Starcraft II Live Stream at MLG Spring Arena 2

Thirty-two of the world's best Starcraft II players competing at the MLG Spring Arena this weekend for more than $26,000 in prizes in NYC.

Beginning Friday, May 18, at 5 p.m. ET and continuing through Sunday, May 20, 32 of the world's best Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty players will battle at the Major League Gaming Spring Arena 2 at the MLG Studio in New York City. Competitors will vie for a share of $26,400 in prize money, and the top eight finishers will receive all-expenses-paid trips to compete at the Spring Championship taking place in Anaheim, California, June 8-10. The competition will broadcast LIVE through 11 HD streams at

The 32 Competitors from around the globe include

MLG Spring Arena 1 Top 4 and DreamHack EIZO Open Winner

  • DongRaeGu - winner of Spring Arena 1
  • Heart
  • Ganzi
  • MC* - *MC replaces MarineKing, who cannot attend
  • EGThorzain - Winner of DreamHack EIZO Open

Korean Region Online Qualifier Top 10

  • FXOz
  • TSLSymbol
  • SlayersAlicia
  • SlayersMMA
  • TSLPolt
  • MVP_Dream
  • TSLInori
  • SlayersRyung
  • IMLosira
  • FXOLeenock

NA Region Top 8

  • dSeleCT
  • coLKiller
  • ClashMook
  • xSixSleep
  • Empire_Violet
  • EGIdra
  • FnaticRain
  • HUK

EU Region Top 9

  • MilStephano
  • Socke
  • Blast_Tefel
  • AcerBly
  • ESCGoody
  • dBling
  • Grubby
  • LiquidRet
  • Al_Seiplo

Follow the tournament bracket here.

For more information about the arena and to watch the live matches on the full PPV stream, head over to

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