Take TOCA for a test drive

Codemasters' latest features more than 80 cars, 40 tracks; demo includes one set of wheels, one course.

Codemaster's TOCA Race Driver 3 doesn't come out in the US until February 2006, but eager PC gamers can get an early taste of the game with the just-released demo. Weighing in at just under 135MB, the demo lets players kick the tires on a 2006 model Honda Civic before taking it for a joyride on a single course. Interested gamers can download the demo from GameSpot.

The demo doesn't come close to covering the scope of the game, as TOCA Race Driver 3 will feature more than 80 different cars in total, most of which are officially licensed racecars from competitions all over the world, such as the German DTM, the British GT, and the Australian V8 Supercars. Notable additions over previous TOCA games will include Baja trucks, monster trucks, sprint cars, and Koenig-tuned Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches. On top of the game's stocked garage of rides, Codemasters is including more than 40 tracks with enough multiple configurations to push the total number of course layouts above the century mark.

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TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge