TGS 2005: Konami hosts Subsistence multiplayer tourney

Kojima Productions' Snake Eater remix featured in TGS stage show stars members of US, Japanese press.

TOKYO--GameSpot and other members of the Japanese, American, and European press were invited to join in a Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence tournament being held today at Konami's Tokyo Game Show booth. The event brought participants equipped with helmet cameras together, in front of a sizable audience of Japanese gamers who looked on through several rounds of the game's capture-the-frog mode. A large screen behind the presenters showed off both the in-game action and close-up shots of the contestants' mugs as they tasted sweet victory or bitter defeat. Just wait until you see the video!

Though most of the teams involved in the tournament were present onstage at TGS and played the game via local network, several teams played the game from offsite, such as one stationed at Konami's Roppongi office in the middle of Tokyo. After several rounds, the team from Japan's leading gaming magazine Famitsu took top honors and went on to receive commendation from Hideo Kojima himself onstage.

Stay tuned for an upcoming video feature detailing the event. For more information on the Subsistence online mode, refer to our recent preview direct from TGS.

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