Sudden Strike Forever screens

CDV releases new screenshots from its upcoming expansion for the World War II real-time strategy game Sudden Strike.

CDV Software has released new screenshots from Sudden Strike Forever, its upcoming expansion pack for the World War II real-time strategy game Sudden Strike. The screenshots show a couple of views from a video sequence, as well as an in-game view of a harbor area. In addition to the just-released screenshots, we have posted two previously released images displaying in-game scenes of German bombers attacking a group of Allied units and a battle between German and Allied forces in a desert environment.

Sudden Strike Forever will add several new units to the original game, including 87.5mm howitzers, matildas, 76.2mm guns, and medics on the English side and a variety of other units for the other playable forces. In addition to the new units, the expansion will feature several new maps and play options.

Sudden Strike Forever is scheduled for release in early May. For more information about the original Sudden Strike, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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