StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough

Raynor's Raiders are blasting across the galaxy to stop the forces of The Dominion, Tal'darim fanatics, and Kerrigan's deadly Zerg. Our StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Walkthrough will show you how to clear the campaign, find secrets, and stomp multiplayer.

Raynor's Raiders are blasting across the galaxy to stop the forces of The Dominion, Tal'darim fanatics, and Kerrigan's deadly Zerg. Our StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Game Guide will show you how to clear the campaign, find secrets, and stomp multiplayer. Here's what's inside:

Here's what's inside GameSpot's StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Game Guide:

  • Walkthrough: A full walkthrough to the Wings of Liberty campaign
  • Secrets and Side Missions: Details about hidden and alternate missions, alien research, upgrades, and mercenaries
  • Multiplayer: Tips for building a strong army in on-line matches

Liberation Day

You'll start on a dusty road along Mar Sara's wasteland. Your small squad will consist of five basic marines and Jim Raynor. Raynor is a hero unit, giving him special stats to be more powerful in battle. For this mission he must survive until the end.

Select all of your troops and march down the road. Along the way you'll encounter Dominion marines, so stop your advance and defeat them. You'll soon arrive at a town center that is heavily guarded by enemy forces. Thankfully, a squad of allied reinforcements will land and distract the enemy. Use this chance to kill off the remaining Dominion and add the new marines to your controlled squad.

There is a secondary objective to this mission. Stop and search for Dominion billboards and projections that spout audible propaganda. There are five scattered around the area and will unlock bonuses for destroying them. When ready, continue along the road.

You'll come to a transport that is shipping off innocent colonists. Kill the marines and then takeout the transport vehicle itself as it has a mounted turret. The colonists will now support you for the remainder of the mission. With your increased numbers, march towards the enemy stronghold and destroy everything along your path. When the base is taken, the mission will end in victory.

The Outlaws

You'll need to assault the Dominion base in the north part of the map. Start by getting your SCVs gathering the mineral field and build one refinery to start collecting gas. You'll want at least two barracks up: one with a reactor to produce quick marines, and one with a tech lab to supply medics.

As your numbers swell, be sure to make more supply depots to accommodate the needed amount of food. Eight marines along with four medics is a good start to patrol the area. To make things easier, you can assign this team to a control group so you can quickly select them again. You'll encounter some Dominion troops around, however this medical backup and large numbers they will be easily crushed.

Be on the look out for extra mineral and gas deposits that your units can collect for a quick resupply. Along the south west you'll find a rebel base under attack by enemy forces. Save this allies and they will bolster your forces with their surviving army and buildings. If you're still low on units, take the time to train more offensive and defensive units.

The enemy's base is guarded with vehicles and several marines. At least sixteen marines and eight medics should be taken in for your assault. Be sure to hit their barracks and factories, which will cease enemy offensive units. When there is no opposition left, destroy the command center and any remaining SCVs to complete the mission.

Zero Hour

This mission is more about outlasting the enemy rather than outright fighting. You'll want to guard both of your entrances by building bunkers. However, you don't want to be completely closed off. Instead of making all bunkers and walling yourself in, build at least one supply depot. The depot can be lowered, allowing your army to advance and scout the area.

You'll want the two barracks combo from the last mission: one with a tech lab for medics, and a second with a reactor for many marines. Load your outer bunkers with the full amount of four marines and leave the medics on the outside. To quickly repair your buildings also leave a single SCV nearby and it will automatically mend any damage.

Several rebels and supplies are scattered around the map. Assemble a small squad of marines and medics to find them. The supplies will help you build more troops, and rebel forces will join your side when rescued. The Zerg will attempt to stop your searches, and while you'll likely loose some units, your rewards will outweigh most loses.

Once you've gathered enough allies, mineral, and gas, return to your base and close off your walls by raising your supply depots. Now it's simply a matter of holding off against the advancing Zerg. Your marines are capable of taking out both ground and air units effectively. If you need a little more anti-air support build a missile turret or two. Otherwise just hold out until time expires to finish the mission.

The Evacuation

You'll only have two firebats and two medics at the start of the mission, so tread lightly. Make your way to the west and you'll take control off a small base. Like before, you'll want at least two barracks to start producing an army. A third might be a good option too, as you'll want not only marines and medics, but the new firebats too.

After a short time, a transport will arrive filled with colonists and it's your job to guard it. Gather up whatever forces you have and travel along side the transport. Take along an extra SCV too, as it can come in handy with future repairs. Along the roads you'll spot some abandoned bunker. Drop off a few spare marines, a medic, and even an SCV to guard the area while the rest of your forces continues the escort.

