new builders to construct Mordor forces. Use a builder to construct another Fortress at the western bridge and add defensive expansions (especially arrow towers). Add more defensive towers to protect against an impending eagle attack.

You’re also provided with catapults. Construct a Great Siege Works to reinforce them (though you’re likely over the command limit at the moment). Use catapults and Mountain Giants against the towers. Upgraded archers unload from the crumbling tower; these upgraded enemies can make quick work of your catapults and other units. Destroy them quickly with Mountain Giants’ ranged attack with support from your heroes.

Work slowly to destroy each tower protecting the road into Rivendell. Once you have destroyed each tower and penetrated Rivendell, a new objective appears.

Objective: Destroy the house of Elrond and the surrounding Fortresses.

Once you’ve penetrated Rivendell, Galadriel leads an army of Elves against your incursion. If you have the power, it’s the perfect time for Summon Balrog. Summon the beast below and near enemy troops for explosive fun. Use Balrog to crush more towers and structures within the western side of Rivendell. If you don’t have Summon Balrog, you can use Summon Dragon or retreat to your Fortress for the added firepower.

While penetrating Rivendell you may notice the ominous shadows--the Eagles are attacking. They’ll head toward the western bridge, which should be safe because you have defensive towers and a Fortress with emplacements there. To help counter the Eagles, the Fellbeasts and Witch-King arrive. Use Drogoth and the Fellbeast while near the Fortress and towers to counter the Eagles.

Bonus Objective: Slay the Fellowship.

Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, and the Hobbits arrive on that southern path and they’ve brought the Army of the Dead with them. The Army of the Dead will get hung up by your towers, which will defeat most of the army before the towers begin to crumble. Move in your plentiful heroes and crush the army and the Fellowship to complete the objective. Take time to respawn any slain heroes and return your forces to full strength.

Objective: The Dark Lord Sauron must not be vanquished.

The mighty Sauron arrives and can be added to your hero group. He can’t perish, though; so while he’s extremely powerful, don’t get him close to a gang of upgraded archers or you may be surprised at how far he falls. He’s also not too swift so it’s difficult to retreat if he’s in trouble. Sauron features the Fires of Doom ability, which is similar to the Rain of Fire power. He also possesses Terrible Fury, which causes fear in nearby enemies.

You may be able to afford more powers during the mission. Select the powers Industry--and use it on your best tunnels--and Rain of Fire to add to your arsenal.

Protect the southern path with towers and you’ll be prepared for the Fellowship and the Army of the Dead.

Advance through the western side of Rivendell and finish off any remaining structures. If you move far enough northeast you will spot the northern area of Rivendell. Listen for Elrond to trigger his attack. Summon your powers for use against the Rivendell defenders and structures.

Bonus Objective: Slay Arwen Evenstar.

Watch for Elrond and Arwen to lead the attack. Counter with your heroes and their abilities. Your primary targets are the towers but it’s the upgraded archers and towers that inflict the most damage. Task your catapults against the towers and Fortresses while your remaining forces eliminate the archers. Beware of additional archers on the southeastern side of Rivendell and its bridge. The northeastern area also includes Ents and additional enemy forces.

The battle of Rivendell isn’t overly difficult as long as you’re patient. Don’t hesitate to wait for your powers to recharge so you can drop Balrog and a dragon inside Rivendell to assist your attack forces. You must destroy three Fortresses to complete the mission. The Fortresses contain their own defensive emplacements, including long-range Ents. Take down towers and Fortress defenses with catapults while providing hero support. Don’t forget powers like Tainted Land, War Chant, Arrow Volley, and Darkness to provide boosts to your attackers while harming the defenders.

Chapter 5 - Multiplayer

This section provides some general strategies for The Battle for Middle-earth II’s multiplayer mode. You’ll find tips on being aggressive, utilizing powers, and unit management. The section also compiles all Evenstar and One Star powers for the forces of good and evil.

