The Kore Gang E3 2003 Preshow Report

CDV's upcoming adventure game will let you solve puzzles using three different characters with unique abilities.

CDV Software will have The Kore Gang, an upcoming Xbox adventure game, on display at this year's E3. The game's title refers to a gang of three friends: Pixie, a little girl; Rex, a Chihuahua; and Madboy, a young boy. At the outset of the game, an earthquake strikes, causing Pixie to fall into an underground labyrinth. There, she finds a strange apparatus called the Kore Suit, which enhances the natural abilities of the wearer.

When Pixie puts on the Kore Suit, she has the ability to climb almost anything. When Rex jumps in the suit, he gets an extremely keen sense of smell and hearing, over and above his natural canine abilities. Finally, when Madboy is in the suit, he becomes a fearsome fighting robot, with a huge iron fist. The game will reflect the special perspectives of each character in the suit, by giving Rex a "smell view," for example. As in games like MDK or Munch's Oddysee, you will have to switch between characters in order to get through the game's 24 levels (spread across six unique environments), coming up with clever ways to utilize each character's strengths to overcome puzzles and obstacles. Standing in your way of escaping the underground mazes are enemies called the kranks. You'll also need to rescue the Kore Suit's inventor, Dr. Samuelsen, from the clutches of the evil kranks.

The Kore Gang's graphics have a stylized, cartoon feel, and the environments are colorfully fanciful. The game's music will also play an important role, adding to The Kore Gang's lighthearted themes. The Kore Gang is scheduled to be released for the Xbox in the second half of this year. We'll have more information as it becomes available.

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