The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

Hey! Listen! Our guide for Skyward Sword will help you master the skies on your quest to save Zelda and fulfill your destiny as the chosen one.

  • The Basics: A primer on wielding your sword, defense, and helpful hints.
  • Walkthrough: Solutions for troublesome puzzles and fearsome bosses.

What's New:

  • December 12, 2011: Detailed instructions for collecting every gratitude crystal, and a list of corresponding prizes. Added the Goddess Cube list; currently halfway completed.
  • December 8, 2011: Added Ancient Cistern to the walkthrough.
  • December 5, 2011: Added detailed locations for every piece of heart and information on maxing out your heart count with life medallions.
  • December 2, 2011: Combat items added to the equipment section. First of three sacred flame quests added to the walkthrough.
  • December 1, 2011: Lanayru Mining Facility completed. Insect and treasure indexes added to the items and equipment section.
  • November 23, 2011: New video walkthroughs for Skyview Temple.
  • November 21, 2011: Tons of screenshots added to the guide, as well as walkthroughs for Eldin Volcano and the Lanaryu Desert!
  • November 20, 2011: Full walkthrough for the first two dungeons. Tips on combat and flight.
*This guide is a work in progress and will be updated frequently.

Getting Started

The Art of Swordplay

The Wii MotionPlus is what seperates Skyward Sword from the motion controls present in Twilight Princess. It helps to take a moment and test the limitations of the new scheme. It is very responsive in terms of pitch, and angle, when handled in a calm, deliberate manner.

There can be issues in terms of accuracy when you rapidly issue multiple strikes in succession. This usually occurs during moments of desperation, and sadly, only makes your bad situation in-game, worse. The lesson? Stay calm, and don't swing faster than the MotionPlus can register.

Getting Started

The Importance of Parrying

Much of what makes the attention to accuracy involving your sword important, lies in the habits of your enemies. Parrying is the great equalizer, as it allows you to bypass the risk involved with attacking an enemy incorrectly with your sword. It does require accurate timing, which can vary between enemy types. When you fail to parry at the right time, your shield takes a hit to its durability.

Parrying, in short, allows you to risk the life of your shield, rather than Link's hearts. This is most useful in the first half of the game. Once your health is beyond ten hearts, you may find yourself in situations where your shield is in worse shape than you are. Rather than risk its remaining usefulness on a common enemy, it's better to take your chances with your blade alone, to preserve the shield for the inevitable boss fight.

Getting Started

Piloting Your Loftwing

At first, flying your loftwing is a carefree experience. You can take your time exploring the world around Skyloft, discovering interesting people in secluded locations. There will come a time when your abilities will be the difference between life…and a midly frustrating life. Okay, your never really headed towards unavoidable peril, but you can be knocked off your loftwing and lose significant health during flight, later in the game.

Stand up! When your flight path and coordination in the sky is crucial, standing up can make a huge difference. Diving is integral to gaining real speed, and you will only enter a true nose dive when the Wiimote is rotated upside down. It is much more natural to do so when your lap isn't in your way and your arms aren't set at a 90 ° angle.


Game Breaking Bug

There is significant bug in Skyward Sword that prevents you from moving forward in the story. It only occurs when specific criteria are met during the song of the hero quest, as reported by Zelda Informer.

Nintendo's Official Response

We have been made aware of the issue that results in being unable to progress in the Song of the Hero quest. If the game has been saved after completing the sequence of events, it will no longer be possible to proceed through the game on that save file. The only options at that point are to either start the game over or to use an earlier save file to continue.

The situation is caused by performing the following sequence of events during the Song of the Hero quest:

1. At the beginning of the quest, go to Lanayru Desert to retrieve the song of the Thunder Dragon.
2. In the Lanayru Mine, speak with Golo the Goron.
3. Complete the Thunder Dragon's event, and receive his song.
4. Before heading to the forest or volcano regions, speak with Golo in the mine again.
5. At this point, the forest and volcano events will no longer occur, making it impossible to continue.

Solutions: This issue WILL NOT OCCUR if the Fire and Water Dragon songs have already been collected before collecting the Thunder Dragon's song. Talking to Golo in the Lanayru Caves will also NOT trigger this issue.

If the game has been saved after completing the sequence of events, it will no longer be possible to proceed through the game on that save file. The only options at that point are to either start the game over or to use an earlier save file to continue. I wish I had a better answer, but I'm afraid there currently is no other fix available. I can assure, however, that we are documenting all feedback we receive on this issue. Thank you for your patience and support.

Items & Equipment



After the Practice Sword, Link will carry the same sword throughout the game. Rather than acquiring new swords, the Goddess Sword will go through four distinct transformations.
Item Location Special Attributes
Practice SwordSkyloft, Sparring Halln/a
Goddess SwordSkyloft, Statue of the GoddessSkyward Strike
Goddess LongswordLake Floria2x strength, increased length
Goddess White SwordLanyru Sand Seaeight dowsing targets
Master SwordFire Sanctuary3x strength, 3x nostalgia
True Master SwordSacred Templefaster/farther skyward strike


The shield Link carries makes a difference. It's important that he be able to parry, and if he tries to parry an element with an incompatible shield, he and the shield will lose life and durability, respectively. There is nothing worse than having to make return trips to Skyloft for repairs, so prepare yourself accordingly!
Item Location Strength Weakness Upgrade Req's Next Upgrade Purchase Price
Wooden shieldSkyloft, AcademyPhysical, ElectricityFiren/aBanded Shield50
Banded ShieldSkyloft, BazaarPhysical, ElectricityFire, Curse2 Amber Relics, 1 Monster Claw, 1 Jelly blobBraced Shield50
Braced ShieldSkyloft, BazaarPhysical, ElectricityFire, Curse3 Amber Relics, 2 Monster Claws, 2 Tumbleweeds, 1 Ornamental Skulln/a50
Iron ShieldSkyloft, BazaarPhysical, FireElectricity, Cursen/aReinforced shield100
Reinforced ShieldSkyloft, BazaarPhysical, FireElectricity, Curse2 Eldin Ores, 2 Ornamental Skills, 2 Monster Clawsn/a50
Fortified ShieldSkyloft, BazaarPhysical, FireElectricity, Curse2 Eldin Ores, 2 Ornamental Skills, 2 Monster ClawsFortified Shield100
Sacred ShieldSkyloft, BazaarAlln/an/aDivine Shield500
Divine ShieldSkyloft, BazaarAlln/a3 Ornamental Skulls, 1 Dusk Relic, 2 Bird FeathersGoddess Shield100
Goddess ShieldSkyloft, BazaarAlln/a3 Monster Horns, 4 Dusk Relics, 3 Bird Feathers, 1 blue Bird Feathern/a150
Hylian ShieldLanayru Gorge, Thunder DragonAll*n/an/an/an/a
*The Hylian Shield is indestructable.


The slingshot is an effective means of activating distant switches, stunning enemies, and picking off smaller enemies on vines and tight ropes.
Item Location Properties Upgrade Req's Next Upgrade Cost
SlingshotFaron Woodsn/an/aScattershotn/a
ScattershotSkyloft, BazaarSplits a single deku seed into nine projectiles2 Dusk Relics, 2 Amber Relics, 3 Jelly Blobsn/a50


Similar to the slingshot, bows are good for interacting with things just out of your reach. Unlike the slingshot, you can inflict considerable damage with your bow and arrows.
Item Location Upgrade Req's Next Upgrade Cost
Wooden BowLanayru Sandshipn/aIron Bown/a
Iron BowSkyloft, Bazaar3 Tumbleweeds, 3 Monster Claws, 2 Eldin Ores, 1 Evil CrystalSacred Bow50
Sacred BowSkyloft, Bazaar5 Tumbleweeds, 3 Lizard Tails, 2 Evil Crystals, 1 Goddess Plumen/a100

Items & Equipment

Heart Pieces

Technically, you can complete Skyward Sword without seeking out the hidden pieces of heart, but it's an unorthodox approach. Most people who get into a game like Skyward Sword want to explore and uncover the secrets of Skyloft. For those people, we've compiled the locations of every last piece. When referencing a piece linked to a particular cube, we've noted the location of the cube itself*, as the corresponding chest will be identified with a little icon by Fi, on your map. *(GC) - Specifies a piece of heart that is linked to a goddess cube.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the optimal order in which to obtain heart pieces as early as possible.

1. Pumpkin Landing, Lumpy Pumpkin
The first and easiest piece of heart to obtain is waiting inside the Lumpy Pumpkin, on an island east of Skyloft. It's no wonder the proprietor of the Lumpy Pumpkin is so proud of his chandelier; it’s littered with rupees and a piece of heart! To get at the piece, run upstairs and roll into the banister closest to the chandelier. After three successive rolls, the chandelier (and the piece of heart) will come crashing to the ground.

2. Faron Woods
The next heart piece you will come across is in the Faron woods. When looking for the three Kikwis, keep an eye out for tight ropes between the great tree and a large stone wall. One of them will lead you to a relatively easy to acquire, piece of heart.

3. Island (GC)
There is a goddess cube directly outside of Skyview Temple. Strike it, and it will activate a goddess chest on an island south of Skyloft. Fi will mark activated goddess chests on your map with a small goddess crest.

4. Skyview Temple
After defeating the Stalfos mini-boss in Skyview Temple, use the beetle to deactivate the switch on top of the Stalfos' lair. This will release the heart from its cage, in the rear of the structure.

5. Skyloft
When Link places the tablet obtained from Skyview Temple within the secret chamber of the Goddess Statue, he will be prompted to find a little girl, Kukiel, by her mother. Go to sleep, wake up at night, and head to the cemetery. Push the last stone on the left in the far row to open the path to Batreaux, fearsome, ugly, and friend of young Kukiel. In order to become human, he requires that you collect gratitude crystals by helping people with tasks. When you reach certain milestones, he will award you with various prizes. At ten gratitude crystals, he will present Link with a piece of heart.

6. Eldin Volcano
When ascending the volcano, you will notice a piece of heart resting on top of a platform (it's relatively impossible to miss). The surrounding platforms will provide you with the means to reach it, so look for a series of platforms nearby a couple of pyrups to arrive atop the plateau in question.

7. Lanayru Desert
The dry nature of the desert means there are numerous cracked and crumbling walls in the area. In the northeast section of the map, you will find such a wall that shelters a treasure chest containing a piece of heart.

8. Lanayru Desert (GC)
There is a goddess cube in the desert, in the southwest portion of the map, and it requires that you sprint across sinksand to reach it. You can't normally cover that much ground, so use the enemies' shells nearby as a resting platform to regain some stamina, before making the final sprint.

9. Fun Fun Island
Once you've acquired Scrapper, during your quest to retrieve the fallen propeller from Eldin Volcano, you can also assist the ever so sad clown located on the colorful, Fun Fun Island. He needs to you to retrieve the Party Wheel from the desert. Once you return the wheel to Dodoh the clown, he will activate a skydiving mini game. Navigate through each of the multiplier rings and land in the 50 rupee zone, to net Link a piece of heart.

10. Lumpy Pumpkin
Don't forget that you owe the shopkeeper at the Lumpy Pumpkin a few favors, to repay for the damaged chandelier. The first requires Link to deliver soup to Eagus at the sparring hall in Skyloft. The second involves carrying a large stack of pumpkins to a shed, behind the Lumpy Pumpkin. Last but not least, Link must use his newly acquired harp to entertain the patrons of the pub. Successfully completing these challenges will earn Link a Piece of Heart.

11. Faron Woods
When Link has to return to the woods, its a good idea to put his bombs to use, as there are walls throughout the world of Skyward Sword that shelter valuable treasure. If you recall the section of woods where you encountered your first Kikwi, Machi, you'll remember it was characterized by groups of red and yellow mushrooms. There is a weakened wall in the area containing your next piece of heart.

12. Sealed Grounds
When Link obtains the Goddess Harp, he will find himself back in the Sealed Temple. Gorko, the ever-questing Goron, is researching some curious butterflies nearby. Strumming the harp will activate a canvas for Link to draw on. Gorko offers Link hints, in the form of riddles, of what to draw. Every so often, you can return to Gorko and he will have a new riddle for Link. The final one calls for Link to draw a "crimson" source of life. Drawing a heart on these walls usually results in recovery hearts, but this time, Gorko will reward you with an actual piece of heart.

13. Faron Woods (GC)
Once you reach the top of the great tree during your quest to find the Water Dragon, you can descend from the viewing platform and land adjacent to the goddess cube below. This will activate a goddess chest on an island east of the portal to the Lanayru Desert.

14. Eldin Volcano (GC)
There is a goddess cube in Eldin Volcano, located east of the Earth Temple entrance, and the surrounding Bokoblin encampments. You may have activated it already, but the corresponding chest in Skyloft requires that Link has the dragon scale so he can swim underwater to reach it.

15. Lanayru Sand Sea, Pirate Stronghold (GC)
After gaining access to the Stronghold, use your newly acquired clawshot to access a goddess cube. There is a small series of clawshot targets behind Link, once you exit the stronghold, that will lead you to the goddess cube. The matching chest is located atop the waterfall in Skyloft, and can also be accessed using your clawshot.

16. Lanayru Sand Sea, Sandship
There is a piece of heart held captive by a treasure chest in the rear of the sandship. Once you reach the upper deck, work your way to the back of the ship and look for a hidden platform below, where you'll find a piece of heart within a chest.

17. Lanayru Sand Sea, Shipyard
When you complete the Sandship dungeon in the Lanayru desert, you can redo the mine cart sequence as part of a mini-game. Complete the expert-level course in less than 65 seconds, and you will be rewarded with a piece of heart.

18. Skyloft, Knight Academy, Zelda's Room
After acquiring the clawshot, return to Skyloft and use them to access the roof of the academy, via the chimney. Enter, and you'll find yourself in Zelda's room, with a piece of heart nearby.

19. Eldin Volcano, Volcano Summit (GC)
There is a point in the Volcano Summit, on your way to the Fire Sanctuary, where you'll find a deep pit with tall stone pillars. The environment seems to encourage you to jump into the void, although there is nothing in sight worth the risk. Not so! Hop off and slowly veer toward the bottom-left. It may take a few tries, but you can land on a platform with a goddess cube. The corresponding chest contains a piece of heart, and is located on Bug Island, within the Thunderhead.

20. Eldin Volcano, Volcano Summit
When you reach a series of fiery blockades flanked by frog statues, keep an eye out for a diggable dirt patch just before the second wall of fire. The right patch will lead you underground, and right to a shiny piece of heart.

21. Eldin Volcano, Fire Sanctuary
With the Mogma Mitts, you are able to burrow underground and explore tiny mazes that contain, treasure, enemies, and mogmas on the move. One such Mogma has a piece of heart that he will give to Link, when caught. You can burrow into a hole in the northwest section of the sanctuary to find him. With agility and whit, you can catch him and claim another hard earned piece of heart.

22. Skyloft, Sparring Hall
After helping Fledge boost his workout with stamina potions (a series of encounters that wraps up after the Fire Sanctuary), you will open his the Pumpkin Pull mini-game near the sparring hall. If you are able to reach a score of 600, he will rewards you with a piece of heart.

23. Lanayru Desert, Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round
Once you obtain the final song, from the Thunder Dragon, you can access his mini-game, known as the lightning round. You will face off against the bosses from the game up until that point, in series. Defeat four in a row, and you will be rewarded with a piece of heart.

