Testing the limit of PS Vita’s Remote Play on the PS4 using Battlefield 4

Remote Play has a roughly 50 foot limit but provides a quick, painless reconnection process.

How far can you take the PS Vita from your PlayStation 4 while using Remote Play? We tested it out during a Battlefield 4 demo at the GameSpot office today and were able to get about about 50 feet before the handheld stopped responding.

In the video below, editor Danny O’Dwyer explains that the game quality on Vita does not get progressively worse the further you get from the console; the distance between where the system works and when it stops is a quick cut-off. The pro there is that there’s no degradation in quality or gameplay responsiveness. However that also means you lose connectivity with no warning.

After losing your connection, the system kicks you out of the game and asks you to reconnect your controller. When you bring the Vita back into the PS4’s range, you can immediately jump back into the game without having to restart the Vita system or manually resyncing.

As a caveat, GameSpot has more concrete walls than most normal homes and also more large, open areas -- you can see in the video that O'Dwyer explores two sides of the office to test this. Also, our offices wired and wi-fi connection uses a faster than T3 connection, so results may vary significantly on slower networks.

GameSpot's video coverage of the PS4 also includes a demonstration on how to install a new hard drive, an in-depth look at the new UI and dashboard, and a general hardware overview. The PS4 releases this Friday, November 15 in North America for $400. Keep checking GameSpot for continuing coverage of the system leading up to and following launch.

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