Stormfront developing PSP game, "major" movie tie-in

The Demon Stone studio is hiring designers for two high-profile projects, hints work on next-gen titles will start soon.


With the release of Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone less than a month away, Stormfront Studios is starting work on a new project. Actually, it's starting work on two new projects, according to a series of job listings on the San Rafael, California, developer’s Web site.

While each listing is for a different position--lead designer, level layout designer, and “game designers”--each begins with the same line: “We are currently in pre-production on a console action-adventure game based on a major new Hollywood film, and we’re about to start our first PSP title. “

While two projects would be enough for most independent studios, Stormfront is also laying the foundation for bigger and better things. The same ads also contain this tantalizing teaser: “We’re also preparing the strategic groundwork for the transition to the next generation console platforms.” GameSpot will have more information on this rising studio’s next big things as they become available.