24. Skyloft, Beedle's Airshop
If you've managed to purchase every item from Beedle's shop, he will have one last item for sale, the coveted, final, piece of heart. It won't be cheap, so make sure you've got a wallet big enough to carry 1600 rupees, and you will have completed your collection of heart pieces…

But wait! There are only 19 heart containers, compared to the usual 20. This is because you need to collect a second Life Medallion to reach maximum health. If you’ve made it to this point, you’ve already picked up one in your quest to buy every item from Beedle’s Airshop. The last one is located in a Goddess Chest.

Life Medallion #2: Lanayru Desert, West (GC)
There is a clawshot target nearby the “West Desert” bird statue that will lead you to the cube in question. Strike it and head to the skies to collect your prize on an island north of Fun Fun Island.

Finally, take a deep breath, and relish in the bounty of hearts in the top left corner of your screen. Feels good, huh?

Items & Equipment

Gratitude Crystals

Lonesome gratitude crystals can be found throughout the overworld, above the clouds. Once you meet Batreaux, you will be able to find them and trade them in for valuable items. Most people that you help will express their gratitude by producing five gratitude crystals at a time. There are 80 total, so keep a keen eye open for any people with chat bubbles that look like they need assistance. Or you can reference the locations of all the crystals, listed below.

Gratitude Crystals

Prize from Batreaux Crystals Req.
Med. Wallet5
Heart Piece10
Big Wallet30
Cursed Medal (Chest)30
300 Rupees40
Giant Wallet50
600 Rupees70
Tycoon Wallet80

Individual Crystals:

  • If you spend the knight at Beedle's shop, you can get a gratitude crystal from the roof once you awake on his private island.
  • The exit of the waterfall cave in Skyloft.
  • The cave your loftwing was held captive in.
  • Right behind the base of the light tower.
  • The wooden path near the Bazaar.
  • Use your beetle to retrieve one from the ceiling of the sparring hall.
  • Inside Parrow's home.
  • There is a gratitude crystal on the floating island above the lake. Snag it with the Quick Beetle to cover the necessary distance.
  • On the second floor of the knight academy, inside a potted plant.
  • Within the branches of a tree, nearest the pumpkin patch. Roll into the tree to retrieve it.
  • Links room at the academy.
  • There is another waiting for you in Zelda's room. You need to have the clawshot in order to enter from the outside, through the chimney.
  • There are two little islands south of the knight academy. The first one you can see has a goddess cube. If you dive to that island, you can then drop to the one below it, with a gratitude crystal, ripe for the picking.
  • The storage shed, in the back of the Lumpy Pumpkin.
  • The second floor of the Lumpy Pumpkin.
  • Gratitude Crystal Mini-Quests:

    1. As you exit the Goddess Statue, post Skyview Temple, Kukiel's mom will ask for your help. She's lost her daughter and doesn't know where to look. Rest in a bed and wake up at night. Head to the graveyard in Skyloft and push the statue in the back row, on the far left. This will open the shed, and serve as your introduction to Batreaux. Turns out, he's not so bad after all, and has become close friends with Kukiel. The little girl gets the fact that her mother is worried, and promises to return in the morning. Go back to sleep, and head to Kukiel's house in the morning to receive your first batch of five crystals.

    2. Parrow seems concerned about his sister. She headed out towards Fun Fun Island, and has yet to return. Scout out the area near the colorful island, and you'll find her tending to her wounded loftwing. Per her instructions, fly back to her brother to retrieve the medicine required to mend her loftwing. When you return to the island, she will let you keep the bottle, as well as pass on five gratitude crystals.

    3. Pipit’s mother seems to have left the house in a bit of a rut. Using your gust bellows, clear away every inch of dirt in the home. Your reward: five more crystals!

    4. Cawlin also needs help growing stronger. It will take a stamina potion or two along the way though. Once they become available from the shop, bring one to him, and it will do the trick for a while. He will eventually request another potion. This time, he will pass on five gratitude crystals the next time you see him.

    5. At night, you will notice haunting sounds coming from the bathroom in the dorm. Investigate to discover a spirit is dire need of some paper for a most…unsavory deed. From there, return to the day time and look for Cawlin. He has a love letter that he wants to pass on to Karane. You can opt to deliver the letter as promised, or, lend a hand to the spirit in need.

    6. The potion brewers will need some assistance with their child. You need to locate it’s lost rattle to help it fall asleep. It’s located in a nest near the bazaar. To get there, grapple with your clawshot from the entrance of the waterfall cave, to the island floating overhead. You can then skydive to the nest, and clear the dirt from the birds nest with the gust bellows, to reveal the missing rattle. Return it to the couple to receive five more gratitude crystals. You won’t be able to skydive from your loftwing, which is why you must leap from the island, instead.

    7. Once you have the clawshot, you should also talk to the fortune teller. He needs a new crystal ball. If you remember correctly, there is an object that looks mysteriously like a crystal ball above the entrance to the earth temple, at Eldin Volcano. Clawshot yourself above the entrance, and have scrapper return the crystal ball to Skyloft for you.

    8. On the colorful, Fun Fun Island, Dodoh the clown will tell you about his missing color wheel, the key to operating his amusement-island. Luckily, you can retrieve hit for him. Head to the southern bird statue in the Lanayru desert and look for the timeshift stone in the vicinity. Activating it will reveal a set of vines that will carry you up to the ledge overhead. Once there, you can locate the color wheel, stuck in the ground. Fi will call scrapper to return the wheel to its home, and you should return to Fun Fun Island to claim your reward.

    9. Talk to Kina on Pumpkin Landing, and she will request help carrying pumpkins over to the storage shed. If you can successfully carry the pumpkins, you will receive the crystals you seek. The problem is that it’s not as simple as it sounds. Balancing the pumpkins is very tricky. You’ll have to shift the stack side to side along the way, and take one step at a time. If you fail, you can always try again.

    10. On pumpkin landing, Kina needs help tending to the pumpkin patch. As eager as Link may be, he isn’t fit to the task. Fi will set a dowsing target to find the Mogma that is truly suited for the job. Head to the entrance of Eldin Volcano, where you skydive into the base of the volcano after entering via the steam vent. The elder is located on of the platforms below, so keep an eye out when you dive into the volcano’s void. Once you speak to him, scrapper will once again step in to haul him back above the clouds. Converse with Kina, to receive your crystals.

    11. Peatrice is the rather bored looking girl who runs the item check stand in the Bazaar. If you’ve managed to speak to her, every once in a while, she will begin to fall in love with Link. Continue to flatter her every chance you get and eventually, she will start to call you “Darling”. Sleep in a bed and go to her house at night. You’ll run into Peater, her father. He is none the wiser, and openly criticizes his daughter’s infatuation with an unknown suitor. He asks you to see what you can find out for him.

    Return to the Bazaar in the morning, and speak to Peatrice. She will ask you to meet her at night. Find a bed and head to her house at night, for the second time. You can choose to flatter her, and she will bestow gratitude crystals to you, as a sign of her love and devotion. On the contrary, you can opt to tell her that she isn’t anything special to you, and instead, return the following night to receive the crystals from Peater, along with his thanks.

    12. For one of your final tasks, you need to retrieve a Kikwi for professor Owlan to study. After you’ve beat the Imprisoned for the third time, head to the academy and talk to the professor. Use your dowsing ability to find Machi in the east of the Faron Woods. Talk to him, and have scrapper return him to the clouds. Professor Owlan will be intrigued by the strange plant, and reward Link with the now obligatory, gratitude crystals.

    13. Once Strich opens up Bug Island, in the thunderhead, this will open the final gratitude crystal related task. Head for Beedle’s airshop and sleep ‘til night. Wake up, and talk to Beedle on his island. He needs to recover his missing cage for his precious beetle. Go back to sleep and awake in the morning. Go to Strich’s island in the thunderhead. He will confess to taking Beedle’s property, but will only return it to Link if you can beat his expert level challenge. Catch the required number of bugs in less than 90 sec. and he will return the cage to you. Sleep until nighttime in Beedle’s shop once again and return the cage to him for your reward.

    Items & Equipment

    Goddess Cubes

    The great thing about Goddess Cubes, is that the chests they unlock are labeled on your map and become easily accessible, providing you have the necessary equipment. The crappy thing about Goddess Cubes, is that they are not always in plain sight. Even when they are, it can be impossible to reach them until later in the game. Fear not, trepid explorer. Use our guide below to find the cubes you seek.

    1. Deep Woods > Pumpkin Landing, Adventure Pouch Add-on
    When you first meet Gorko, he seems puzzled by a large, mysterious cube. He’ll give you a briefing on the nature of the cubes. Fi steps in to give you the rest of the info. Strike the cube, and claim your prize on Pumpkin Landing.

    2. Deep Woods > Island south of Skyloft, Piece of Heart
    When you reach the Skyview Temple entrance, it’s likely impossible to miss the goddess cube that awaits.

    3. Skyview Spring > Pumpkin Landing, Gold Rupee
    This goddess cube isn’t quite in plain sight. Once you defeat Ghirahim and enter the spring, run behind the altar to discover the lonely cube.

    4. Eldin Volcano > Island southwest of Skyloft, Small Seed Satchel
    Yet another cube that’s a no-brainer. Take your first left in the Eldin Volcano region, and the cube will lie in plain view, on a lower platform.

    5. Eldin Volcano > Island far north of Skyloft, 100 Rupees
    When you drain the lava around the entrance to the Volcano proper, ignore the air vents, and run to the other side of the entrance to spot the cube in question.

    6. Eldin Volcano > Isle of Songs, Gold Rupee
    After entering the volcano via the access referenced in the last cube’s description, you will find yourself looking down a vast cavern. Jump down, and direct Link to the Goddess Cube atop one of the tiny platforms. Be careful to land next to it, as the cube will cause Link to slide, and the platform it is on doesn’t provide enough room to recover your footing.

    7. Eldin Volcano > Bamboo Island, Gold Rupee
    When you reach entrance to the temple, just prior to (or during) the hunt for the key shards, examine the corner west of the temple. You’ll find numerous dirt patches that look ripe for the digging. One reveals a vent. Toss a bomb into it, and it will take out a destructible wall overhead. Behind it lies a cube o’ the goddess.

    8. Eldin Volcano > Island northeast of Skyloft, Treasure Medal
    There is a series of huts belonging to the Bokoblin horde, east from the Earth Temple entrance. To the east of the watchtower that you need to topple with a bomb, is a goddess cube awaiting the kiss of a skyward strike. We wouldn’t want to disappoint the goddess, or her cubes, now would we?

    9. Eldin Volcano > storage shed in Skyloft, Treasure (random material)
    There is an unmistakable sand-slide that you will reach during your hunt for the temple key. Take the path to the left, utilizing the air vent immediately after you slide outside from the cave. You should see the goddess cube across two platforms. The projected slash of skyward strike from the platform in front of the cube will suffice.

    10. Lanayru Desert > island northwest of Skyloft, Heart Medal
    Right after you land in the desert, explore the area immediately behind the landing pad to locate a hidden goddess cube.

    11. Lanayru Desert > island in northeast corner of map, Silver Rupee
    There is a goddess cube in the southwest sector of the desert, and reaching it requires you to cross a vast expanse of sinksand. You can't normally cover that much ground, so use the enemies' shells nearby as a resting platform to regain some stamina, before making the final sprint.

    12. Temple of Time > Beedle’s island at night, Piece of Heart
    When you are near the Temple of Time in the Lanayru Desert, there is a mine cart near the north end of the entrance-wall. Activate the time shift stone nearby and push the cart into the timeshift radius. Jump in and start charging your sword. As you pass the cube, simply unleash your strike towards the cube. To get to Beedle’s island at night, simply sleep in the bed in his shop and choose the option to wake up at night, rather than the morning.

    Items & Equipment


    Collecting insects is an optional component to Skyward Sword, but it adds depth to the customization of your inventory. The ability to brew high grade potions is a luxury in the standard game, and necessity if you dare to challenge hero mode.

    You will come across many insects during your adventure, but some will require you to look a little harder. Later in the game, you can play a bug catching mini-game, where you will be rewarded with five bugs of a specific type, depending on your performance.

    Insects can also be a great source for acquiring rupees. If you approach Strich at night, he will buy three random insect-types, at values ranging from 1 to 50 rupees. These values are listed in the table below.

    Insect Description Infusions Value
    Blessed Butterfly Butterflies are found throughout Skyloft and the surface. Stamina Potion+ (2), Air Potion+ (2) 5
    Gerudo Dragonfly They spawn throughout the desert, and are usually found in pairs. Mildly difficult to catch. Revitalizing Potion++ (1), Stamina Potion + (2) 30
    Sky Stag Beetle They tend to lazily hang on tree trunks. They're easily caught by rolling into trees, no net required! Stamina Potion+ (2), Air Potion+ (2) 20
    Eldin Roller Quick and tricky to catch. Easily dug up near the entrance of the Fire Sanctuary. Heart Potion++ (1), Guardian Potion+ (2) 40
    Faron Grasshopper They appear all over Faron Woods, most conveniently, near the sealed grounds. Guardian Potion+ (1), Stamina Potion+ (1) 40
    Deku Hornet You can easily capture swarms by dislodging their hive, and netting the enraged hornets. Heart Potion++ (3), Revitalizing Potion+ (3) 1
    Skyloft Mantis These are some of the rarest and most difficult insects to catch. Easiest to locate at the pumpkin patch in Skyloft. Air Potion+ (2), Revitalizing Potion+ (2) 10
    Lanayru Ant These ants are quite common in the desert, and can be found in bulk near the Lanayru Sea. Revitilazing Potion++ (3), Air Potion+ (2) 20
    Sand Cicada The cicadas are hard to find, but easy to catch. Check around the desert entrance. Heart Potion++ (1), Revitalizing Potion++ (1) 50
    Volcanic Ladybug They are slow moving and easy to catch. Likes to hang out on cave walls. Heart Potion+ (1), Stamina Potion+ (3) 20
    Starry Firefly Only found at night. You can easily collect them by sleeping at Beedle's Airshop. Guardian Potion + (3) 30
    Woodland Rhino Beetle The easiest place to find them is on vines near the Sealed Grounds. Heart Potion+ (1), Revitalizing Potion+ (2), Revitalizing Potion++ (2) 20

    Items & Equipment


    Much like collecting insects, the use of treasure to upgrade your equipment isn't required to complete Skyward Sword. If you care to explore the game beyond the main story, it's a useful diversion and it will provide a boost to Link's repetoire with greater speed, durability, and resistance.

    You can find much of the treasure required to upgrade equipment during the course of the main story line. Once in a while, you might need some help acquiring the harder to find treasures. At night, there is a merchant located in the waterfall cave of Skyloft. Much like summoning a gossip stone, locate the swarm of butterflies and play your harp to summon the merchant. He only sells the rarest items, and they aren't cheap. Prices are listed in the table below.

    You can also sell treasure, if you are strapped for cash. Go to Rupin's house at night, and he will purchase four different items on any given night. If you want to change the selection, just use the bed in his house to change things up. There is lots of money to be made! Values are reflected in the table below.

    Due to the fact that upgrades are finite, you only need so many of each item to completly boost your equipment, unlike insects. Thankfully, this means that collecting and selling are simpler affairs when it comes to inventory control.