Wave after wave of Zerg will charge your army and the colonists. Be sure to either move with the attack command or stop to fight off the enemy. There are three beaten paths where the Zerg will attack from. Man any unoccupied bunkers, or have a SCV build one. Drop off small squads of troops to guard these paths while the rest of your forces continue with the colonists. If needed, break off your main army and your three smaller squads into control groups to keep things sorted.

After delivering the first wave of transports, the Zerg will beef up their assault with Nydus Worms. These burrowing units will sprout up and launch out a barrage of ground enemies. Kill off the worm first and their continual minions will no longer produce. As along as your numbers flourish the Zerg will be unable to harm the colonists. Continue escorting the transports and you'll soon complete the mission. Now that you have firebats in your army, Graven Hill in your Cantina will allow you to hire a more powerful firebat mercenary.


If you haven't already, visit your lab and purchase some upgrades. There are separate upgrades for both Zerg and Protoss research, and each has their uses. None are certainly better than another. Pick the ones that better fit your own play style, as buying one will block off the adjacent ability. In the mission itself you'll need to take out the buildings infested by the Zerg.

You're safe to explore the area and kill anything during the day. However at night, the Zerg will storm your base at night. You'll want to build up barracks and medics to help defend your base at night, while the speedy Hellions will be your main source of daybreak offense.

Successfully clearing an area of Zerg will help reduce their offense during the day, so be sure to clean up the whole enemy base before fleeing for the night. Likewise, a cleared out base can be reaped for its remaining resources. Even while trying to be offensive, be sure to not neglect your nightly defenses. While there is a wall to the south, the Zerg will eventually break through. Be prepared and make an additional bunker wall to protect your forces.

There are some bonus objectives that can only be completed at night. For these, make sure that you've first taken out a large amount of Zerg buildings and have a strong force ready to fight the nightly enemies head on. With an imposing enough army, the Zerg will be no match for your clean sweep of the planet.

Safe Haven

The Protoss have claimed that the new colony of Haven is infested by the Zerg. You have the choice of stopping the Protoss from purging the colony, or aid them by purging the Zerg yourself. Safe Haven is the resulting mission of defying the Protoss.

Your main goal is to destroy the purifier mothership. However, it has too strong a shielding system to attack directly. Instead, you'll need to destroy the three Protoss nexuses that power the purifier's shields. Start by building two barracks, a factory, and two starports. The Protoss mainly use an air force of void rays and carriers so you'll need strong anti-air units to combat them. Marines and medics will serve as basic infantry, and goliaths are a good pick to support them. However, your main focus should be the new vikings. They are your strongest air-to-air option and can transform into a ground unit to combat zealots.

Five vikings and around ten infantry are a good start for storming each nexus. The three nexuses are only lightly guarded and easy to destroy. Keep in mind though that these bases are producing units. Instead of keeping their bases safe, the Protoss are directly attacking the colony transports. If you are signaled that these transports are under attack, break off your assault and intercept the Protoss army. When the colonies are safe, return to destroying each Protoss nexus. Once the purifier has lost its shields, it's little match for a full viking counterattack.

Haven's Fall

When arriving on the planet, Dr. Hanson will plead that you protect the colony. However, the Protoss will demand that it is purged of its Zerg infestation. Haven's Fall is the resulting mission of agreeing to assist the Protoss.

For this mission you'll have access to a new air unit, the Viking. They can only attack air units, however they can transform into a strictly ground to ground unit. The Zerg are abundant and growing in strength. You'll want to pump out Vikings, medics, marines and any other strong units you've acquired. Quickly lash out against the close by Zerg bases. This will dwindle their forces and may provide extra resources to gather.

You need to press an offensive, but be sure to at least leave a basic defense. A siege tank or bunker should service for keeping the Zerg off your heels. With enough of the Zerg bases taken down, they will be unable to produce a sizeable army. Be swift and you'll be able to clear out the colony in no time.

After the battle, the Protoss will award you with a gift for your cantina. Additionally, Hill will have a new Viking mercenary for hire.

The Devil's Playground

Resources are very scarce during this mission and spending will hamper your objective of collecting 6,000 minerals. You'll need to be economical and use cheap units, such as Marines to be the backbone of your army. The planet also contains deadly lava that will cover low altitude areas of the planet every few minutes. When the lava counter starts to tick down close to thirty seconds, be quick and move your works and army to a safe height.

Thankfully, you have access to the new reaper units. Reapers move quickly and can also jump to high areas with their jet boosters. This will not only help them assault Zerg forces , but allow them to collect otherwise inaccessible minerals.

