Team Fortress 2 gets $100 in-game engagement ring

Valve introduces giftable "Something Special for Someone Special" diamond ring, calls it "basically useless."


Money can't buy love, but it can buy a $100 in-game engagement ring in Team Fortress 2, Valve has announced.

To mark Valentine's Day, the studio has made available a $100 "Something Special for Someone Special" in-game engagement ring. According to Valve, "it's basically useless."

The Engineer finds the diamonds, you buy them.

After purchasing the ring, players can gift it to whomever they wish. The ring will appear in that person's backpack, and that lucky gamer will be prompted to accept the proposal. When the proposal is accepted, the entire Team Fortress 2 community will receive a message including both person's names and whatever the buyer decided to title the ring.

After that, Valve said the gift becomes two identical diamond bands, which players can don as they play Team Fortress 2. The ring is untradeable, and Valve did not say what would happen if the proposal was rejected.


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