    Treasure Description Upgrades Max Req'd Value Cost
    Amber Relic These are the most common treasures in the game, especially in the beginning, near Skyview Temple. Scattershot (2), Tough Beetle (4), Banded Shield (2), Braced Shield (3), M. Seed Satchel (4), L. Seed Satchel (5), M. Quiver (5) 25 30 n/a
    Ancient Flower The "ancient" moniker is an indicator as to the location of these flowers. They can only be acquired in the Lanayru desert, within timeshift radii. This is the only treasure required during the main storyline. Quick Beetle (2), Tough Beetle (3), Big Bug Net (2) *8 30 n/a
    Bird Feather These are acquired by capturing small birds (pink & yellow). Birds are tough to capture, and require that you sneak with care. One misdirected swipe of the net, and they will flee. Divine shield (2), Goddess shield (3) 5 20 n/a
    Blue Bird Feather As one might assume, these are acquired only from blue birds. They often cohort with the pink and yellow variations, just in smaller numbers. Tough Beetle (1), Fortified Shield (1), Goddess shield (1), L. Seed Satchel (1), M. Bomb Bag (1) 5 100 200
    Dusk Relic These can only be found when Link is in the silent realm, or purchased from the merchant in the waterfall cave. Scatter Shot (2), Divine Shield (1), Goddess shield (4), M. Quiver (4), L. Quiver (4) 13 30 100
    Goddess Plume Purported to be the rarest treasure, they pop up in the silent realm, and can occasionally spawn in the Lanayru Mining Facility. Tough Beetle (1), Sacred Bow (1), L. Quiver (1) 3 100 200
    Bird Feather These are acquired by capturing small birds (pink & yellow). Birds are tough to capture, and require that you sneak with care. One misdirected swipe of the net, and they will flee. Divine shield (2), Goddess shield (3) 5 20 n/a
    Eldin Ore Eldin Volcano is the obvious place to hunt for the ore with its namesake. Farming the seven you need from dirt patches shouldn't take long at all. Use the temple entrance to respawn dirt after its been dug up. Iron Bow (2), Reinforced Shield (2), Fortified Shield (3), 7 30 n/a
    Evil Crystals These are dropped by cursed enemies within the Ancient Cistern, and can also be purchased from the moonlight merchant in the waterfall cave. Iron Bow (1), Sacred Bow (2), Big Bug Net (1) 4 30 100
    Golden Skulls These are dropped by bokoblins, with average frequency, throughout the game. Quick Beetle (1), L. Seed Satchel (1), L. Quiver (1), L. Bomb Bag (1) 4 100 200
    Hornet Larvae The only way to get these is by knocking them from their perch. They only appear in the deep woods. Quick Beetle (2), L. Bomb Bag (2) 4 20 n/a
    Jelly Blob Jelly Blobs are most commonly dropped by chuchus, but can also appear from arachas or deku babas. Scatter Shot (3), Banded Shield (1), L. Bomb Bag (4) 8 30 n/a
    Lizard Tail The only way to find these, other than a random treasure chest, is by defeating lizalfos. Sacred Bow (3), M. Bomb Bag (1), L. Bomb Bag (3) 7 20 n/a
    Monster Claw Keese are the best source for monster claws. Places like the waterfall cave contain keese en masse, and are a good place to try and farm them. Iron Bow (3), Banded Shield (1), Braced Shield (2), Reinforced Shield (2), Fortified Shield (3), M. Seed Satchel (3), L. Seed Satchel (3) 17 30 n/a
    Monster Horn The easiest way to get this is to steal them from bokoblin commanders (blue hats) using your whip. They will occasionally drop them, but the whip method is much more reliable. Goddess Shield (3), M. Quiver (3), L. Quiver (2) 8 30 100
    Ornamental Skull These are dropped by bokoblins with regular frequency, so looking for places with large numbers of bokoblins will make it easier to amass the amount you need. Reinforced shield (2), Divine Shield (3), M. Seed Satchel (3), M. Bomb Bag (3) 11 30 n/a
    Tumbleweed Tumbleweeds can be found rolling across the Lanayru Desert, and must be captured with your bug net. Iron Bow (3), Sacred Bow (5), Big Bug Net (3), Braced shield (2), Fortified Shield (3), 16 20 n/a

    *The value for the maximum number of Ancient Flowers includes the one required during the main quest.


    Knight Academy Dormitory

    Leave Link's bedroom after he is back on his feet and, unless you wish to pass the time chatting with other students, head for the double-door exit on your left.

    It's the day everyone in Skyloft has been waiting for! The annual Wing Ceremony! You'd better hurry to meet Zelda, but as you leave the dorm, you’ll be stopped by Instructor Howell. Follow his instruction and practice your Z-Targeting. Next, you will want to dash towards the crates he identifies. Dash using the A-button and make your way to the top of the arch. Dashing towards the gap causes Link to autojump. Take note of the instructor’s advice and pay attention to your stamina meter. The earlier your become accustomed to its limitations, the better. Once on the other side, it’s time to meet Zelda at the Statue of the Goddess.

    *Side note: You'll notice that Howell has a chat bubble above his head. This means that he has something outside of the ordinary script to tell Link. In most cases such as this, there is a high probability it will lead to a brief side-quest. This one involves fetching Zelda's pet rimlet, Mia. Sadly, this is more of an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the controls than it is to reap any sort of tangible reward.

    Head to the right and go up the large staircase on your left. Once inside the structure, we'll be introduced to Zelda, daughter of Headmaster Gaepora.


    Search for Link’s Missing Loftwing

    Per Headmaster Gaepora’s request, return to Horwell and inform him of your plight. It’s time to find the culprit responsible for your Loftwing’s disappearance. Run to the Plaza, located on the southern tip of your map. There, you will encounter Groose and his cronies, Cawlin and Strich.

    Now that we know who is to blame, it’s time to find your captive-loftwing. You’ll need to arm yourself, so head back toward the Academy and locate the Sparring Hall, just north of the dorm. Once inside the Hall, enter the room to the right of the Knight Commander. Inside you will find a chest containing a Practice Sword.

    Back in the main room of the Hall, you will find a series of practice logs. Take note of their weak points. Use your sword to slice (or jab) them accordingly. Once you feel accustomed to your new weapon, exit the Hall and make your way to the waterfall located in the east.

    When approaching the waterfall from the academy, you will see a series of stones forming a bridge of sorts. Cross the stones and head up the grassy path to the left of the falls. You’ll come across a cave entrance blocked by a series of wooden pikes. Cut them down to size with your sword and enter the cave.

    Follow the path in front of you until you jump off a small ledge. Notice the gap in the fence on your right? Go through it and autojump off the next ledge to a platform holding a small treasure chest. Open it to find your first Red Rupee (20 rupees). Leap off the platform on the right side of the chest and dash your way up the hill. Follow the cave into the next room, where you will encounter more Chuchus and Keese. On the left wall there are vines leading to a raised platform. Climb up and open another chest containing a Red Rupee.

    Hop down and continue on your way through the cave. You’ll find the exit in the next room, but take a moment to look on your right. There is a grassy platform, that upon further investigation, hides a crawl space containing two more Red Rupees.

    Exit the cave and save your game at the Bird Statue. After a short cut-scene, dash down the narrow path and you will find your imprisoned Loftwing. To free it, you will have to cut the ropes binding the planks.

    Now that your loftwing is free, it’s time to take to the skies. You will regain control of Link in freefall. Summon your loftwing with the down-button on the d-pad, and follow Zelda’s instructions during the tutorial.


    Wing Ceremony

    At the start of the race, dash off the dock and quickly summon your loftwing. You will have to retrieve the bird statue from the leading loftwing, not once, but twice. Groose will thwart your first attempt at gaining possession of the statue, regardless of your technique.

    Perform a series of dives and charge attacks in order to catch up with the lure. Pay attention to any turns it may take, and try to shorten the gap by anticipating the new direction and following suit. Once you are close enough, you will be prompted to grab the lure with the A- button. After your first attempt at catching the lure, Groose and friends will begin hurling eggs at you. They are easy to avoid. Just maintain your focus on the goal, and employ the same technique used in your first attempt. Once you grab the statue, you have secured your place as victor of the Wing Ceremony.

    The final step before attaining Knighthood is to prove your bravery using the sailcloth made by Zelda. Though, you don’t have much choice when she pushes you off the ledge. Steer link toward the center of the circle below and open your sailcloth once you are in position.


    Fi’s Introduction

    After your victory flight with Zelda goes horribly wrong, you are awakened by a mysterious voice in the dormitory. Open Link’s dresser to grab Blue Rupee and exit into the hall. Follow the mysterious blue figure out of the dorm and around the cliffs surrounding the Statue of the Goddess.

    You’ll come across a fearsome critter, Zelda’s pet remlit! who isn’t normally threatening. Once night falls it turns into a fearsome beast, so you’ll want to subdue it with a few sword- strikes before carrying on.

    Continue on your way past the remlit until you find a cliff with a ledge just above Link’s head. Dash up the wall and shimmy across the ledge toward the blue figure. About halfway across, you’ll notice a tiny treasure chest below Link. Drop down to open it, and collect a Red Rupee. Run up the hill and back to the ledge. This time, shimmy completely across to the other side.

    Drop down, and follow the blue figure down, and then up a hill. Take out all the Keese and Chuchus in the area, lest they interrupt you while leaping and climbing. Autojump off the cliff and grab hold of the small ledge, on the floating platform. Pull yourself up to the top level, then autojump off to your right and grab hold of the vines in front of you.

    Ascend to the top, and chase after the mysterious figure. Follow her into the newly revealed entrance into the Statue. She will introduce herself as Fi, a messenger of the Goddess who was sent to aid Link in fulfilling his “great destiny”. She tells you that Zelda is still alive. She is known to Fi as the spirit maiden, and has also been chosen to be a part of the same “great mission” as Link.

    Walk up to the sword and examine it. Holding the Wiimote vertically, flip it upside down, as through you were going to pull the sword from the stone. Press the A-button to grab hold, and yank vertically to remove it. Congratulations! You are the proud owner of the Goddess Sword!

    Fi will conjure the Emerald Tablet, which you will use to reach the surface below the clouds. Walk up to the crest at the altar and hold your sword vertically. The sword will begin to charge with the power of the Goddess. Once charged, slash the crest to raise the altar, then place the Emerald Tablet within. Doing so creates a portal for Link to travel to the surface below the clouds.


    Sir Link of Skyloft

    After a few encouraging words from the Gaepora, head to the Bazaar in the center of Skyloft. On your way, you'll be stopped by Fledge, a former classmate. To aid you in your quest, he gives Link the Adventure Pouch. This can be used to store helpful items for your journey such as shields and potions. Exit the academy on the 2nd floor and you will run into Instructor Owlan. After a brief conversation, he will supply Link with a shield to compliment his sword.

    Head to the Bazaar, located in the circus-tent like building. Walk over to the lady selling potions. Talk with her and she will kindly donate an empty Bottle to Link.

    With this bottle, you can now purchase a potion. It is best to start with the Revitalizing Potion (purple), due to its versatility. When used, it will repair your shield and Link will recover four hearts. For comparison, a normal Recovery Potion (red) will recover six hearts and has no effect on your shield.

    Once Link is properly equipped, hop on your loftwing and head for the green portal identified on your map.


    Break On Through to the Other Side

    To reach the surface, fly to the green column of light located south of skyloft and dive from your loftwing.

    You’ll begin in the Sealed Grounds. When you regain control of Link, head to the right. For the first time, you will encounter a series of Deku Babas. Parrying with your shield is the simplest way to dispatch them with little risk of losing health.

    At the end of the path, hop down and a cut scene will initiate. Descend into the center of the hole and perform a skyward strike on the dark seal. Fi gives link the ability to dowse for Zelda using his sword. Dowsing affords Link a sort of homing device. Throughout the game, you will be assigned dowsing targets for a variety of objectives, and towards the end of the game, rare items.

    Use the recently activated steam vents and your sailcloth to ascend back to the temple entrance. When the seal dissolves, enter the temple and head for the old woman meditating in the sunlight. She directs you towards Faron Woods, and instructs you on the finer points of beacon placement. In addition to appearing on your map, beacons will appear as thin pillars of light that reach to the sky, making it even easier for you to navigate Link towards his goal.

    Open the treasure chest on the lower level to the right of the altar. It contains an Empty Bottle filled with the purple, Revitalizing Potion. Exit through the eastern door in the temple.


    Goronius Maximus

    Head down the path in front of you and defend the encircled Goron from the Red Bokoblins. After dispatching them, the Goron reveals himself as Gorko, a traveler and the foremost historian on the Island of the Goddess (Skyloft).

    Heed his advice regarding the landmark Bird Statues. They differ from the standard fare, in that they provide you with a means to land in a specific point within a given location. Save your game if you wish, and continue towards the beacon in the northeast. When you come across a wall that you cannot climb, push the log closer to the wall in order to reach Faron Woods.


    Faron Woods

    Save your game and activate the new Bird Statue. Head to the right and swing over the gap. Autojump towards the rope and use the Wiimote to gain momentum. Cut down the trees that block your path, and rescue another helpless creature (a Kikwi) from the Bokoblin. Dash up the sandy incline and hop down to the mushroom-laden forest below. You’ll find the Kikwi hiding behind the first red mushroom on the left. Strike it with your sword and he will run to the next red mushroom, on your right. Strike that one, then locate the runaway Kikwi trembling in fear under the tree to the west. He introduces himself as Machi, and directs you toward the Kikwi elder.

    Head northeast of Machi. Climb up two platforms adjacent to two Deku Babas and a cave blocked with boulders. Head to the right, dispatch or avoid the awaiting Bokoblin, then head through the stone archway ahead. Go downhill and follow a series of Bokoblins toward a dirt path. Push the log on your right to the lower level, which will provide easier access to this section of the map later in the game.

    Continue on the dirt path, cutting down trees along the way. When you reach the end of the path, take the downhill route on your left. Defeat the Deku Baba, then cut the tie binding the rope on the edge of the cliff. Swing to the other side, where Link will meet the Kikwi Elder, Bucha.


    The Kikwi Hunt

    Bucha is willing to help you find Zelda…so long as you help him locate three lost Kikwis first. Conveniently, Fi grants you the ability to dowse for missing trio. Crawl through the tree trunk behind the elder and ascend the vine covered wall ahead. You’ll then need to cross a tight- rope, which is unfortunately riddled with small, prickly bombs that engage on impact. When walking on a rope, steer Link with the Wiimote in a weaving pattern to counteract his ever- faltering balance. The best way to avoid them is to walk a few steps on the rope, gracefully allow Link to lose his balance. When hanging, flick the Wiimote to jostle the spikes from their perch. You can jostle while walking on the rope, but that generally results in Link losing his balance anyway.

    Once you make it across, hop down and defeat the group of Bokoblins. Always take out the one in the blue hat first as he calls additional troops. In order to get the Kikwi down from the tree, you have to roll into it while dashing. Congratulations! You’ve rescued your first Kikwi, Lopsa.

    Climb the vine that unraveled from the tree he was hiding in. Rotate Link so that he is facing the platform to the left and swing over to it. Push the log, jump down, and head through the small gap between two walls on your left. Dowse for a moment to orient yourself with the goal. Pass under an outcrop on your right, then turn around and take the ramp up, on the other side.

    Head left and you’ll spot a Piece of Heart in the distance. Simply walk across the rope leading to the platform it is resting on and collect your bounty. Return to the ramp and continue on as through you took a right. You will reach a patch of grass surrounded by a brick wall. Behind the grass and left of the tree is a small hole. Fall through, and proceed through the nearby tunnel. You’ll come to another tree in the corner. To the right is a plant that looks innocent enough, but picking it up will reveal a Kikwi, Oolo.