General Strategies

There are six races in The Battle for Middle-earth II; three "good" and three "evil" sides. Check the Forces of Good and Forces of Evil sections of this game guide for additional information on each race’s units, heroes, as well as additional tactics. This section provides some general strategies for The Battle for Middle-earth II’s multiplayer mode.

  • As stated several times in this guide, combat isn’t simply about sending your army at the opposing player’s army. Certain units are better suited to battle other units. If you consider counters from unit production to combat, you’ll have a much higher rate of success in each battle. The general principle is that swordsmen defeat pikemen, pikemen defeat cavalry, cavalry defeat archers, and archers defeat swordsmen. Second tier archers (like Men of Dale or rangers) are also effective against "monsters" like trolls. Pikemen also are good against trolls as well as the massive Mumakil. On the flip side, it’s important to avoid fighting your unit’s counter. Don’t send cavalry charging at pikemen. Either wait until the pikemen are engaged and flank them or send your cavalry at a different unit group.
  • Heroes (and units too but heroes especially) improve with experience--gain experience through combat, including neutral creatures like monster lairs scattered around the map. Level up your heroes in order to unlock additional, and more powerful, abilities to use in combat situations. It pays to be aggressive. Combat provides experience as well as points for your Evenstar or One Ring powers.
  • Unlike the first game, you aren’t restricted to particular build plots. You can build anywhere, basically. Resource production structures are somewhat limited, however. Although you can build anywhere, you shouldn’t build them too close together or the structures lose efficiency. But the same structures also increase the command limit, which allows you to create more units. In longer games, you will have to forgo efficiency simply for the increase in command limit.
  • Scouting the map is as important as scouting the enemy. Most maps have unique features, such as Signal Fires, Outposts, Inns, or Lairs. Capture a Signal Fire to reduce the recharge time for your powers. Capture an Outpost to receive a resource bonus. Capturing an Inn allows you to train a specific unit from that structure--and the unit is cheaper than its "normal" counterpart.
  • Since you need them and they will often be spaced out, harassing an opponent’s spread resource structures is a viable, and often used, tactic. The Dwarves and Goblins fair better in the defense because you can have a defensive force ready to exit the Mine Shaft or Tunnel at a click of the interface. If you’re the aggressor, build a military structure before your first resource building. Train a few battalions while constructing your first resource building then start sending waves at your enemy. Increase resource buildings while also increasing your army as well as erecting new unit-producing structures. Mordor and Goblins are good rushers because of their cheaper base units. The Elves are better in a longer game where their upgrades come into play.
  • Consider Evenstar and One Ring power selection carefully. In an expected "short" game, such as a contest that features rushes and high aggressive, it can pay off to select more lower level powers instead of saving up points for a higher level power. But you must maintain that same aggression so you’re battling every time Rallying Call, Elven Wood or Tainted Land, War Chant are ready for use. In longer games, it may be wiser to save up points and move down the power tree toward the higher cost and generally more fierce powers.
  • In longer games, unit improvements and upgrades (Heavy Armor, Forged Blades, Silverthorn Arrows, etc) can mean the difference between winning and losing. But be careful how fast you begin making that investment. Improvements are costly. Diverting resources to acquire an upgrade means you aren’t using those same resources to create an army...something your opponent happens to be doing. Working up the upgrade tree without addressing an army leaves your structures vulnerable to a rush.
  • On a similar note, it’s important to scout your enemy. It could be stealthed rangers or one of the powers but it’s important to maintain tabs on what your enemy is doing. You may discover weaknesses in your opponent’s defenses (a vulnerable resource structure, for instance) as well as what units your opponent has chosen to create. Your opponent may begin training a large amount of cavalry units; start creating pikemen to counter.

Elves Evenstar Powers

The following chart reveals the Elves Evenstar Powers in skirmish and multiplayer mode.

