Tekken 5 kicking down Japanese arcades this fall

Namco's upcoming fighting game will feature new network-system and online services.


TOKYO--Namco announced that its upcoming 3D fighter, Tekken 5, will be hitting arcades in Japan this fall. The game will operate on a new arcade board, tentatively named System 256. Following today's announcement of ALL.net, Namco revealed that Tekken 5 will be its first title to take advantage of the new online system.

Namco's network system for Tekken 5 will be called Tekken-Net, and it will operate similarly to Sega's VF-Net system for the Virtua Fighter 4 series. Players will need to purchase an IC card to use Tekken-Net's services, which allow players to accumulate prize money to purchase accessories for their characters, in addition to a maintaining a rank system for battles with human players. The system can also have the computer analyze the player's fighting patterns to create a "ghost" character to fight against.

Players can check out the game’s Web site for more information on Tekken 5.