The Zerg will be constantly on your heels and also scouring for resources. Build up a tight force of marines, medics and reapers to destroy their bases and set up your own command center to gather the remaining minerals. To help conserve your mineral supply, consider flying your base across the map to a new resource patch instead of spending on a new command center.

Welcome to the Jungle

Tosh has requested that you acquire terrazine from a group of Protoss fanatics, the Tal'darim. However, the Tal'darim have no intention of handing over the mysterious gas. You'll need to take their supplies by force.

The Tal'darim uses a heavy amount of air based units, but also makes use of some ground forces. The bulk of your army should be units that can deal with both. The marine is a good start, but you'll want to supplement your army with the mighty goliath. Set up at least two factories to start producing this vehicle and start your charge. You'll need to bring along a lone SCV to collect the terrazine, but a strong control group of goliaths and marines will be able to stop the opposition.

Outright fighting you isn't your enemy's only strategy. They can permanently seal off terrazine deposits, making the mission unwinnable. Strike at them fast, taking out their probes immediately. If need be, set up clusters of missile turrets around the terrazine to quickly destroy any enemy void rays. Once the enough canisters of terrazine are recovered, the mission will conclude. If needed, Hill will have a new goliath mercenary to hire.


You're given another choice of which mission to take. You can continue to side with Tosh and receive the special spectre unit, or betray him for Nova and acquire ghosts. Breakout is the mission when siding with Tosh.

You only have control of Tosh for this mission and will have to rely on Raynor's Raiders for support. You're permanently cloaked, so standard enemy troops cannot detect you. However, some units can still detect your presence and alert their allies. These include ravens, missile turrets and ghosts. Their range of detection will appear as a white circle. In some cases, you can simply stand outside of this circle and snipe the enemy.

You can also rely on Raynor's Raiders to provide distraction, allow you to destroy structures and take out enemies. They will also set up a forward base to pump out more soldiers. The friendly medics will heal Tosh and you can use his spectre powers to restore energy. The assaulting Raiders will also give you a chance to rescue prisoners, who will man extra vehicles such as the diamondback.

Near the end of the mission, Tosh will gain access to nukes. He has a limited number, so they should be used on key targets: areas with too much detection to destroy cloaked, or massive amounts of enemies that can be cleared in one swoop. With every enemy destroyed and building leveled, the mission will end in victory.

Ghost of a Chance

If you choose to side with Nova instead of Tosh, your mission will be destroying the terrazine plant. You'll have both direct control of Nova and Raynor's Raiders. Initially, Nova will start on a southern section of the map, while your group of marines and medics will be a bit farther north. Nova is permanently cloaked, however missile turrets and ravens can still spot her and alert other units. You'll need to use the Raiders to destroy anything that threatens Nova.

Nova's most useful ability is dominate, which will bring one enemy unit to your side. There are several opportunities to make use of this skill. The first unit you should dominate is a lone siege tank. You can then place it into siege mode and take out several enemies from afar. Whenever a dominated unit is killed, you can make another selection for your army. When reaching the first terrazine target it may be a good idea to dominate the nearby battlecruiser and let it destroy the opposition.

As you take to the next targets, the raiders will provide extra units, such as siege tanks, reapers, and, banshees. You'll need to use these units to destroy turrets and ravens that can see Nova. In turn, Nova will be needed to snipe and dominate adversaries that could easily destroy the raiders. If the enemy should throw vikings your way, keep your banshees clear and have Nova snipe them down.

The last section of the mission is guarded by enemy specters. While they can't spot Nova, they can call in nuke strikes. When you see a noticeable red dot on the ground, get clear right away. These blasts can also damage enemy units, and sometimes they will end up destroying their allies, or even themselves. Additionally, there are stations where Nova can arm herself with nukes. You'll need these nukes to to clear paths in the south. Keep an eye out for a lone thor along the southern route, as this is one of the most powerful units at obliterating the final target.

The Great Train Robbery

This mission introduces the diamondback vehicle. You'll want to set up factories to produce many of these quick, laser firing menaces. However, don't neglect your infantry units: continue to train medics, marines, and marauders. They will be useful in completing your main objective and can be left behind to protect your base.

There are also abandoned diamondbacks around the map, and moving any unit near them will add the diamondback to your forces. Even with heavy numbers, it's best to avoid the enemy bases outright. Instead, wait for the Dominion trains to speed towards you and intercept them.

Between assaulting trains, scout the area for resources, diamondbacks, and research opportunities. Gathering bone samples can unlock bonuses after completing the mission, making future endeavors much easier. Don't ignore your base though, as the Dominion will send a squad of marauders to storm your base. Your own combo of marauders and medics will be able to withstand their assault.