Evenstar PowerCostDescriptionTips
Rallying Call5Targeted allies gain +50% damage and armor.Enhance units to win a vital skirmish or raid on an enemy base. Use right before entering battle.
Heal5Heals units, replaces one dead man per battalion.A good power to give your troops a "second chance" during battle. Wait until your troops are heavily damaged. Useful on heroes as well.
Farsight5Reveals shroud in targeted area.Scout the enemy. Look for weak spots in base defense or to check to see what units the enemy is creating.
Enshrouding Mist10Friendly units within the mist become stealthed, significantly reduces enemy damage and armor.Nerf the enemy’s units! Combine with a power that enhances your forces.
Arrow Volley10Launches a volley of arrows anywhere on the map.Wipe out an enemy battalion. Best used on a stationary target. Risky to use while engaged with the enemy forces but could be used to eliminate an archer line that’s providing support.
Elven Wood10Creates lush terrain. Ally ally units gain +50% armor. Ally enemy units lose their leadership bonuses.Large area of lush terrain to battle within. Boost friendly forces while eliminating enemy leadership bonuses (making it most effective when enemy heroes are providing leadership support).
Summon Tom Bombadil10Summons Tom Bombadil.During a battle, drop Tom Bombadil behind the enemy’s forces to provide devastating flank support.
Summon Eagle Allies15Summons Giant Eagles.Best used after enemy archers have been neutralized.
Cloud Break15Cancels Freezing Rain or Darkness. Stuns enemy units.Counter an opponent’s Freezing Rain (Isengard) or Darkness (Mordor/Goblins). It also stuns some enemy units.
Summon Ent Allies15Summons Ents.Allow Ents to provide long-range support, especially against structures. Slow-moving and susceptible to fire arrows.
Sunflare25Creates a fiery beam of sunlight to scorch the battlefield.Incinerate enemy forces!
Flood25Summons a powerful flood to crush enemy units.Wash away enemy forces!

Men of the West Evenstar Powers

The following chart reveals the Men of the West Evenstar Powers in skirmish and multiplayer mode.

Evenstar PowerCostDescriptionTips
Heal5Heals units, replaces one dead man per battalion.A good power to give your troops a "second chance" during battle. Wait until your troops are heavily damaged. Useful on heroes as well.
Rallying Call5Targeted allies gain +50% damage and armor.Enhance units to win a vital skirmish or raid on an enemy base. Use right before entering battle.
Rebuild5Heals structures.Give a Fortress a second chance or use on a tightly packed group of towers.
Summon Hobbit Allies10Summons a group of Hobbits.Numbers always help in battles. Summon Hobbits to flank engaged enemy forces.
Arrow Volley10Launches a volley of arrows anywhere on the map.Wipe out an enemy battalion. Best used on a stationary target. Risky to use while engaged with the enemy forces but could be used to eliminate an archer line that’s providing support.
Summon Tom Bombadil10Summons Tom Bombadil.During a battle, drop Tom Bombadil behind the enemy’s forces to provide devastating flank support.
Lone Tower10Summons a defensive tower.Shore up defenses with the aid of another tower.
Summon Dunedain Allies15Summons a group of Dunedain RangersAdditional units are always helpful. Summon these archers to support your battle.
Cloud Break15Cancels Freezing Rain or Darkness. Stuns enemy units.Counter an opponent’s Freezing Rain (Isengard) or Darkness (Mordor/Goblins). It also stuns some enemy units.
Summon Rohan Allies15Summons a group of Rohirrim.If your foe supports his troops with plentiful archers, summon the Rohirrim to run them down from flanking position.
Summon Army of the Dead25Summons the Army of the Dead.Oathbreakers arrive to slaughter enemy forces.
Earthquake25Summons an earthquake causing heavy damage to structures.Level a foe’s defenses with a well-placed earthquake.

Dwarves Evenstar Powers

The following chart reveals the Dwarves Evenstar Powers in skirmish and multiplayer mode.