    The last Kikwi is located in the northwest corner. Stand in front of the stone building in the far north and face south. You will notice patches of vines along the far wall. Run up the ramp in front of them and dash up to them. Once up top, clear all the grass and you’ll spot Erla the Kikwi.

    Your search is complete. Return to the elder using the same method as before. He informs you that Zelda headed for the temple in the north. He then imparts his slingshot to Link, the first of many helpful tools you will acquire on your adventure.

    Release the vine in front of Bucha and head for the ruins in the north. Follow the path that leads to the rear and once again, use your slingshot to gain access via a conveniently placed vine.


    The Deep Woods

    Begin by taking the path to your right. You’ll come to a rope that needs to be crossed, but take note of the hornets nest hanging overhead. Now is a good time to put your slingshot to use. There will be a hornet or two that chases after Link. Walk calmly and they will quickly lose interest. Conversely, you could also catch them with your Bug Net if you purchased one from Beedle's Airshop.

    Take an immediate left on the other side. At the end of this path is a log. Push it, and head in the opposite direction. Take the stone path heading left. You won’t be able to cross the gap, so turn the corner on the right. Dash up the wall and grab hold of the ledge. Proceed to shimmy your way to the other side. You’ll have to cross another rope, and not only are they more of those spiky bombs, but there is also a Bokoblin waiting for you on the other side. All of these threats can be thwarted with the slingshot. One shot will remove each bomb, but it will take two to dispatch the Bokoblin: one to stun/alert him to your presence, and another to knock him off the rope once he is balancing on it.

    Cross the rope, continue onward, climbing up a series of small platforms, leading to a dirt path and a dangling rope. Swing to the other side.

    Head toward the mysterious cube, but ready yourself for your first encounter with a Quadro Baba. It is very similar to the Deku Baba, but it can open vertically or horizontally, and requires two strikes to defeat. That is unless you parry its attacks, revealing its vulnerable stalk.

    When you reach the cube, Gorko reveals it to be a Goddess Cube. Hitting it with a Skyward Strike activates the cube and unlocks a corresponding chest that can be located within Skyloft or distributed among the islands in the overworld. Fi conveniently marks the locations of the chests on your map.

    Push the log behind Gorko. Don’t jump down after it. Head north towards the temple. Keep an eye out for another Goddess Cube on your right, next to the stone path. Save at the statue, and return to Skyloft if you require additional potions or shield maintenance.

    When you feel prepared, activate the pink gems above the temple entrance using the slingshot.


    Skyview Temple, Part 1

    When you start the temple, head down the stairs on the right and dash up to the ledge located at the end of the hallway. Once there, activate the pink gems to open the door below. Inside the next room is an eye above the door that will follow the tip of your sword. Stand on the platform in front of it and wave your sword back and forth for roughly 5 seconds. The eye will become disoriented and deactivate the lock on the door.

    In the next room, run to the middle of the bridge, then look up and to the right, where you will find another set of pink gems above a locked door. Use your slingshot to deactivate them. The door on the opposite side of the room can be opened in the same way, but the gems are located beneath the platform. Begin your exploration with the right side of the temple.

    Run down the stairwell and onto the platform with the stone tablet at the end. Walk cautiously because a Skultulla will drop about halfway down the path. Use a horizontal slash to spin the Skultulla, revealing its vulnerable underbelly. Once exposed, you can kill them with two thrusts. When fighting them on the ground, you'll need to employ an upwards, vertical strike followed by a fatal blow. Jump down from the platform, and head to the left. Notice the small hole near the floor? Walk up to it and Link will crawl inside. Activate the gems within, flooding the main hall.

    Go back to the main hall and cross into the opposite door. You will see another Skultulla sitting in it’s web. It isn't a threat at the moment, but you should clear the path it's blocking, so head over to the circular platform to its right, and use your slingshot to lower the vines hanging from the ceiling. Leap from the platform and swing across both vines. Now that you are behind the Skultullas, kill them, and shoot the gems located on a shelf between the two vines that you swung on earlier. Activating them will flood the main hall an additional time. Before leaving, head back, and go up the stairs to your left. The door will exit to a higher vantage point within the main hall. Run up the nearby tree and open the chest to acquire the Dungeon Map.

    Drop down to the main path in the hall and use the floating log to leap onto the vines on the right hand wall. Take out any spiders with your slingshot ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary complications while climbing. Head up and to the right. Leap down to the floor and head through the door on your left. Jump down to the lower level and you will see a treasure chest behind bars, guarded by two of the ever observant eyes. You’ll have to confuse them simultaneously. Stand near the cobwebs on the floor in the middle of the two eyes. Once both eyes are open, wave your sword back and forth until they both deactivate, revealing the treasure chest containing a small key. Exit the room the way you came in, and use to key to open the locked door in the main hall.

    Now Link is in a large round room filled with keese and a few roaming bokoblins. Right when you enter, activate the pink gems located towards the top of the central structure. Fill up on recovery hearts and enter the newly accessible door.

    Once inside, you'll encounter a Stalfos. There are multiple methods of attack, but the most effective is to parry his attacks with your shield and attack while he is stunned. When he readies a single blade, he will attack quickly, so get ready to counter. When he pulls both swords back, he will hesitate for a moment, so change your parry timing accordingly. Any time you attack when he is blocking, expect him to immediately counter. There is time to deflect his attack, but you must be quick on the draw.

    Once he is defeated, a treasure chest will appear containing Link's newest utility, the Beetle! Following the instructions given to you by Fi, launch the beetle towards the gap in the ceiling and pilot it towards the right to reactivate the gems you first unlocked to enter the Stalfos' lair.


    Skyview Temple, Part 2

    When you are back in the main room. Look around and notice the crate on your left, hanging from the ceiling. Use the beetle to cut it’s tether. When it brakes on the floor, a fairy appears that Link can catch and store using an empty bottle. They will replenish six hearts, and automatically resurrect Link upon death, a huge advantage compared to a standard red potions. Head to the north side of the room and launch the beetle upwards. At the very top of the tall structure, lies a concealed gem-lock that will allow access to the caged piece of heart below. Your beetle has limited range and will just about reach the gems, so try to have a clear flight path to avoid repeat attempts.

    Above the bird statue on the west wall are two holes that comprise the two ends of a tunnel. Fly the beetle through them to activate yet another lock to unlock the door to a new section of the temple.

    Enter and run down the stairs. Before entering the next door, turn around and launch your beetle towards the gems in the distance. Navigate the beetle around the Skultulla and trees, activate the gems, and the room will flood, giving you access to the upper level.

    Now that the room is flooded, the only way to head back to the large, round, hall is to crawl through the tiny exit on the upper level behind the line of trees.

    Rather than going back, continue adventuring and head through the normal exit. Link will end up locked in a room with a Skultulla. The difference this time, is the Skultulla will be on foot. Execute an upwards strike to flip him over, then use your fatal blow to finish him off.

    The treasure chest can be unlocked by deactivating the three eye-sentries. In order to do so, climb up to the upper level using vines. Launch your beetle to free the box hanging on the left hand side. Push the box to the lower level, and then center it in from of the eyes so that they are all focused on Link when he stands atop. Now, open the newly accessible treasure chest and obtain a new Small Key. Leave this and the next room through the crawl space, and return to the large round room.

    Head towards the eastern door. You will have to tight rope walk across to get to the door, but a group of Deku Babas stand in your way. Walk towards them until they unravel, then use the beetle to cut their stalks.

    Cautiously make your way across the rope, and enter the locked door using your Small Key. Destroy the wooden planks blocking your path. In this room is a fearsome looking Staldra. You have to sever all three of the necks at once, so wait until it is ready to attack and counter it’s advance. Once stunned, attack horizontally to defeat it.

    Exit through the newly available door. Head down the path and dispatch the Green Bokoblin. A Skultulla looms around the corner. Rather than using your weapon, let your Beetle snip it’s thread. Easy as pie, right?

    Dash off the cliff, autojump the gap, and pull yourself up on the other side. Run to the end of the path, look up and to the right. Free the two vines hanging from branches using your beetle. You’ll have to cross a tight rope to get to the final room in the temple, but a green bokoblin stands in your path. If you’d like to save your game prior to trying this, you can activate the pink gems above the southern door, gaining you access to the large, round room, and the bird statue within.

    Use you slingshot to taunt and topple the bokoblin from the rope. Walk across, and head to the room on the right. Climb the vines and on the next platform, cut the growth securing the chain. Autojump off the ledge, and grab hold of the chain. Rotate Link with the analog stick so that he is facing the large branch in the middle. Navigate up the vines and continue until you spot the vines that you lowered earlier. Autojump to the first one, but don’t begin to swing. Slide down to the end of the vine with the analog stick, then begin the process of swinging to the next vine. Going to the bottom is necessary in order to get the proper swing radius.

    Use the 2nd vine to reach the treasure box containing the golden Carving. Climb up the vine, autojump to the next platform, then back down to the tightrope. Head back to the other side, and take a left to open a small treasure chest containing a Red Rupee.

    Head to the large golden door and use the A button to use the Golden Carving. Hold the A button and rotate the Wiimote to manipulate the carving until it looks like it will fit in the hole. Releasing A does not reset its position, so take your time and pay attention to the shape of the lock.


    Skyview Temple, Boss

    Once it opens, you will meet Ghirahim, the self proclaimed Demon Lord. He will engage you in battle, utilizing two forms of attack. The first is method is deceptively tricky. He will follow your sword with his hand and predict your attacks. If you let him catch it and fail to recoil quickly enough, he will disarm your and hurl your sword across the room. The best method for this form is to hold your sword low and to the right, then perform an overhand strike from the left when his hand is at it's lowest point.

    After a few hits, he will pull out a sword, and begin the second part of this battle. In this form he has three attacks: red projectiles, a running, horizontal slash, and a teleportation attack. For the projectiles, time your shield to the blades to send them back his way. For the running attack, use your shield right before he reaches you. He will run slowly, but strike quickly once he is ready. When Ghirahim teleports, this is your opportunity to strike. Take note of his sword position, and attack from opposing directions.

    As is tradition, Link will receive a full heart container once the boss is defeated.


    Skyview Spring

    Head through the glimmering door and follow the path ahead of you. Hold your sword to the sky to charge, then strike the sacred symbol in front of the altar. The statue of the goddess will impart the Ruby Tablet to Link, and Fi will instruct you to return to Skyloft in order to place the tablet in the alter. This will reveal a portal to Eldin, the likely location for the Earth Spring.

    After exiting the temple, head to the western side of the stairs and launch the beetle to the balcony above to retrieve an amber relic. Use the bird statue to return to the sky and head to the Statue of the Goddess to place the Ruby Tablet.


    Eldin Volcano Part 1

    When your starting out in Eldin volcano, take Fi's warning seriously. Link can, and most likely will, be set ablaze time and again. Extinguish your flames with a roll or spin attack. It might also be a good idea to equip your iron sword. The wooden one won't last very long near a volcano. Just saying.

    Head straight and you'll see two platforms floating in lava, off to the right. On your way, you'll encounter a red chuchu. You can kill them in the same manner as their standard green counterpart, but contact with anything other than your sword or iron shield, will light you up. Exercise caution. When you get closer you'll probably also notice the goddess cube on your left. Give it the ole' skyward strike.

    Continue across the two platforms and you'll run into two Mogmas. According to them, there are some other intruders lurking about. Continue down the path to the right. You'll arrive in a room filled with lava geysers. There is an island on the far side of the room, but its devoid of any treasure. Continue to the exit on the left. Wait for the lava tides to recede, revealing a temporary path to the door. Chat it up with the mogma to get a briefing on using bomb flowers. You'll find some volcanic lady bugs in a few of the huts, but the real fun is to be had with the bombs. The cave in the east will reveal a new path, but avoid the one just south of it. The only thing you'll find in there is gigantic red chuchu. The other caves contain blue rupees.

    Head down the new exit, destroy the fire keese in the tunnel, and save at the bird statue once you get outside. You are now in volcano east. Head down the path and hop down to the left. Roll a nearby bomb in the small tunnel and crawl through to the other side. If you walk slowly, you can catch some of the eldin rollers (dung beetles) roaming on the ground. Open the treasure chest for a red rupee.

    Head back through the hole, up the platform ahead, and take a left at the fork to activate another goddess cube. Head back to the fork and take the other path. You come across a pyrup type creature that crawls into a hole and spews a continuous flame. When you are on the same level, there are some bomb flowers against a wall that you can use to take the pyrup out.

    Now that your path is clear, you can continue on towards the summit. Take out the bokoblins, starting with the one in the blue hat. Once their out of the way, you'll come to another wide view of the volcano. Pass between the two /fish in the skulls and climb up the series of platforms. You can catch some more eldin rollers on your way up, if you like. There is a hut when you get to the top that has a stool Link can use. Just walk up to it and push the A button to sit and quickly regenerate your health. Take out the pyrup in your path, and hop down on the next platform to pick up a piece of heart!

    Go back to the base platform where you started your ascent to the heart piece. You'll see a bridge form from vertebrae. Pick up one of the nearby bomb flowers and roll it across the bridge. When it hits rolls into the lava at the end, the plug will burst, and the lava flow will drop around the platform identified by the mogma. Head over there and ride the air vent up to the entrance.

    Link has to jump to the bottom of this cave. There are may desirable looking things along the way, such as walls to bomb, and a treasure chest. Truth be told, they contain nothing beyond various common items such as amber relics or blue rupees.

    What you should try to land on, is the platform on your right with the goddess cube. It best to aim for it during the initial fall, rather than jumping from another platform. Be careful not to land on the cube, as Link will slip and fall. If you happen to miss, or want to check out the other goodies along the way, use your map to navigate to the left. Follow the path around to an air vent that will send you back up for additional attempts.


    Eldin Volcano Part 2

    When you are satisfied with diving, continue onward. You'll meet a mogma, who laments his feelings to you about the bokoblis ahead. Proceed to take them out. As always, get rid of the one in the blue hat first so he doesn't call for reinforcements. He is on top of the wooden structure on the far side of the room. When they are defeated, talk to the mogma again and he will give Link the Digging Mitts.

    Dig into the hole behind him, and ride the vent that appears. Head up to the next platform and take a left. Dig in the hole you see before the fork, and notice that you can usually dig up to 5 times in a single hole, before it becomes useless. You may get nothing or something entirely random. Any way, the end of the left path has another hole containing a vent. Ride it, and climb the ladder.

    Defeat the bokoblin that await. Look at your map and you'll see there are three separate paths heading east. The middle one leads to a blue chest containing a random item. Head back to the previous fork, and take a right this time.

    When you get into the new room, take a left, then two rights. When you reach the wall, there will be some bomb flowers to your right. Use them to destroy the pyrups. You'll want to blow up the northern wall in the west corner. You'll uncover a blue chest containing a silver rupee, valued at 100 rupees! Now that's what I call “booty”. Head out the door in the east and ride the giant vent with your sailcloth.

    When you are back outside, talk to the mogma. The nearby bridge will actually activate by just walking up to it. Who's that mysterious figure talking about Zelda? The plot thickens. Cross to the other side and activate the bird statue. Take the path to the left of the statue, and defend yourself from a few looming fire keese.

