Syberia II demo debuts Monday

Following its unauthorized leak, Microids will officially release the demo for its PC adventure game next week.

Recently, an illicit demo for the PC adventure game Syberia II was leaked onto the Web. Apparently pirated in Spain, the demo was only partially complete and has caused its developer Microids great consternation. In the wake of the leak, the Microids forums were so besieged by spammers that they were shut down, and they remain offline today.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. Microids will now release the full demo on Monday, March 1.

Due out next month in the US, Syberia II is the follow-up to Microids' unlikely 2002 hit. It chronicles the continuing escapades of Kate Walker, the ex-lawyer who finds adventure in a wintry "future gothic" world. Like its predecessor's story, Syberia II's story will be written by French novelist and artist Benoit Sokal, and its gameplay will center around mystery and puzzle solving. GameSpot's preview has more on the game.

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