Evenstar PowerCostDescriptionTips
Rallying Call5Targeted allies gain +50% damage and armor.Enhance units to win a vital skirmish or raid on an enemy base. Use right before entering battle.
Rebuild5Heals structures.Give a Fortress a second chance or use on a tightly packed group of towers.
Heal5Heals units, replaces one dead man per battalion.A good power to give your troops a "second chance" during battle. Wait until your troops are heavily damaged. Useful on heroes as well. Especially the sturdy Dwarven variety.
Summon Men of Dale Allies10Summons the Men of Dale.Additional units are always helpful. Summon these archers to support your battle.
Dwarven Riches10Selected structure’s resource output is permanently raised to 300%.Use Dwarven Riches on your best producing, best defended Mine Shafts.
Lone Tower10Summons a defensive tower.Shore up defenses with the aid of another tower.
Summon Hobbit Allies10Summons a group of Hobbits.Numbers always help in battles. Summon Hobbits to flank engaged enemy forces.
Barrage15Bombard target with devastating artillery.Annihilate stationary defenses or enemy units caught in a tight chokepoint.
Cloud Break15Cancels Freezing Rain or Darkness. Stuns enemy units.Counter an opponent’s Freezing Rain (Isengard) or Darkness (Mordor/Goblins). It also stuns some enemy units.
Undermine15Places a Mine Shaft anywhere on the map, connects to tunnel network.Drop a Mine Shaft behind enemy lines to set up a flank maneuver or a sneak attack against enemy structures.
Earthquake25Summons an earthquake causing heavy damage to structures.Level a foe’s defenses with a well-placed earthquake.
Summon Citadel25Places a Citadel Fortress anywhere on the battlefield.Erect mighty defenses with the Dwarven Citadel Fortress.

Goblins One Ring Powers

The following chart reveals the Goblins One Ring Powers in skirmish and multiplayer mode.

One Ring PowerCostDescriptionTips
War Chant5Targeted allies gain +50% damage and armor.Similar to the Evenstar Rallying Call. Cast on allies about to enter battle.
Tainted Land5Taints an area of terrain. All ally units gain +50% damage and +50% armor.Similar to Elven Wood. Taints a sizable area of terrain. Battle on the terrain and ally units receive the damage and armor boost.
Cave Bats5Reveals the shroud and detects stealthed units.Scout the enemy with Cave Bats. Check for weak areas in the defense or on enemy unit production. Counters stealthed rangers.
Summon Wildmen of Dunland10Summons several hordes of Wildmen under the caster’s control.Boost your force’s numbers with the Wildmen of Dunland.
Scavenger10All kills earn extra resources.Combining Scavenger with an aggressive strategy can literally pay dividends. Not so much on a defensive tactic.
Untamed Allegiance10Cast on a lair to gain control of the lair and associated creatures.Add lair creatures to your army with Untamed Allegiance.
Summon Spiderling Allies10Summons a horde of Spiderlings under the caster’s control.Send spiderlings behind enemy archer lines or flank engaged forces.
Awaken Wyrm15Summons a subterranean Wyrm under the caster’s control.Another of the Goblins’ many summon powers.
Darkness15Temporarily covers the entire map in darkness. All ally units gain +50% damage and +50% armor.Give your forces a boost for an important battle with Darkness. Counter Cloud Break.
Summon Watcher15Summons the Watcher under your control.Summon the watcher within a group of enemy battalions. Falls fast to upgraded archers.
Summon Dragon25Summons the fire-breathing dragon to the battlefield.Finish off your enemy’s forces with a mighty dragon.
Summon Balrog.25Summons the Balrog.The pinnacle of the Goblins’ plentiful summons. Use to assist in base assault or to crush enemy forces alongside your army.

Mordor One Ring Powers

The following chart reveals the Mordor One Ring Powers in skirmish and multiplayer mode.