    Dash across the lava, into the stamina fruit, and up the sandy hill. Head towards the platform on the far left. Roll the bomb flower down the hill into the boulders below, clearing a path back to the bottom of the volcano. Dash to the wooden platform nearby and take out the bokoblin. Dash to the top of the hill and right when you see the bokoblin toss the boulder, slide back down to the wooden platform. Immediately turn around and dash back up. This time, the guard will be too busy, fetching a new boulder, to stop you. reen.jpg

    Head to the right and grab a bomb flower to take out the tall wooden watch tower. You'll create a bridge, and kill the lead bokoblin in this area. Before crossing, there is business to take care of. Head to the west wall and blow it up to reveal two red rupees. If you bomb the wall between the two huts near the bridge, you'll reveal a very interesting diversion, Thrill Digger! It is a game that equates to minesweeper with rupees. There is a stone in a room, and a hidden mogma, located on the far wall, that will give you details on odds and hints to help you win the most dough. There are three levels difficulties (and associated fees) to choose from, with potentially big payoffs for taking big risks. If you've got deku seeds to spare, you can even fire into the rupee ore lining the walls. Direct hits will randomly produce rupees of the same color.

    When you feel satisfied, leave and cross the bridge you created with the bomb flower. Climb the vines at the end of the path, and run until you reach a new slope to climb. Dash to the platforms and avoid the oncoming boulders. Knock the guards off of each platform, including the one further up the hill. Employ the same methods of defeating the top guards hurling boulders.

    Listen to the two mogmas, and you'll soon realize that you have to collect five pieces of the key in order to unlock the entrance to the temple. Fi help you out by granting Link the ability to dowse for metal that matches the lock.


    Eldin Volcano Part 3

    Start digging in the holes in the general area of the door. Dowse to narrow the selection. Once you collect the first piece, go to the top of the hill you just climbed. Toss a bomb to blow up the wall on the left side. Dash down the hill and jump in the cave to dig up a piece of the key.

    Head to the northwest corner of the map and dig up a hole to reveal a vent. Toss a nearby bomb into the vent and it will blow up the wall on the platform above. It doesn't reveal a piece of the key, but a goddess cube isn't bad!

    Hop down and take a right. Toss a bomb down the hill to topple the tower. Digging beneath reveals the third piece of the key! Before you leave, take note of the pinwheel, and place a beacon on your map with the C button. It will come in handy later in the game.


    Okay, back up the hill you go! Now head east from the temple entrance, defeat a group of bokoblins, and knock over the watch tower with some bombs from the huts. Take the resulting path and you'll come to a new bridge, only this one doesn't activate automatically. Look to your left and you can see a thin ledge along a wall. Walk near it and climb down. Shimmy across, then climb up the platforms on your right. At the end of the path, autojump off the edge and grab hold of the vines. Climb to the right, and up, to get to the other side of the incomplete bridge. Press the button inside to fix that little problem.

    Continue past this room, but be warned! The next room is so hot that Link will combust. Quickly take the first exit on the right. You will slide down a hill. Aim for the steam vent on the right. Dig in the hole when you land on the new platform to reveal a fairy. Run into it to restore all of your health, or catch it in a bottle. Doing so will allow you to use it at any time. If you die while holding a fairy in a bottle, you will automatically be resurrected and given six full hearts.

    Jump off of the right hand side, and stick to the right at the next fork. Look for the outcrop on the left, and slide over to it. Look for the two vents nearby. Wait for the first one to blow, and then jump right when you see the second one fire. Link will land on a new platform. Dig in the hole and recover the fourth piece of the key. One more to go!

    Go to the bottom of the hill and ride the air vent back to the top and try the sliding section again. Go for the vent on the far left side this time. Stand at the edge of the platform you land on, and you'll see a goddess cube. Dash off the edge and up to the cube. After that, head for the bottom.

    Rather then running around to the vent, take your first right into a room with a small sandy hill and a sizable pool of lava. Grab the bomb inside, and toss it at the plugged hole outside near the entrance. The pool will drain, and you can use the bomb to reveal a secret room behind the far wall. Inside you'll find a hole that contains the last piece of the key. Take your key back to the temple, and prepare yourself for the challenge ahead.


    Earth Temple, Part 1

    Enter the temple and head to the left room where you will find a Mogma, a mole-type creature that will act as a guardian of sorts on your way up the volcano. Cross the room and dig in the hole on the opposite side of the room. Ride the steam with your sail cloth and grab a red rupee from the small chest.

    Hop down and head to the right. Time your jumps between the levitating platforms. In order to lower the bridge and continue on, you need to release three pulleys holding the bridge in place. There are two on the platform in front of the door, and another in the upper right corner in front of the gate. Use your beetle to cut the ropes and release the pulley.

    In the next room you encounter your first Lizalfos. They are the most brutal, common enemy that you have encountered so far. They posses the ability to parry Link’s attacks. This is still the best tactic to use against them, as they will be vulnerable for multiple strikes after a parry. Just be cautious when attacking in a fevered manner, as they tend to parry quickly and without warning. After he is defeated, use your slingshot to activate the explosive on the ruins located in the middle of the lava-lake.

    Hop on the ball in the lava, roll over to the eastern most platform and you will run into Ledd. He needs your help retrieving his bomb bag. Climb into the hole of the cage to his left, and after disposing of the Red Bokoblin, climb up the ladder. Run across the top of the narrow wall at the front of the cage where there is a dirt platform with two holes to dig. The right one contains a fairy. Jump down into the cage and roll the closest bomb flower to the entrance through the hole, revealing the path behind Ledd. In the next room, you have to defeat two Lizalfos across a circular series of platforms. Try to isolate them, rather than taking both of them on at the same time. Defeating them nets Link a Bomb Bag.

    Head out of the room and converse with Ledd. He’ll graciously give you the Bomb Bag for keeps. Head back into the cage and stock up on bombs. Pick up a Bomb Flower and press B to store it in your Bag.

    Get back on the ball and roll to the platform in the middle of the room. Head for the western door, and make use of your newly acquired bomb bag to destroy the boulder blocking your path. Defeat the Lizalfos and continue through the door. Avoid the fire spitting Magma Spumes, and keep an eye on the platform at the far end of the room. It’s height is determined by a lava geyser. Hop on at its lowest point and defend your position until it rises to the 2nd level, where you will find the dungeon map in a treasure chest.

    Head back to the main room with the rolling ball, and go to the south-west corner of the room. There is another platform that rises and falls with the lava. At it’s peak, it sits in front of a bombable wall. Rather than throwing the bombs, which will result in their plummeting to the lava. Place the bomb on the edge of the rising platform, so it explodes when it is at the same height as the crumbling wall. Beyond the wall lies a treasure chest with a golden skull.

    Return to the rolling ball and pass through the broken bridge on the western side of the room. There is a little island with a blue treasure chest containing a rarer than rare Blue Bird Feather. Get back on your ball and head slightly north, where you will notice a target beneath the bridge. Roll into it to raise a section of the platform.


    Earth Temple Part 2

    Roll the ball over to the right hand side of the room. You want to head east then north but there are pillars blocking your path…for good reason! There is a tiny crack in the wall indicating that it can be destroyed with bombs. Hurl one at the crack to weaken its integrity, and another to reveal a new path.

    Navigate the ball down the path, bombing or rolling over the magma spumes along the way. When you reach another roadblock, keep an eye out for another bomb-vulnerable wall across from the last dragon fountain you pass. Travel down this new path until you get to a red door. Atop the door is another one of those turquoise pulleys that has to be disengaged with your beetle. There is , infact, another pulley to disengage, but it is located on the other side. Send your beetle through the tunnel to the left of the door and cut the 2nd pulley.

    Your path is now clear again. Stop at the left dock and return through the tunnel that you sent your beetle through, if you would like to save your game.

    Return to the ball, wait for the fountain next to the dock to stop flowing, and pass, heading towards a windy, narrow lava path. Have your sword armed to fend off the inevitable fire keese that will come your way. There will be a platform on your right, guarded by a Lizalfos. Unless you are desperate for rupees, move on. The potential loss of hearts might not be worth the single red rupee held in the treasure chest. Continue on until you find yourself back in the main room. There, you will see a familiar sight…another target to push! This time, the bridge will complete its transformation, and you can continue to the next room.

    Head through the door, and collect the amber relic waiting for you on the left. Run up the hill, and anticipate a series of boulders that will soon roll your way. They come in two waves. The first has a gap that you can run through. The second…does not. Once the second wave comes, dash to the gap in the wall and wait for the boulders to pass, then carry on up the hill.

    As you turn the corner, you are presented with a situation that is similar to the last, but slightly different. Crawl through the hole in the fence and stock up on bombs. Dig in the adjacent holes to reveal a geyser. Ride it up and run to the end of the path above. From the vantage point, take out a bomb, place it down, and pick it up once it is activated. Toss it at the dirt patch on the hill (pictured below), timing the explosion to the bombs arrival next to the stones.

    Once they are dispatched, return to the bottom of the hill, and begin your ascent. When the boulders come, hide in the sill until they pass, and your stamina gauge fully recharges. Then, sprint to the top, and save your game! Head up the stairs to your left, and dash up the path, refilling your stamina along the way.

    At the top, you will find the golden Dragon Sculpture waiting for you in treasure chest. When you begin your descent, a boulder will begin to chase you a la Indiana Jones. Sprint down the path and jump off the end onto the central platform. The lava-fountain will stop flowing once plugged by the boulder, granting Link access to the final room. Like the first dungeon, rotate the carving and insert it into the lock.


    Earth Temple Boss

    This boss battle can get a tad frustrating, but in principal, is quite simple. Scaldera is a molten creature, protected by crust of boulders. You will need to attack its eye, but to do so, you need to first remove portions of the crust, with bombs. Keep in mind that if you run low on health or boulders, you can refill at anytime during the fight, at the top of the ramp.

    At the start of the battle, Scaldera begins chasing Link up the slope. Place a bomb towards the side of the path, so his foot will make contact as he charges uphill. When the bomb goes off, Scaldera will roll back downhill. Chase him! Once he stops and hops back onto his feet, toss a bomb into his mouth as he is inhaling. If you don’t get the bomb into his mouth, he will begin shooting massive balls of fire towards Link, followed by another uphill charge.

    When it explodes, assuming you timed it correctly, a portion of the crust will disappear and his hidden eye will come into sight. Z-Target it and attack as best you can. It will be difficult to land successful blows until most of the crust has fallen off.

    After roughly five seconds, he will begin another dash uphill.

    When Scaldera is near death, he will charge much faster, and with his legs extended, pass right over Link. When he reaches the top, expect him to roll back down any moment, so hang out on the side. When he rolls by, try to get to the bottom and toss a bomb in his mouth before he begins another ascent.


    Lanaryu Mine

    Use your sword to dowse for Zelda. Before setting off, get off the tower and head for the rear. A goddess cube awaits. There are also a pair of sand cicadas on the bass of the tower, near the cube. Stock up on bomb flowers, and venture forth.

    Enter the mine and push the cart off the ledge in front of you. Pull it to the opposite wall so Link can pull himself up. You'll end up outside, in front of a large blue stone. Strike it, and the room around you will come to life. What you've just hit is a timeshift stone, capable of turning back the clock within a limited radius

    You'll notice there are tracks leading to glowing doors. Hopping in the cart that sits in the middle of the courtyard will take link into a small room where he can collect a red rupee from a small chest.

    If you head back towards the entrance to the outdoors, and vear to the left, you can push the cart within the reach of the timeshift stone and it will come to life. Hop in and it will carry you through the other glowing door. In this new room pick up the ancient flower on your left, then activate the timeshift stone hiding beneath some boulders to the right of the flower. Toss a bomb into the statue on the wall with a basket, and it will open up a new path.

    Watch out for the lightning chuchus. Link can attack them, but hold off when they are sparking or you will get a nasty shock. In the next room, there are more basket statues that will provide a means of crossing the sandy river. Start with the one on your left. Bombing the one across from it reveals a crawl space that contains a treasure chest with a red rupee. When you've leveled the statues, you might want to head back to the previous room to replenish you supply of bombs.

    Moving forward, the next room is littered with a few lightning spumes. You need to get to the other side of the room, so take them out with your bombs as they come within reach. Link will sink quickly if he stands in the sand for more than a second or two. When you head through the exit, head through the left door in the next room. You'll see a long corridor. Roll a bomb to blow up the rocks in the middle, and another for the ones at the very end. With the timeshift stone revealed, use a bomb, your beetle, or a slingshot to flip the switch.

    A quadro baba will drop from the ceiling. You can use your beetle to cut it's tether, or even throw a bomb in its mouth to destroy it. Take a left at the end of the hallway and continue to the end. You'll now be able to hop down to the treasure chest from the room with the spumes, containing random treasure, such as a golden skull ornament. Hop down from that platform, and push the cart near the timeshift radius, so that it activates. Ride it to your next destination, the Lanaryu Desert.


    Lanaryu Desert

    Save at the bird statue to activate it. Keep an eye out for tumbleweeds. They can be captured with your bug net, and are quite useful when it comes to item upgrades.

    Look at your map and head straight for the short, grey, platform ahead. On the left hand side is a ramp to the top. Grab the treasure chest, containing a random item. You'll see three cages near this platform. Hop on top of the only one in reach. From there, throw a bomb towards the cage that appears to be on a track. Throw one more into the hole to reveal a timeshift stone, and another to activate it.

    You'll face your first two technoblins. Its weapon is obviously electrified and can cause damage when block Link's attacks. Pay close attention to its defense patterns, and attack him when he's vulnerable. Parrying also works, but I would advise you to use the wooden shield if you still have one. Defeating them will free one of the mining robots. If you talk to him, he will thank Link by upgrading his standard beetle to the hook beetle! With the larger pincers, you can pick up objects such as bombs or treasure. When carrying a bomb, use the Z button to switch to an overhead aiming mode.

    Head a little southwest to a section of sinksand guarded by a spume. Use your beetle to carry the nearby bombs into the baskets of the statues, as well as on top of the spumes head. With you path clear, head through the gap in the west wall. You'll now be in a section with large birds. They will try to drop boulders on Link, so be mindful of their sounds and shadow to avoid their attacks. On the left, there will be a new section of sand guarded by electric hermit crabs, and spumes.

    You need to kill the crabs with a bomb, and then use their shell as a platform to cross the sand. Carry the nearby bomb from the tree with your beetle, and you'll probably notice the crabs tend to stop in their tracks out of curiosity. Use the first one in front of link to cross, then head to the left. Employ the same technique to reach the goddess cube in the corner. You are done in this section, head for the northwest exit. Right after you pass through, climb up the ledge on your left, and follow the long path to a cart. Push it over the edge to make backtracking easier down the road. Return to the bird statue you passed near the entrance, and save your game.

    You'll need to kill the crabs to make it to the next exit. This time, however, their shells will ride with the sand, so be prepared to dash after it once the bomb goes off. Take the exit and enter the next major area , the desert gorge.


    The Desert Gorge

    Activate the bird statue on the left, then use your beetle to activate the timeshift stone atop a pillar on the right.

    Get in the cart behind link, and when it stops, take notice of the bomb to your right. Use the beetle to carry it into the top of what appears to be a petrified tree to your left. The explosion will activate a new timeshift stone, as well as the cart next to Link.

    Before you hop in, there are two things to be aware of: A deku baba will fall from the ceiling about half way into the cave. There will also be some fimiliar pink gems on your left that will open the exit for you. Do yourself a favor and send your beetle in to take care them, rather than trying to manage all of it while riding the rails.

    Once you make it to the other side, pick up the ancient flower that awaits. You'll notice that you've reached a temple, but the entrance is blocked. Gorko has already begun an investigation and believes that he's found the legendary Temple of Time. As fascinating as that sounds, you've got more pressing matters at hand. n.jpg

    Use a nearby bomb-fruiting-cactus to blow up the boulders sitting atop pillars to the right of gorko. A robot will come to life, along with two technoblins. Take them out and talk to the robot. He will provide you with clues to get inside the earth temple. Your map doesn't reflect the architecture present during the past, and he will kindly change your map, revealing secret pathways that aren't apparent to the naked eye. These tend to be cement paths hidden under the sand.

