Starcraft II Pros Converge at MLG Winter Arena 2012

We team up with pro gaming caster Rod Breslau, aka Slasher, and join 32 top Starcraft II players for three days of tournaments, a $26,000 prize pool, and behind-the-scenes coverage!

How much Starcraft II can you play in one weekend? You’re about to find out at MLG Winter Arena 2012, where 32 of the world’s top Starcraft II players will rush, cliff-jump, and leapfrog their way to New York City and the $26,000 prize pool. Pro gaming caster Rod Breslau, aka Slasher, joins us for all three days of the tournament to bring you behind-the-scenes videos, daily wrap-ups, player interviews, more! For information on the live stream, brackets, and more, head over to the official MLG Winter Arena website.

Stories and videos

Player Interviews

Daily Wrap-ups

Day 1 Wrap
Day 2 Wrap
Day 3 Wrap
Sundance Interview

MLG Starcraft II Winter Arena Tournament Bracket

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