Tecmo reconfirms DOA3 exclusivity

Despite rumors to the contrary, Tecmo says that Dead or Alive 3 will remain exclusive to the Xbox.


Along with its announcement of the shipment of Dead or Alive 3 for the Xbox, Tecmo reiterated that, despite rumors to the contrary, the fighting game will remain exclusive to Microsoft's console. Company president Isamu Fukada said that the company currently has no plans to develop the game for competing platforms.

"Despite rampant speculation, Tecmo has no plans to produce Dead or Alive 3 for other consoles," Fukada said. "Dead or Alive 3 was designed to take full advantage of and play exclusively on the Xbox, which is the most powerful video game system on the market.''

Dead or Alive 3 will be available in retailers ahead of the launch of the Xbox on November 15. Microsoft and Tecmo will support the game's release with a multimillion-dollar television ad campaign beginning on November 11.