    With that in mind, its time for a minor diversion. You'll notice a goddess cube nearby. Fire your beetle towards the timeshift stone located in the cavern beneath it. Push the cart into the timeshift radius and prepare a skyward strike. Let it loose when you are riding past the cube, to activate it. At the end of the ride, hop off and enter the cave straight ahead.


    Power Node Hunt

    Run to the first floating platform in front of you. Take a left from there, and Fi will remind Link that there is a path underneath all of this sand. She'll allows you the use of an additional five beacons on your map, which you can use to create landmarks during gameplay.

    Step up the platform in front of you, and head right. Go up the ramp leading to a large, curious, statue. Blow up the boulders in front of it and activate the timeshift stone within. Talk to the revived robot and he'll inform you that the statue is a power generator. In order to power it up, you'll have to activate three remote power nodes and Fi will grant Link the ability to dowse.

    If you look north on your map, you'll see a large grey room. Travel over there and blow up the crack in the wall to gain entrance. Navigate to the center of the room and blow up a few of the rock clusters. Activate the timeshift stone within and the room will morph into a series of cubes.

    The crabs have also reverted to compact spheres. In the north corner of the room is a machine that will unlock your path to the first power node.

    Grab one of the crabs (as a ball) and roll it into the machine's port while standing on the large, pink button.

    In the next room, you'll find the first power node, represented with a lightning bolt. Thrust you sword into it and turn 90 degrees to the left. On to the next two!

    Dowse towards the east, and head to the large building, close to the entrance you first used in the desert. Save at the bird statue and enter.

    There is a large cube in the center of the room with boulders to its left. Blow them up and you reveal a timeshift stone. Before flipping the switch, ride a crab shell to the far end of the room and climb atop the platform on your left. Push the metal box off the end so that you can climb up when you activate the stones.

    When the room is bathed in the light of its former glory, use the beetle to carry the diminutive crab-balls over the chasm to the far end of the room. Run to the familiar machine and roll the ball into place. Head into the next room and turn on the power node, represented by a flame. One more to go!

    Now that the hard ones are out of the way, immediately west from the generator in the west is the last power node (indicated by the screen shot above). You will see three statues holding baskets. The left one contains a timeshift stone. The center one containes the third note. Activate the stone to give life to the node, and thrust your sword in.

    Head back to the generator and turn the dials to the corresponding location of the nodes, as seen in the map below.The earth temple will rise from the sand in front of you. Onwards and upward!


    Lanaryu Mining Facility Part 1

    In the first room, you can ignore all of the statues holding baskets, except for the one immediately to your right. You won’t be able to cover the distance by tossing a bomb, so you will need to use your Beetle instead. Grab the bomb sitting atop a pillar near the entrance, and drop it in the basket. Dash across the sand and pull the lever to open the large door in the north. On the opposite side, you will see another lever guarded by a spume. Toss a bomb to take out the spume, then go ahead and pull the next lever. This will open the eastern door, leading to a small room with a red rupee inside a chest.

    Head through the first door you unlocked and dispatch the enemies in the room. Don’t forget that the Staldras can only be defeated if all three heads are severed at once. This is best done with a parry, followed by a horizontal slash or spin.

    In the northwest corner of the room are three crates. Push any of them close to the nearby structure, climb up, and head into the next room. Start by blowing up the crates off in the distance, on the right. Again, use your Beetle and the bomb waiting atop a nearby pillar. Once the path is clear, make your way to the platform they were on, being mindful of the Thunder ChuChus that will inevitably fall from the ceiling. Autojump across and climb the ladder. On the left, you’ll find a small treasure chest containing a Key.

    Head back to the previous room and open the locked door on the eastern wall. This room is filled with Froaks, puffer fish that will explode on impact. Rather than attacking them outright, it’s best to toss a bomb their way first. Alternatively, you can send them careening into a wall with a well placed seed from your slingshot.

    Head to the left and take a right at the conveyer belt. At the end of the belt is a web covered wall. There are half a dozen scorpions that should be dispatched before attempting to climb the web. Keep your distance and sharp shoot them with your slingshot, or take them out in close quarters combat. Climb up and head to your right.

    You’ll see a ladder, but the end is blocked by a wooden crate. Whip out your Beetle, grab the bomb to your right, and blow it up already!

    Now that you can climb up the ladder, head to the top and activate the switch, revealing a blue time stone in the center of the room. Send your beetle activate it, reverting the room to its more glorious, past-self.

    When you hop down from the platform, the formally lifeless stumps on the ground have risen into formidable Beamos. Taking them out is easier than it first seems. Slice horizontally along their fluorescent bands, destroying them one segment at a time. When the “head” is at your level, finish it off with a fatal stab to the eye.

    Dash across the conveyer belt, which is obviously moving at this point, and hop of the edge directly in front of you. There is another conveyer belt moving in the opposite direction. Cross it, climb up the next ladder, and pull the lever. You’ll then want to run the length of the last conveyer belt you passed. There are stamina fruits and clusters of rock that will come at Link, in alternating arrangements. You will need the fruit to make it to the other side. Once there, use the ladder on your left, take out the Beamos, and open the small chest for a red rupee.

    Cross back over the belt, and dash up the series of belts, again making an effort to grab stamina fruit. At the other end, kill the beamos, and pull the lever on the wall to open the sealed door at the opposite end of the last belt.

    This room is a series of cubes, sitting on a floor covered with strips of spikes that activate when Link tries to walk across. Your goal is the cube at the opposite end from which you start. Begin by climbing up a ladder in the corner to your right. Continue along this right wall, blowing up the Froak with your slingshot. When you get to the platform you’ve been aiming for, leap off the far edge to open a chest containing another Blue Bird Feather. You can then climb back to the platform you were just on, using the steps on the side closest to the chest. Use the ladder and open the chest that awaits you. Link will receive a tool new to the series, the Gust Bellows. It produces an endless stream of air that can be used to move sand, dislodge small enemies, and spin various objects.

    Take your gust bellows back to the first room in the dungeon. To the right of the northern door is a crate bound by sand. Clear the immediate area of sand with the Gust Bellows and push the crate onto the red button. This will open the western door.

    In the next room, you need to head to the corner opposite of Link, to the left. To get there, you are going to have dash across the sand to a series of platforms. Head forward, then left, and left again. Clear the sand to reveal a new timeshift stone. If you’re ready, activate the stone to dramatically change the room. All the sand will disappear and the once static platforms are capable of moving along set paths. Spin their tops with the Gust Bellows clockwise or counter clockwise, to move them in either direction.


    Lanaryu Mining Facility Part 2

    Take the floating-platform nearest Link back to the gated entrance nearby. Use your gust bellows to spin the pinwheel, and raise the bars. Run through the gate, and jump down to the right at the ladder.

    Head to the wall on your left, but keep an eye out for the sentrobe floating over head. They fire missiles at Link and release two mini-sentrobes once they take damage. Much like the Beamos, strike your sword along their illuminated bands. Reflect two missiles back at the sentrobe to destroy it.

    Once that’s taken care of, you can safely move the platform near the wall down its track, to a point where you’re able to hop aboard. Ride the platform back to its original position, and jump off to the right. When you get there climb up the ladder, but watch out for the beamos waiting overhead. Cut along their highlighted bands and thrust your sword into its eye for the final blow. Use your gust bellows to spin the wheel to the left of the door.

    In the next room, the door will slam shut behind you. Take out the two Staldras, and make your way to the right side of the far wall. Remove the sand from the base of the box and push it to climb up to the next area. Leap across the boxes on the left side, until you get to another sand pile. Clear it away to obtain an amber relic.

    Head back and stand in front of the barred doors. Blow away the sand within the chamber, and activate the timeshift stone to transform the room.

    This will also reanimate the formidable armos, on the lower level. He can jump from anywhere within the semi-circle that surrounds him. Notable, this means he can take a final leap from the edge, sending him beyond the bounds of the ring. You’ll need to spin the crown atop his head with the gust bellows to open his mouth. Inside there are two gems that must be destroyed in a specific way. The smiling half of the armos contains a gem that you can simply slash from any direction. The opposite gem, on the frowning side, can only be destroyed with a thrust. When he’s finished, you can enter the chamber with the timeshift stone, and retrieve the dungeon map from the small treasure chest.

    Exit through the door behind the armos and step on the button, on the far end of the platform, to raise the bars and create a minor shortcut. Look at your map, and examine the sand flow nearest Link. You’ll notice that there is a white path across the flow, but much like the desert sand sea, its hidden beneath the sand. You’ll probably also notice that there is a treasure chest close to the start, in what looks like a secret tunnel. You can access it by blowing the sand away. The chest will only contain a random treasure, like an amber relic or monster horn. Use your map as a guide to make your way to the second treasure chest indicated on your map.

    Once you are through the second tunnel, you’ll drop into a room lined with retractable spikes on the floor, and riddled with sand and froaks. Use the bellows to clear the sand and navigate through the maze of spikes. Your goal is the staircase. There is a button a few feet from the beginning of the staircase, on the right. Activating it will open the door on the upper level. There is a treasure chest in the room, but it only contains a red rupee and is obscured by a lot of sand. Unless you are dying for rupees, continue on through the door on the upper level.


    Lanaryu Mining Facility Part 3

    Clear the sand away from the cart immediately in front of Link. Thrust your sword to activate the timeshift stone hidden within the contents of the cart. It will begin to traverse the void, revealing a path as it travels. Link can use walk along this path, so long as he stays within the timeshift radius. When the cart comes to a stop, clear its path using the gust bellows to raise the bars, per usual. It will continue down a longer path, flanked by beamos on the left. There is also one in the carts path. There is no rush, however, the cart will wait for you to dispatch the beamos. When it begins to move again, there will be two more beamos on the right, so use the cart as a shield. When the cart comes to a stop, raise the bars in front of you to open a shortcut.

    Take a left from the cart, and reveal a new cart under some sand at the end of the path. Follow the cart, being mindful on the beamos along the way. Halfway along is a pinwheel on the wall that will raise the door behind the beamos. When the cart stops, deactivate, and reactivate it to head back towards the recently unlocked door.

    Go through the door, head toward the left and run down the length of the conveyor belt, watching out for the steam vents on either side. Blow the aracha off the wall and begin your climb. There are also steam vents on the wall, one to your left when you start climbing, and two more near the upper right. Navigate between them and climb up to the next level, on the right side.

    Against the wall to the right, will be a trio of familiar statues holding baskets. Toss bombs into their baskets, to lower them, and cross to the other side. Clear the tall sand pile to reveal a timeshift stone. Retrace your steps and pull the lever on the wall on the other side of the red conveyer belt. This will call a floating platform, that you should take back to the other side of its path.

    Once there, you have to destroy a spectrobe so you can proceed without danger. There are three statues along the wall, two of which need to be lowered. Take note of the glyphs on the wall, as they indicate a pattern you will need to follow in the near future. From left to right, the order is 2, 3, 1. If you look on the opposite side of the room, you’ll see another set of statues. You’ll have to lower them, and activate the gems in the corresponding order.

    Move the nearby platform towards the right so Link can board. Ride it all the way back, and push the box atop the ladder, to open yet another shortcut. Now hop on the other platform, and proceed to lower the next set of statues. You’ll then want to activate the gems in the reverse order. When facing them, activate the one of the left, followed by the right, and finally, the one in the middle. This will open the door on the other end of the track. Head there at once!

    Inside this new room are a pair of armos. Obviously, take them on one at a time. When they are defeated, you will gain access to the treasure chest, and the key to the final room in the dungeon. Navigate back towards the final room. This is one of the hardest keys to fit into the lock, so take your time and pay attention to the desired silhouette.


    Lanaryu Mining Facility Boss

    Moldarach is one of the easiest bosses in the game. You’ll have to attack Moldarach’s eyes; the two within the claws, and the last one, on its head. You’ll have to swing your sword in such a way that slices through the gap in the claws. Defeat the eyes one at a time, guarding yourself with your shield when necessary. If he slips beneath the sand, you’ll have to use your gust bellows to re-reveal him. Keep an eye out for arachas.

    Once the claws are defeated, you’ll focus your attacks on the remaining eye on his head. You can only cause damage to it with a thrust. Again, this is a fairly easy, straight forward fight. Keep attacking and defend yourself when necessary, but generally, throw caution to the wind and own this battle. If you do run into difficulty, there are hearts lining the rim of the room.

    When he is down for the count, all of the sand will drain from the room. Collect your new heart container and enter the door with the goddess-seal . You’ll find yourself in a room with a massive void. In order to activate the cart and make it to the other side, fire the beetle towards the structure in the ceiling and activate the timeshift stone. The room will become bathed in light, and you can now traverse the void in the cart.

    Exit the door on the other side, and you’ll see a familiar face or two…or three?


    A Link to the Past

    Gaepora recalls the lyrics from Zelda’s song, and it seems that you must use two sails within Skyloft (one being the light tower) in order to find your next goal.

    Head to the light tower where you’ll run into Kukiel’s dad, the carpenter. Examine the windmill, and he’ll recollect the story about a propeller falling below the clouds. He also remembers that Gondo (at the scrap shop) possesses an ancient robot that can bring things back from the surface.

    If you talk to him at the shop, he’ll confess that he does posses the robot, but the only way to repair it is with an ancient flower. If you were diligent in the Lanaryu Desert and Mining Facility, you should have one, if not two, ancient flowers handy.

    Once the repairs are complete, and the mission discussed, it’s time set out for the missing propeller. If you recall, we spotted it earlier when adventuring in the Eldin Volcano, and even marked it with a beacon for easy retrieval.

    When you descend into the volcano, choose the bird statue near the temple entrance as your landing zone. Check your map for the beacon. If you didn’t place one, the propeller is still an easy find. You need to locate the tower that was concealing a piece of the temple key. Reference the screenshot below for the location on the map.

    Gondo’s robot will come down from above to charter the propeller back to Skyloft. Head to the bird statue near the temple entrance and hit the skies.

    Back in Skyloft, the carpenter will reinstall the windmill’s propeller. He’ll leave you shortly after, so get out the gust bellows and rotate the windmill so that the blue emblem matches up with the angular block at the base. The emblem will glow a bright blue when you’ve got it in the right position. With both windmills pointing towards the light tower, ascend to the platform that rises from its roof. Stand in the center of the circular design, and begin to play the harp to the beat of the ring of light. When you’ve succeeded in playing the song, a strong beam of light will part the massive thunderhead cloud in the distance.


    Inside the Thunderhead

    When you enter the cloud, you will be attacked by enemies that are larger than you, and much more agile when in flight. It’s best to avoid them by changing your altitude, and holding it for a few seconds, then repeat. If you are feeling particularly knightly, you can use a charge attack and burst the golden bulb at the end of their tail.

    Your first goal in the thunderhead is the Isle of Songs, a circular island directly in front of the prominent tower at the far end of the thunderhead.

    Once there, you will have to complete a rather tricky puzzle. You will need to rotate the turnstile in the center, which will in turn, move the three pillars around their respective circles.

    In order to line them up correctly, you have to activate one of the three blue stones to raise or lower the blockades present in each circle. Here is the simplest method for lining them up that we could find, with the gems referenced by their cardinal directions.

