The Grinch Ships for the PlayStation

Just in time for the holidays, Konami has shipped The Grinch to stores.

Konami of America announced today that it has shipped The Grinch for the PlayStation to stores. In this nonviolent action-adventure game, players play as the Grinch and his dog Max, and they attempt to stop Christmas from coming to Whoville. There are 24 levels of smashing presents, stealing Christmas decorations, and setting back the clock. Dreamcast, Game Boy Color, and PC versions of the game are currently scheduled for release at the end of November.

"The Grinch game is this year's perfect holiday gift item for children and adults alike," said Rick Naylor, brand manager for Konami of America. "For the first time, gamers will get to play as one of America's most endearing bad boys in an interactive 3D environment."

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