The Ladies of Icewind Dale

See nine of the character portraits from Interplay's upcoming Icewind Dale RPG.

Yesterday, we received a preview copy of Icewind Dale, the role-playing game from Black Isle Studios that takes place in the region of the same name. As many know, the region was made famous in the Icewind Dale trilogy of novels by R.A. Salvatore, in which the legendary drow ranger Drizzt Dourden makes his first appearance. Although Drizzt makes no appearance in this game, there are plenty of characters to play, meet, and fight in Icewind Dale.

Icewind Dale is slated for a early summer release, and is 90 percent complete at this stage. The game features various environments, from snowy plains to steamy volcanoes to underground dungeons. A bevy of monsters will provide resistance for player characters, from frost giants to lizardmen to yeti. Read our preview for more information and screen shots. You can also check out the character portraits in today's two Icewind Dale stories. This first story shows off nine female character portraits, including sorceresses, fighters, and even a female bard.

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