Tenchu 2 Released

Activision's anticipated prequel sneaks its way into retail outlets.

The history of the ninja Rikimaru, Ayame, and Tatsumaru is revealed in the prequel to the million-plus selling Tenchu: Birth of the Stealth Assassins. In the game, players choose from one of three ninja that they can take through 29 levels across the kingdom of Lord Gohda.

"Activision has made a name for itself by introducing new franchises to the market and following those efforts up with extensive sequels," said Michael Pole, executive vice president for Activision Worldwide Studios. "Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins is a perfect example of this, and the prequel will establish itself as the benchmark for the stealth-action genre with its innovative ninja gameplay, superior graphics, and state-of-the-art mission editor."

While the gameplay expands upon the "live by honor, kill by stealth" style that was so popular in the original, Tenchu 2 promises unique gameplay depending on character choice. New ninja tools such as blow darts, blinding dust, exploding arrows, and an underwater breathing reed have been added to help immerse the player in the world of Tokogawa-era Japan.

The game carries a suggested retail price of US$39.99.

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