    • North, rotate 5 steps
    • East, rotate 8 steps
    • West, rotate 6 steps
    • North, rotate 3 steps
    • East, rotate 1 step

    Now that the bridge is in place, crawl through the small tunnel at the very end.

    When you reach the platform in the center of the tower, perform a skyward strike on the crest to reveal a miniature goddess statue from below. Fi recalls a message, in song, from the goddess. She tells Link that he must seek out three sacred flames in order to purify his sword. Along the way, he will have to face three trials and will also acquire three sacred gifts.


    First Trial - Faron Woods

    Per Fi’s suggestion, head to the Faron Woods to seek out the first trial gate. You’ve been granted the ability to dowse for the gates as you seek them. When you descend into the woods, choose the viewing platform as your landing pad. Once there, head down to the front of the platform, where you will spot a group of butterflies in the middle of a large dirt path. Strum your harp to reveal the first trial gate. Thrusting your sword into the middle of the gate will transport Link to the Farore’s Silent Realm.

    In order to gain enough strength to save Zelda, you must undergo spiritual growth. In the silent realm, your spirit separates itself from your body, in the form of a Spirit Vessel, in order for Link to harness Farore’s tears.

    You’ll have to collect 15 tears within the vicinity of the Faron Woods. Be on the look out for Guardians, who can cut the trial short with a single hit from their massive weapons. There are a few ways to attract guardians, which you should avoid. This includes exiting the safe-zone at the beginning of the trial, getting caught in the spotlight of a lookout, touching any body of (cursed) water, or completely draining your spirit.

    Your spirit is temporarily charged with each tear your pick up, as represented by the flower at the head of the vessel. Each tear grants you 90 seconds of invulnerability. As your spirit begins to fade, petals will begin to fall from the flower. Whenever there are zero petals, the guardians will awake and hunt you down.

    Much like the temporary immunity granted by the tears, a light fruit will activate beacons over each tear in the area. They are only visible by the naked eye, but luckily for you, we’ve provided a map with each tear’s location, below.

    When each tear is collected, and you make it back to the trial gate without being attacked, you have earned the Dragon Scale. It allows you to swim underwater with ease. In order to find the sacred flame in the area, you will need to use your new ability to seek out Water Dragon. Head towards the water at the base of the large tree, as indicated below. When you get there, swim underwater and enter the large knot to begin your search.


    Inside the Great Tree

    Swim through the length of the tunnel, and you will reappear in the center of the tree. Climb up the vines to your right, and hop onto the suspended platforms. Use your gust bellows to swing the platform, in order to reach the next one. Don’t forget you can use your gust bellows to blow the froaks into walls, if they get in your way.

    Head through the exit, and you will find yourself outdoors again. Take the path to your left. When you reach a dead end, look for the vines on the tree trunk. Take out the spiders and hornet nest with your slingshot to make sure you don’t run out of stamina during your climb. This is a two part climb, but once the pests are out of your way, its pretty simple: head towards the left and enter the tree when you reach the top.

    In this relatively small room, you’ll encounter your first Moblin. These are large guards with a spear and wooden shield. You can hack away at the shield with ease, just be prepared for the Moblin to go on the offensive. He will wind up his spear for a few seconds before attacking, which you can parry. Take a moment to learn the timing or you will likely incur great damage trying to guess. When he is stunned, rapidly attack his belly. Complete this pattern a few times to take him out. Once he is downed, head through the door he was guarding.

    Continue your ascent, dispatching of the bokoblins and keese along the way. Climb one patch of vines and you will reach the top of the tree. Fi will point out an unfamiliar Kiwki known as Yerbal the Hermit, napping in the tree. He will fill you in on the location of the sacred flame, but present you with a minor task to complete before heading to the lake.

    You will need to draw the remaining portion of the symbol identified by Yerbal. There is a matching, completed symbol in the area that you will need to find to figure out what’s missing. Rather than have you waste time, we can tell you that you must draw a circle to fill in the…circular gap. It is almost a no brainer, even without our hint or looking at the completed version of the symbol. Head to the viewing platform on the southern end of the Faron Woods.

    When you arrive in front of the incomplete symbol, charge your sword. This will put you into the drawing mode. Carefully draw a circle to complete the symbol, and wait for the door to open. Run to the end of the platform and dive into the lake below.


    Lake Floria

    After you take the plunge into the great tree, swim down the length of the tunnel. You’ll drop into a larger pool and startle a tiny dragon. He will start to flee, so follow him until you get to a blockade of wooden planks. With your newly acquired dragon scale you can perform a spin attack underwater, which is just what you need to break through the planks. Your guide realizes that only those carrying a dragon scale can perform such feats and no longer considers you a threat. As emissary of the goddess, he requests that you assist the Water Dragon.

    When you reach the next room after a lengthy tunnel, you’ll notice a plethora of froaks in the area. Use them to your advantage, and spin attack them into boulders blocking the nearby caves. Some of the caves contain rupees or a rogue sea dragon. The cave opposite the entrance-tunnel is the one you’re looking for.

    Continue following the dragon until you reach a dead end. Since you can’t break the bars that stand in your way, use your spin attack to leap over them. All you need to do is face towards the surface when executing the move and link briefly take to the air.

    Jump over another stone wall, and follow the dragon through a tunnel filled with spiky bombs. You’ll end up in the vicinity of the Water Dragon, as well as the fish that hurt her in the first place. They deal a full heart of damage, but are easy to take out with your spin attack. One hit will stun it, and the next will finish it off for good.

    Swim up to the ornate door on the far side of the room and let your escort open the lock with the key shaped growth on his head. You are now in the chamber of the Water Dragon. Spin jump onto the central platform to talk to her excellence. Ghirahim invaded her lair and although she has survived, requires sacred water to heal her wounds. Fi steps in to augment sacred water to your dowsing targets.


    Skyview Temple Revisited

    You’ll need to head back to Skyview Temple. The water you seek is in the Skyview Spring, just beyond the dungeon’s boss room. Although you can’t dowse in the temple, proceed through like you normally would. In the first section, with the spiral staircase, you’ll run into a group of butterflies. Strumming your harp will reveal the goddess crest on the wall, but it will also grab the attention of an old Mogma friend After some brief dialog, turn around on make your way through the crawl space in the wall.

    You’ll come out into the main room of the dungeon, now populated with froaks. The door at the far end of the room is locked. The problem now is finding the key. It’s not in a treasure chest, but underground. You’ll need to search for the right patch of dirt, which won’t be in plain sight.

    Head to the room on the right. You’ll want to dive into the water and swim to the eastern wall. There is a crawl space in there that you used during the first trip through the temple. Swim through and climb up the vines on the left-hand wall. At the end of the path is the patch of dirt you’re looking for. With the key in hand, continue onward.

    Skyview Spring is just beyond the final boss room. Continue heading north until you reach the large chasm, bridged by a tight rope. The Bokoblin archers will make crossing difficult. The best way to deal with them would be to utilize the bomb flower hanging on the branch over their heads. They will attempt to blow the bomb up when your beetle grabs hold, so it may take a few tries to sneak by their arrows. When you cross to the other side, save your game and prepare for a mildly challenging, mini-boss battle.

    Generally speaking, facing off with a Stalfos is never particularly challenging. Battling three at once is a different story. The name of the game is caution. If you try to release a string of attacks against one of them, the other two will stop you in your tracks. There are two approaches you can take. The first is to target the Stalfos, and back your way around the room. When one of them is in range, attack them with a single strike, and resume backing up. Repeat. The more efficient and rewarding method is to lure the Stalfos into the middle and place a bomb in the very center of the room. Run in a circle at a short distance from the bomb, and the explosion will stun the Stalfos. This is your chance to deal some real damage. Two to three waves of attacks should do the trick.

    Continue onward to Skyview Spring. You need to scoop water from the water fall behind the altar. The one on the left has a few fairies floating nearby, and your sword will register a strong dowsing signal. Collect the sacred water and you’ll be transported back to the deep woods to meet with the water dragon. Trek back to her chamber and talk to her to give her the sacred water.

    Her wounds are healed, but your work for the water dragon is not yet finished. In order to receive the sacred flame, you must head into the Ancient Cistern.


    Ancient Cistern Part 1

    The path in this dungeon isn’t very clear from the start. Cross the lily pads and examine the tablet on the right. It clues you in on the secret order of the temple:

    Back, rear, back of the right hand, back of the left hand.

    Head into the water and look for the hands on the left and right side. There is a silver rupee in the palm of each hand. Swimming up to it will prompt the hands to close shut. You can collect the rupees with a well-timed spin attack, and the hands will remain clasped from that point on.

    Head back to dry land and pull the lever on the east side of the temple. Enter the newly unlocked door, and head to the tunnel on dry land. Go past the Skultullas and through the doorway on the far side of the room. You will come to a door that can be unlocked with the secret order of the dungeon. You could have discovered the proper order to dismantle the lock by swimming around the main room, examining the color coded petals engraved on the bottom. To unlock the door, you must strike the lock sections in the following order: Up, down, left, right.

    In the next room, you will have to fend off two Skultullas. The easiest way to defeat them, aside from the usual tactics, would be to cut their tethers with your beetle. They will simply drown once they hit the water. Your next objective is to swim through the underwater tunnels. The only problem is that they are blocked by the sharp roots of the nearby lily pads. Climb up the vine laden platform on the left-hand side of the room, and drop down on top of the lily pad to flip it over. There are other pads that you can flip in the room, but they only lead to rupees.

    Continue through the tunnel, spinning through the wooden planks. Climb up the vines at the end, and claim your prize behind the door: a key! You can now head back to the main room and open the door in the middle of the large statue. Fi points out the door at the top of the statue. Before you can reach it, you have a bit more exploring to get out of the way. Drop down into the pit to face the dungeons mid-boss.

    The start of this fight is similar to a battle with a Stalphos, but this is the Stalmaster, so don’t get too comfortable. Patiently attack him when his guard allows it, striking between his swords. After roughly a dozen strikes, he will take his second form, consisting of four arms wielding swords. The same rules apply; try to attack him when he leaves an opening. When every angle is blocked by a sword, thrust yours into the middle.

    When you’ve landed enough blows, he will fall and the nearby door will unlock. On the other side awaits a new item; the whip! This can be used to reach distant items, manipulate mechanisms, and as a means of swinging over short distances.

    Go back to the Stalmaster’s lair and examine the conspicuous looking mechanism. Z-Target it and use your whip to grab hold and spin it. Use the geyser it creates to get back to the next level, and repeat these steps until you reach the top floor. You’ll see the familiar sight of the boss-room lock, but you still need to collect the key. Head back to the main room. Now that you have the whip, your options for exploration have grown.


    Ancient Cistern Part 2

    Go to the right hand side of the room and ascend a few platforms until you reach the outcrops on the wall. Use your whip to swing across them, then open the small chest at the final platform to obtain the dungeon map.

    You will notice large birds flying nearby. They are known as Furnix, and taking them down requires you to yank their tail with your whip. This will draw them near, allowing you to unleash attacks with your sword.

    On the left hand side, there is a large waterfall creating a current that blocks the mouth of a large, stone fish. Get onto the peach colored vent nearby and hop onto the lily pad adjacent to it. Use the whip to flip the upside-down pad and hop on it to pull the red lever on the wall. This will stop the water fall and allow you to enter the fish’s mouth.

    When you surface, their will be a Skultulla waiting for you. Take him out and look for the lever beyond the barred doorway. Luckily, your whip can fit through the gap. In the next room, use the growth on the wall to swing over to the vines on the right-hand side. Jump onto the vine covered, rotating cylinder. Make your way to the other side and dispatch the awaiting Bokoblin.

    Swing over to the next platform, and pull the red lever, which will open the gate above Link. Climb back up using the vines behind you to swing into the room that was just unlocked. Take out the spider on the vines in the distance, before swinging over to it. When you get there, there is another dial to spin, guarded by three Deku Baba’s. Once spun, the dial will initiate a whirlpool in the water below. Jump right in!

    When you surface, hop onto dry land near the bird statue and save your game, if need be. Use your beetle to take out the three Skultullas overhead. Conveniently, they will flip the lily pads, allowing your to into the next room.

    To get through the locked door, use your whip on the Bokoblin to steal the key from his belt. Swim into the pipe at the end of the hallway, and you’ll come out into room that connects to the main hall. Pull the red lever near the barred-door to create a shortcut. When facing the fish that spat you out, head to the right and spin jump onto the platform in the corner of the room. Flip the upside down lily pad, and dash up the wall, onto the vines. Run up the spiral staircase, and jump onto the lily pad in the water below.

    Swim into the hole, and do your best to avoid the froaks. When you reach the end, you’ll wind up back in the room you just left. Whip the dial to activate the geyser in the middle of the room. Trail back to the other side and make your way back to the upper level. Flip the pad over, and continue to the other side. At the end of this trail, pull the red lever and you’ll end up back in the large, main room. From your vantage point, grab a hold of the vines on your right, and navigate towards the dial. Turn it, and then pull the lever on the nearby wall with the whip. The statue will lower, allowing you to access the depths of the dungeon.


    Ancient Cistern Part 3

    Return to the statue and jump to the bottom. On the other side of the door is a sizable group of cursed bokoblins. In order to kill them, you have to knock them on the floor, and immediately execute a fatal blow, otherwise they will simply get back on their feet.

    Run behind the entrance, and look for the cave in the distance that leads to a series of lily pads. Go to the cave, but go past the pads, until you see a bomb flower. Use your beetle to take it to the stone blocking the platform on the other side of the pads. Flip the third one over and cross to the other side. Swing onto the platform you just cleared, and climb to the top of the nearby, vine–covered cylinder. Leap to the next cylinder, and wait for the large platform on the far side to appear. Ignore the rapidly rotating platform nearby or you will be thrown into the wall of spikes. Climb around and look for a long, stone platform, that loops around. Autojump to the vines and ascend to the top.

    Once there, pull the lever to reverse the direction of the rotating platform so that you won’t fly into the wall of spikes. Drop down, and continue up the winding path along the wall. You’ll then have to jump onto another vine covered cylinder. Hop off on the other side, and work you way up the vines to the lever you just pulled. Flip it back the other way, and retrace your steps backwards.

    The last cylinder you rode will now rotate counter-clockwise and you can drop to a different stone path. Run down it and hop into the middle of the pit. Climb up the rope in the middle, being careful to shake off any cursed bokoblins that may catch up with you. Once up there, you need to spin a dial to move the platform you’re standing on. This will allow you to raise the large statue, and access the treasure chest containing the final key.

    Drop back to the room you climbed up from. And retrace your steps back to the chamber you first entered in the caverns. Sitting in the middle of the floor is the key you’ve been looking for. Once you retrieve it from the chest, the statue will begin to lower back into place. Get out of harms way until you can enter. Once inside, use the geysers to get the the top floor. This time around, the key is a cinch to fit into the lock. Flip it over so the figure is in back, and rotate the key left or right to fit into the slot. Take the staircase that lowers from the ceiling and whip each of the four dials on top to gain access to the top of the dungeon. Save your game at the bird statue and prepare yourself for the boss.


    Ancient Cistern Boss, Koloktos

    This boss appears intimidating, but is relatively simple. Take note of his arms, held together by familiar looking mechanics. Your goal is to dismantle each arm by undoing the bindings with your whip.

    In order to do so, Koloktos has to be lured into slamming his arms into the ground. His other attack involves hurling two blades at Link, which he will perform until you get close enough to attack. To avoid these, Z-target the boss and back flip away from danger. All of this means you’ll have to get close to him on occasion. It's the only way to tempt him into attacking you and lowering his defenses. You’ll have a few seconds to use your whip when it strikes the ground.