One Ring PowerCostDescriptionTips
Tainted Land5Taints an area of terrain. All ally units gain +50% damage and +50% armor.Similar to Elven Wood. Taints a sizable area of terrain. Battle on the terrain and ally units receive the damage and armor boost.
Eye of Sauron5Reveals stealthed enemies. Allies gain +50% damage and +50% armor and earn experience twice as fast.The Eye of Sauron essentially provides leadership to your forces. Invoke to aid an important combat situation. The eye also reveals stealthed rangers.
War Chant5Targeted allies gain +50% damage and armor.Similar to the Evenstar Rallying Call. Cast on allies about to enter battle.
Barricade10Summons a defensive tower garrisoned with archers.Shore up defenses with the aid of another tower.
Untamed Allegiance10Cast on a lair to gain control of the lair and associated creatures.Add lair creatures to your army with Untamed Allegiance.
Industry10Selected structure’s resource output is permanently raised to 300%.In long games, powers that assist resources are important. Cast on your best Slaughterhouse and defend fiercely.
Arrow Volley10Launches a volley of arrows anywhere on the map.Wipe out an enemy battalion. Best used on a stationary target. Risky to use while engaged with the enemy forces but could be used to eliminate an archer line that’s providing support.
Awaken Wyrm15Summons a subterranean Wyrm under the caster's control.Summon a Wyrm to disrupt enemy battalions.
Darkness15Temporarily covers the entire map in darkness. All ally units gain +50% damage and +50% armor.Give your forces a boost for an important battle with Darkness. Counter Cloud Break.
Barrage15Bombard target with devastating artillery.Annihilate stationary defenses or enemy units caught in a tight chokepoint.
Summon Balrog.25Summons the Balrog.Use the Balrog assist in base assault or to crush enemy forces alongside your army.
Rain of Fire25Calls down a hail of molten rock on selected area.Eradicate enemy defenses in a rain of fire. Targets an area so not as effective on mobile enemy forces.

Isengard One Ring Powers

The following chart reveals the Isengard One Ring Powers in skirmish and multiplayer mode.

One Ring PowerCostDescriptionTips
Vision of the Palantir5Spy on the enemy forces.Scout the enemy’s defenses and unit production. Aids in finding vulnerable resource collectors.
War Chant5Targeted allies gain +50% damage and armor.Similar to the Evenstar Rallying Call. Cast on allies about to enter battle.
Crebain5Reveals the shroud and detects stealthed enemies.Clears map shroud and counters stealthed rangers.
Devastation10Trees are instantly turned into resources.Boost Isengard’s resources with Devastation. Obviously most important on forest maps.
Tainted Land10Taints an area of terrain. All ally units gain +50% damage and +50% armor.Similar to Elven Wood. Taints a sizable area of terrain. Battle on the terrain and ally units receive the damage and armor boost. More expensive for Isengard because their basic troops are stronger.
Summon Wildmen of Dunland10Summons several hordes of Wildmen under the caster’s control.Boost your force’s numbers with the Wildmen of Dunland.
Industry10Selected structure’s resource output is permanently raised to 300%.In long games, powers that assist resources are important. Cast on your best Slaughterhouse and defend fiercely.
Summon Watcher15Summons the Watcher under your control.Summon the watcher within a group of enemy battalions. Falls fast to upgraded archers.
Freezing Rain15Temporarily covers the map in rain. Ally enemy units lose their leadership bonuses.Isengard’s version of Darkness. The freezing rain cancels enemy leadership bonuses. Best used against hero-heavy enemy strategies.
Fuel the Fires15+100% resources from harvesting trees.In a long game on a forest map, Fuel the Fires can fund a stronger Isengard army.
Summon Dragon25Summons the fire-breathing dragon to the battlefield.Finish off your enemy’s forces with a mighty dragon.
Dragon Strike25Summons a fire-breathing dragon to fly-by and scorch the battlefield.Ignite enemy battalions with the power of a dragon fly-by scorching.

Chapter 6 - War of the Ring

The Battle for Middle-earth II features an all-new War of the Ring mode, a turn-based strategy game (though with real-time battles should you choose to use them) that uses similar units, heroes, and structures on a "living map" of Middle Earth.


