Steam's future

Valve's Erik Johnson comments on the future for the company's download service, after the end of the free beta.

In a post on the official Steam forums, Valve's Erik Johnson said that the free beta phase for the Half-Life developer's online distribution service is coming to an end. The next major version of Steam will move Half-Life multiplayer gaming into the service, and Steam will then require that users have a valid Half-Life CD key.

Valve has plans to release three more Half-Life 2 movies via Steam after this upcoming update, and the service will see a number of enhancements, including full support for interface skins, more efficient use of disk space and bandwidth, and a conversion wizard to integrate content already present on the hard drive. For more information on Steam, visit

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 @AbuSharkas8  yup, from launch til about 2008, Steam sucked. Now its great.


 @ise1880 Wow, over 6 years ago :)

But now I am totally  in love with steam.