TDK announces details on special-edition Robotech

Find out what will be included in the limited-edition packages of Robotech.

TDK Mediactive has revealed what will be included with the special edition of Robotech: Battlecry. The package will include the game, a soundtrack featuring rerecorded music from the cartoon, a T-shirt with Skull One artwork, five cards featuring preproduction artwork, a lenticular motion card, and dog tags.

"Robotech is a strong property with a very big following," said Stefan Serwe, vice president, global marketing at TDK Mediactive. "The loyal fans deserve not only an amazing game, but also an extensive collection of exclusive extras. Special-edition packaging is long overdue in the US market and it's a great way to give something back to all the loyal gamers who have been starving for a first-rate Robotech title."

The Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions of Robotech: Battlecry are scheduled for release in late September. The GameCube version will be released in early October.

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