Telltale reels in Big Fish Games

Adventure game developer adds another site to the list of distributors for Bone: Out from Boneville.

Independent developer Telltale has found another outlet for its games. The company today announced it reached a multititle agreement with online game distributor Big Fish Games. Starting with Bone: Out from Boneville, a number of Telltale titles will be available from the Big Fish Web site.

Big Fish lets gamers download a demo of Bone for free, the full game for $19.99, or download the full game and have a CD with the game on it sent to them for $29.94. Big Fish also sells packaged deals that let gamers buy multiple games at a discount. Telltale also sells Bone through its own Web site as well as Yahoo Games.

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Bone rules all of you future commenters who will say "wtf is Bone."