The following chart lists all of the War of the Ring territories and their bonuses. Table titles feature the territories’ region followed by the bonus provided from unifying the region under your control.

Eriador - +15% Attack Bonus

Forlindon+60 Command Points, +5% Attack Bonus
Grey Havens+5% Defense Bonus, +10 Power Points
Harlindon+60 Command Points, +5% Experience Bonus
Minhiriath+5% Attack Bonus, +10 Power Points
Enedwaith+5% Defense Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier
Dunland+5% Experience Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier

Arnor - +20% Experience Bonus

Arnor+5% Experience Bonus, +10 Power Points
Ettenmoors+60 Command Points, +5% Attack Bonus
Tower Kills+5% Attack Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier
The Shire+60 Command Points, +5% Defense Bonus
Buckland+5% Experience Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier
Rivendell+5% Defense Bonus, +10 Power Points

Rhovanion - +20% Defense Bonus

High Pass+5% Attack Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier
Redhorn Pass+60 Command Points, +5% Attack Bonus
Mirkwood+60 Command Points, +5% Experience Bonus
Lorien+5% Defense Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier
Fangorn+60 Command Points, +5% Experience Bonus
Dol Guldur+5% Attack Bonus, +10 Power Points
Isengard+5% Defense Bonus, +10 Power Points

Rhun - +15% Attack Bonus

Erebor+5% Defense Bonus, +10 Power Points
Iron Hills+60 Command Points, +5% Attack Bonus
Celeduin+5% Experience Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier
Dagorland+60 Command Points, +5% Attack Bonus
Rhun+5% Defense Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier
Dead Marshes+5% Experience Bonus, +10 Power Points

Gondor - +20% Defense Bonus

Gap of Rohan+60 Command Points, +5% Experience Bonus
Helm’s Deep+5% Attack Bonus, +10 Power Points
Gondor+60 Command Points, +5% Attack Bonus
Rohan+5% Defense bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier
Cair Andros+5% Attack Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier
Minas Tirith+5% Defense Bonus, +10 Power Points
Osgiliath+60 Command Points, +5% Experience Bonus

Mordor - +20% Experience Bonus

Black Gate+60 Command Points, +5% Defense Bonus
Minas Morgul+5% Attack Bonus, +10 Power Points
Mount Doom+5% Experience Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier
Mordor+5% Attack Bonus, +10 Power Points
Harad+60 Command Points, +5% Experience Bonus
Ithilien+5% Defense Bonus, +10% Resource Multiplier

War of the Ring Tips

If you want something done right, do it yourself! Although it can be exclusively a turn-based game, War of the Ring does allow you to "RTS" battles, which play out like skirmish games. The territory in question becomes the map; plus you receive any bonuses for that territory (such as resource multiplier). You have the chance to choose Evenstar or One Ring powers and can even create more units and structures to aid your cause. Usually it’s best to auto-resolve battles only when you have a huge battalion numbers advantage or you have an upgrade advantage.

Keep in mind though that even if you create dozens more battalions during the RTS skirmish mode you won’t be able to take them with you on the turn-based map screen. You are also limited to your hero leader and any hero that hasn’t been acquired thus far. Upgrading your hero and battalions on the battlefield does carry over, though; get your hero as high as possible during an RTS battle and keep the battalions brought with you alive and get them experience. You aren’t required to win battles quickly. Gain the upper hand and continue to pile experience onto your hero.

Heroes are needed to assume control of neutral territory, so it’s wise to use a Fortress to create additional heroes as soon as possible (Fortress also provides defense to the territory). As you construct barracks and train units, add battalions to each of your heroes beginning with heroes that are on the "front line" or along territories that are near enemy controlled lands that may soon be infiltrated by enemy heroes and their armies. You’ll also want to start assuming control of territories behind your start position.

Barracks are important in almost every single region so you can strength your hero armies with additional units. The AI seems to go for the "control every neutral territory" route without much concern for region unification. Attempt to gain control of the closest region to your start point to receive a significant boost to the ability to defend that area.

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