Stronghold: Crusader demo released

Take-Two releases a demo for its follow-up to last year's castle-building real-time strategy game.

Take-Two has released a playable demo of Stronghold: Crusader. The game is the follow-up to last year's Stronghold , a real-time strategy game focused on building and defending castles. The game uses the same engine as its predecessor but introduces new desert battles to the mix, with European knights duking it out against the Saracens. Stronghold: Crusader introduces a number of new units and gameplay features that will change the game so it requires different strategies during desert matches. The 79MB offers a tutorial and three skirmish levels. GameSpot Complete members can download the file from the link below, and it's also available from the official site.

Stronghold: Crusader is set to ship in September. For more information, check out our Stronghold of the game.

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Stronghold: Crusader

Stronghold: Crusader