T72 rolls to factory

New 3D tank game for PCs will be available from the Battlefront.com Web site for $35.


Battlefront.com today announced that T72: Balkans on Fire! has gone gold and will be available by early July. This PC game was developed by Russian publisher IDDK's internal development studio, Crazy House, and places players in the turret of Russian tanks during the 1991 through 1995 Balkan conflicts. Players must fight their way through the former Yugoslavia from the bellies of T-72B, T-55A, and T-34-85 Russian tanks. T72: Balkans on Fire! is currently available for preorders at its publisher's Web site. The game costs $35 and will not be available in stores.


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What do you mean "not availible in stores". I saw it in a shop last week! Really cheap too.