    After removing four arms, you’ll have a window to attack his vulnerable torso. After completing two rounds of this tactic, Koloktos lifts his body from the ground and wields a sword in each hand.

    Get him to attack by running circles around him. The strategy is similar to the first form, but he will attack with three arms at a time. When you detach an arm this time, however, you can wield one of his swords.

    Use it to lop off the remaining arms, as well as his legs. When he is stunned, unleash a barrage of attacks on his torso, deactivating his defense and dealing major damage to his vulnerable area. At some point, it’s likely that he will summon a handful of cursed bokoblins. Conveniently, you needn’t worry about them getting back up after knocking them to the ground. It will take two to three rounds of attacks with one of his swords to finish the deed.

    Collect your heart container and exit through the shimmering door. Release a Skyward Strike on the goddess crest to activate the first sacred flame.

    Link will absorb the flames of Farore, transforming his sword into the Goddess Long Sword. This will also illuminate a portion of the legendary triforce on his glove.


    Second Trial – Lanayru Desert

    Having just learned Nayru's Song, it would seem logical to travel to the lanayru desert to seek out the second trial, gift, flame, and song. Here goes nothing!

    Head for the desert and look for the trial gate located near the entrance of the lightning node in the north. Use your dowsing ability if you get lost.

    The trial in the desert is the same as the first. There are 15 tears to collect and guardian's to avoid. You'll have to keep an eye out for the pools of water that occasionally make an appearance. In one instance, you must to push a cart into a pool that ebbs and flows. Exercise patience and move it in small increments, retreating often. Keep in mind that you can always retry each trial, with a map full of icons representing the tears you've already found.

    This time around, the sacred gift is the clawshot. Cousin to the hookshot, it can be used to retrieve distant items and transport Link to previously inaccessible areas. One of these areas is the next step towards your goal. Head to the sand falls in the west, and look for a target in the midde that you can use to access the Lanayru cave system. Inside, you'll find the wise goron, Golo. He'll reveal the location to the next flame; the Lanayru Sand Sea. Take his key, and grapple upwards with the nearby clawshot target.


    Lanayru Sand Sea

    When you enter the sea, you will have to traverse by way of the clawshot. When it seems, like there is no where left to grapple, drop down to the platform beneath you. Follow the path and clawshot over to the dock area. At the end of the dock is a boat with a timeshift stone in the middle. Striking it will revive the dusty robot nearby. He'll fill you in on his boat, which was once chauffer to the sacred flame.

    He'll offer you passage on his ship, if you promise to help locate his crew and reclaim ship. First, you must travel to his house and grab his sea chart. When navigating the boat, the lad around you will transform within the radius of the timeshift stone, as usual. You'll encounter a few enemies, but the canon is adequate defense.

    When you reach the area surrounding the Skippers house, you'll get off the boat and grapple you way through a series of large stone pillars. Use your beetle and bomb-flowers in the area to take out enemies that lie in wait. Grapple along using the targets and hovering, balloon-creatures. You will have to contend with an enourmous yellow chuchu, and several small ones on your travels. If you havn't found it already, the shop sells the Sacred Shield, which can protect you from all elements. It is your best bet for a defense if you have trouble in these areas.

    You'll also come to a bridge guarded by a Moblin. There is no need to engage in battle, as you can simply run around him. The zip-line on the cliff behind him is a shortcut to the dock where you last left the boat. Instead, look for the clawshot target to the right of the Moblin, on the platform with the pink blub, sporting the telltale whip target.

    Grapple to the next platform, and run to the top. Before you head for the next target, send your Beetle in first. There is a deku baba waiting for Link near the target that you should kill. The rest of the trip is fairly straightforward. When you get into the skippers house, you’ll need to clear some sand from the room to find the sea chart. The chest you seek is to the left of the door. With the sea chart in hand, it’s time to return to the Skipper. On your way, there is an excellent opportunity to skydive and earn some rupees in one fell swoop. Dive off of the right side of the platform leading from the Skippers house. Keep an eye out for the blue chest on the right, which contains a silver rupee. From there, grapple your way back to the dock. The Skipper marks the location of the Shipyard on your map. This will act as the fifth dungeon in the game, and the location of the second flame.

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Peter Brown

Peter is an Editor at GameSpot who's passionate about gaming hardware and game preservation.
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


I never have, and never will take notice of game reviews. After all, beauty is in "the eye of the beholder"That was not a bad game for it's time


So... that's it? The guide just stops? I usually like to struggle through LoZ (and this one hasn't been hard), but I for some reason am stuck. Google, here I come.


i can figure out how to throw bombs please help


Come on. please finish this guide! I like this as it has pictures.


I guess Peter Brown found another game to play??


ok, just learned the 2nd song, now i'm at the academy at night...anyone know where to pick up paper???


Can someone please help. I am stuck trying to kill the bokoblin in ancient cistern pt 2 when u have to climb the rotating column. He shoots arrows at me n I always fall down. Any advice. Do I need potions? And if so which ones?


There is a Wii Channel that will help you if you do screw up. It's in the Wii Shop under Channels.


I am a long time Zelda fan. I was really excited to try out the motion controls with this since I've heard its the best use of motion yet. So far I'm impressed with the motion although I don't think motion in general is all its cracked up to be. I'm two and a half hours into the game. Here are my thoughts: first of all I'm disappointed with how long they took to set up the game and story. There is a lot of unnecessary conversations, the guide is a weird jananese woman who doesn't fit into the zelda universe, I havn't gotten to the first dungeon yet, and I'm doing a pointless fetch-quest. I'm sure the game will turn out to be great once I actually get into some dungeon action and boss battles. Also, the graphics are really washed out. I mean, wind waker even looked a lot sharper than this and that was 5 years ago at least. *Addendum : After sticking with the game and playing through the sky temple I remember what is so special about the Zelda series. I'm loving the game and the game design and use of motion controls is probably the most creativity i've seen in a game since metal gear solid. While it's still the same basic Zelda forumala it's one of the greatest in the world of videogames. They still didn't need all that wasted time in the beginning of the game but now its a joy to play.


So the guide died? No updates in over a month!


This game is an absolute masterclass in game design, game interactivity, sound design and graphical design. Those that harken back to Ocarina really are under-stating Miyamoto's progression as a game designer and visionary. You can like OoT better if you must, but you must acknowledge Miyamoto's persistence in pushing Zelda to ever-increasing new heights. This game has double the creativity that OoT had as far as I have noticed (and I'm only 4 hours in).


Some of what u have to do for the first Gratitude Crystal Mini-Quest is left out. Like having to talk to the young woman close to the graveyard then going to Lumpy Pumpkin and talk to the old dude. Just clarifying.


Zelda: ocarina of time 3d is officially my new favorite game of all time but, Zelda: skyward sword is officially my new favorite game for the Wii, and I for one would love to see a HD port of this game for the Wii-u.


i enjoyed this zelda, but i think twilight princess was better. there is no replay value to this one, and zelda needs to grow up and get some voices. let Link and Zelda be voiceless but seriously, the towns people and villians need voices. This game was easier than the other Zeldas and the puzzles weren't all that spectacular, but still I am a zelda fan and enjoyed it, but i would like to see some serious development in the series.


in my opinion, this is the best zelda until now, cause the zelda games are just getting better and better... this is a really masterpiece for nintendo


this is yet another great zelda game. I love how i have actually played every console zelda since the beginning, and even though Link to Past or OOT stand out as being great...people think that Windwaker, TP or even SS arent as good as Link to Past. Well, u know what, TP is better then OOT. It might not have made the mark on this generations gaming as OOT did, but what else was there back then? Nothing. Each zelda game has only gotten better. I went into SS not sure if id like the new graphics. TP was def beautiful. But SS just feels like this is what a Zelda game should look like. I can pick out flaws, but it is a great game. and besides, does anyone really think that nintendo is going to let us down? 25 years....and it is still on top of its genre.


this is one of the most beautiful game i ever played, one of the best zelda games for sure.


While I agree with you completely, Metal Gear>>>>>> Zelda. Honestly. And irony from someone with a Final Fantasy avie.


@grim0187 forgive my grammar. well it always depends on the gamers perspective. some gamers love a game so much that they would give it a 10, but someone else might go meh its a good game, id give it an 8, you get what im saying, cause i understand what your saying and i respect that. i absolutely love MGS and Zelda, they are at the top of my fav series, but not everyone likes them as much as i do, i respect that too. so what games do you like? ;)


@almossbb Okay, this line "i dont give for the review score cause i love the game" Is that supposed to say I dont CARE for the review score? Whatever.... Anyways, Metal Gear is another series that is meh and that has been around forever. Im not saying its not a good game. Im just saying its not as good as people think it is. Link to the past is the best zelda game. Always has been, always will be. The rest follow in its footsteps, yes even Ocarina of Time.


Oh lawd, you fanboys are hilarious. I am a huge Zelda fan and I even realize that this one is far from perfect. Cry some more, newbs.


Man... I just bought the game... and it is wonderful... There are no problems with the control... and the characters are just brilliant... along with the graphics and the environment... You know, when a game is as good as this, you don´t care about the review. If the reviewer did not know how to play when he reviewed it, who cares. If he is a real gamer, he will re-review it. If he does not, well, I feel really sorry for him, because he does not know how to look at a masterpiece, and he is going to lose his chance of playing one of the best games ever made in the real way he should play it. Personally, I´m happy that other Gamespot editors are enjoying and creating excellent walktroughs for the game. In fact, I´m so happy, that I think that is not necessary to leave Gamespot because of their review for the game. I´m in peace with gaming.


What an amazing game. This reviewer certainly did work with a broken controller or something... I've had nearly zero problems. Nothing game breaking anyway. The controls are fantastic and I can only hope they will mark the future.


@grim0187 i dont give for the review score cause i love the game if zelda has always been a "meh" title, it would not have continued for 25 years, think about that. im not asking you to like zelda, if you dont then fine by me whatever...


@tremblay343 We could argue about this all day, and maybe If we want to we could fill all these comments with our comments LOL... but have you seen the Zelda hotspot? Peter Brown is the one is the one backing up TM, so I know who is writing the guide, I even saw his face LOL. It's not gonna be long, but I just want to say, I love this game, this game is amazing, the controller works, even though is not 100% works it didn't ruin my experience with this game, the story line is amazing, one of the scene is definitely going to be my top 5 greatest moment in Zelda... There's no such thing as 100% works especially in motion controllers... I play kinect, does it work? yes it works... does it always 100% works? no, it's lagging... even classic controllers does not always works... but does the controller troublesome just like TM mentioned in his review? no... not at all... I love it and and "most" of the people will love this game too, for me this is going to be GoTY Contender for 2011 and probably for other websites too, but for GS, who knows, probably Zelda going to be the worst game that will become the GoTY contenders in GS... LOL... Anyway I really enjoyed the game, that's the most important, I just feel sorry for some people who didn't feel like I feel...


I will not follow a walkthrough for a loser!


@xjonathan2005 Also IGN gets games first. That's just how it is. They almost always have first review up. Of course their guide is going to be a little bit ahead. You even said the IGN isn't complete, so WHY would the gamespot one be finished yet? It gets updated every day, just like the IGN one. Also maybe the guy likes SS more than Tom? It's laughable that you think a guides editor writes a guide "from the heart". A lot of people, including ex-ign Colin Moriarty and ex-gamespot Matt Rorie hated writing guides because you play way more of a game than you'd like to and you have to search every corner for every stupid collectible. So unless you know the person who's writing this guide, none of what you said makes any sense or is justifiable in any way.


[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


@xjonathan2005 Yes I do think they were playing it properly. This game has faults. Granted not many, but faults exist. Just because Tom doesn't go insane everytime he plays this game does not mean he did it wrong. This is a Zelda game. Some people are tired of Zelda games. You do a dungeon, you unlock a new piece of land, explore, go into a dungeon. There is a hookshot, a boomerang(kind of), bombs and you can shoot lasers out of your sword. This game is not a revolution. The controls are cool. Do they work all the time? No. Do they work most of the time? Yeah. While I do think 7.5 is low, I don't think it's very far off the mark. I have been playing Zelda games for a very long time. They definitely improved the combat, but just because people have a different opinion about the fun they're having (which is purely subjective btw!) does not mean they're "playing it wrong". Not everyone is 12 and and an irrational fanboy.


I've played this game for around 20 hours and so far it's been awesome. The controls are near perfect, with the only major complaint so far being swimming. Was Tom holding the Wiimote upside down or what? :/


I love this Tom and Peter were hating on Zelda through the entire Hotspot show except for maybe one or two positive comments and now they make a walkthrough. Why?


I lol so hard at how so many people get butthurt over a review score. It doesnt matter if the controles are fixed and the game is rereviewed. I bet it would only bring the score up by like .5. Fact is, this is a "meh" title. Zelda has ALWAYS been "meh." But its legion of die hard fanboys cant see past the tears in their eyes or breath through the froth at their mouths. Hilarious...


@Tremblay343 ur doin it wrong then...


@ElmorePOW everybody HAS to love this game right? opinions are for chumps but for what it's worth, i love this game


What's wrong Gamespot? Could not blackmail enough money from Nintendo? Your review score of Skyward Sword looks ridiculous compared to general consensus that can be read from Metacritic. It is sad that this site has gone beyond the border when they do not recognize one of the greatest Zelda games ever made. I've played Skyward Sword for 10 hours now and the sheer quality of this game stuns me. Nobody cares if you re-write your review or not, because gamespot has lost the last of its respectability it ever had.


@Tremblay343 Is not that I am amazing, This game is Amazing! Some people don't realize or don't know or can't figure it out how amazing this game is... And that some people did the review, and the group from that some people are doing the walkthrough... For some people who has realize that this is an amazing game will agree with me, how could they make a guide if they can't even appreciate the amazingness of the game? You saw the review, do you think that they are playing it properly? I am not the judge here, and fyi, check on IGN's wiki, it's much better and more complete, even though some dungeons are still missing but at least they appreciate the game and they are doing the walkthrough from their heart... unlike this walkthrough they are doing it just to get more hits... 7.5 doesn't deserve a walkthrough, what would they doing it now? once again, I'm not the judge here...


Why would anyone want to use a Gamespot walkthrough? It'd probably tell you to waggle your way through the game.


Why would anyone in their right mind read a walkthrough made by people who don't even know how to play the game properly? This is comedic.


Has Gamespot done a re-review with any game? because I think that Skyward Sword really deserves one, and I don´t want to leave Gamespot :(


It is better to prevent, than to regret Gamespot, to prevent than to regret ...


This game is great! Hard to put it down.


What I enjoy about this walkthrough, more than anything else, are the cheesy names he gives the next pages....."Break on Through to The Other Side"......hahaha....Bravo, editor :D


Hah! And they want to do a walkthrough now??? Are you crazy Gamespot???


@xjonathan2005 Someone completely different from the review is doing the guide. Just because you don't agree with the score does not mean they're not playing it properly. I myself and experiencing issues when trying to throw/roll bombs and having to recenter the cursor all the time is really annoying. Swordplay is cool, but using stuff that requires manual aim can be fussy. Sorry we're not all amazing like you are.


They can't even play properly, now they are going to make a walkthrough? that's like I can't cook but I'm making a cooking guide... btw, Gamespot's walkthrough is late, IGN's walkthrough already on for 3 days now...


is there paper other than cawlin's letter?


Not to worry. Figured it out.