Starcraft II Aussie launch photo gallery

EB Games and Blizzard throw a wild party as fans flock to Brisbane for the game's official Aussie release.

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated game sequels of all time, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty last week finally broke free of its development shackles to go on sale globally. GameSpot AU was there alongside the 2,000 gamers who braved the cold at King George Square in Brisbane for the official Aussie midnight release. Check out our photo gallery from the event below!

You're not doing it right. Starcraft fans take it in turns making themselves look like giant tuna cans with guns.

Prepare to flex your brain meat as we probe the deepest depths of your Starcraft universe knowledge.

Punters grab a microphone to show off their best game character impersonation in the sound-a-like contest.

Winners are grinners as Zerg slobber guy takes home a bag full of Blizz merch.

Almost time to unveil the cosplay part of the evening. Homemade outfits begin to trundle into the square. Wonder if they wore those outfits in on the train?

Cardboard Pylon man is a clear crowd favourite. Some of the audience members wonder if he was on his way to an Avatar fancy dress party and became lost.

Despite being ineligible to win a prize as an EB Games employee, this young lady still wanted to dress up and show off her love for the Queen of Blades.

Excited fans watch as the clock ticks toward midnight. It's hard not to admire their dedication when they're standing in line in the middle of winter to buy a cardboard box with a disc inside.

Fans take the opportunity to grill Starcraft II producer Kaeo Milker during a live audience question-and-answer session. He breaks hearts telling them no fourth race is on the way.

A Blizzard employee desperately searches for his car keys. I wonder if they're hiding inside this collector's edition?

Our full Starcraft II review will be up early this week. Can't wait that long? Check out our thoughts on the game on our Review in Progress blog and our launch centre here!

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Looks like the Aussie fans had a good time


Pylon man should have his friends dressed up as supply depot (wo)man and overlord (wo)man.


Pylon dude: best cosplay ever (the drone was cool too)