Super Mario RPG 2 Japanese Release Date

Nintendo announces the Japanese release date for the Intelligent System's developed Super Mario RPG 2.

After being in development for more than two year's, Nintendo's Super Mario RPG 2, or Paper Mario in the US, will finally be released in Japan on August 11, 2000, according to Famitsu Weekly.

A pseudo-sequel to Mario 64, the game features 2D characters superimposed over 3D environments. The gameplay remains similar however, as Mario is thrust into a winding adventure that takes him through several worlds and introduces him to both new and familiar characters.

Super Mario RPG 2 will retail in Japan for a retail price of 6,800 Yen. The game's US release date is set for December 26, 2000.

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it's a spiritual sequel, in that's a mario rpg. Who cares if Squaresoft didn't make it? Get off your high horse, rpg snob.


is anyone else disgusted by the fact that they are linking mario rpg and paper mario by calling paper mario it's sequel? this is an outrage!