Tetris Worlds Live ships

THQ announces that its Xbox Live-compatible version of the classic block-dropping game is now available in stores across the US.

THQ has today announced the release of Tetris Worlds Live for the Xbox. The game, which features numerous variations of the classic Tetris, is essentially an enhanced version of Tetris Worlds, which was released for the Xbox almost a year ago.

"Few products have demonstrated the longevity and universal appeal of Tetris, as it continues to be one of the strongest original game franchises ever created," said Peter Dille, THQ senior vice president of worldwide marketing. "By taking advantage of Xbox Live, Tetris Worlds Live allows players from around the world to compete against one another in all-new gameplay scenarios designed specifically for an online audience."

In addition to something resembling the original Tetris, Tetris Worlds Live features a number of "cutting-edge variations" including hot-line Tetris, fusion Tetris, and cascade Tetris. The game's Xbox Live mode will allow players to test their skills against other Tetris fans from all over the world, and to check out their online rankings in the constantly updated Tetris Worlds Live community.

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