With each new train, the Dominion will set up new defense tactics. The first will be direct train escorts, including siege tanks. Destroy the escorts first, and then focus on the train. The next approach will be setting up stationary bunkers. You can either destroy the bunkers before the train arrives, or attack when a train isn't near one. Finally, some trains will have speed boosters, making them only killable from your quick diamondbacks. With all trains eliminated, the mission will end.


You're in a race against Orlan to acquire 6,000 minerals. He has a grave advantage over you with three bases compared to your one. You'll need to even the odds quickly by rushing his territory. Produce a handful of marines, medic, and vultures to lead an assault. Each base eliminated will deal a serious blow to Orlan's production. Once all three are taken out, he will only acquire around five minerals at a very low rate.

You should also take this time to take a 1,200 mineral blow and set up three command centers to start mining Orlan's remaining resources. The more SCVs you produce, the faster you'll gain more profit. There are also many parts around the planet that can be salvaged for extra minerals. Even with Orlan's three major outposts decimated, he still has one remaining strong hold and will send small bands to attack. The base is to strong to assault head on, so for now defend your command centers with vulture mines and a few marines.

When you finally reach 6,000 mineral, Mira will add her forces to your ranks. These new troops include huge waves of diamondbacks and goliaths. Rally all of your army together and attack Orlan's last base. With Mira on your side, there is little Orlan can do to stop you.

Engine of Destruction

For the first section of the mission, you'll have a small band of five marines and two medics. Your jobs is to protect Tychus as he storms the Dominion base. Once he's inside and cleared the area, Tychus will hijack the dominion's new toy, the Odin.

Now it's time for the real mission to start. Tychus will only take short breaks before charging into the enemy. While the Odin can soak up a good amount of punishment, it's not invincible. Its main weakness is it's poor anti-air attacks, which leave it vulnerable to the likes of banshees and battle cruisers. You'll want to get up a few starports right away, and produce a mix of wraiths and vikings to support the Odin. A few SCVs will also be handy to repair any mechanical damage that transpires. If you take out an enemy base, set up a new command center to reap the extra minerals and gas.

At the last enemy strong hold, they will have plenty of anti-air support. Bring along some marines and medics to help deal with this threat. Remember, the vikings can turn into a ground assault mode, protecting it from missile turrets. Once Tychus reaches the final outpost, he will automatically launch his strongest attack. While doing this, he is vulnerable to counter assaults, so get several SCVs on him. When the Odin clears the last base, the mission will conclude.

Media Blitz

For the start of the mission you'll take control of Tychus and the Odin. Raynor's Raiders will be busy setting up a base, but are safe from the Dominion for the moment. You have five minutes to level one of the Dominion's three bases. Base one in the north-west has air units, base two in the north-east contains powerful ground units, and the third base in the south-east has swift ground vehicles. Taking out base one will be most useful.

After the first five minutes, you'll gain control of Raynor's Raiders. Move some SCVs to the Odin and repair it quickly. You'll gain the new thor units, which are smaller versions of the Odin. Set up two factories, a barracks, and a starport to produce a good mix of troops. Thors, siege tanks, marines, medics, vikings, and banshees will be a good start for your army. The Dominion will try to take down your base, so set up some bunkers and leave a thor or two to guard the area.

Once you have a good number of thors, assault the third base and wipe out the defenses. The Dominion will send in back up as you upload to the broadcast tower, but a good number of thors and vikings will subdue them. While here, send a thor to the south-east corner and destroy the science building. It can't be targeted with a normal attack, so you'll need to use an area effect attack. With this building gone, you'll gain access to a secret mission. When ready, destroy base two in the same manner and upload to the last two broadcast towers.

Smash and Grab

This mission is a three way battle against the Zerg and Tal'darim. The Zerg will constantly push back the Tal'darim, making it the main focus of the map. Your two enemies will mostly be fighting amongst themselves, but will send small assault teams to hamper your progress. Set up a bunker and supply depot to block off your base and deal with any zealot or zerglings that come your way. Your main force should consist of marines, medics and marauders.

With a strong control group together, advance east to the Protoss artifact. They have set up turrets to stop you. In most cases, attack the pylons to stop their power, rather than going for the turrets themselves. When moving be sure to use the attack command, which will make your units stop to defend themselves, rather than suicide march.

Remember to assign your barracks to a control group so you can produce more ground forces and rally them to your growing army. Destroy any Tal'darim strongholds as this prevents them from spawning more forces. While you attempt to take the artifact, the three Protoss statues will activate and assault your troops. However, a good army will easily defeat them.

The Dig

This mission is broken up into two sections. At first you'll on have a few marines and medics. You'll need to move carefully and take out the few Tal'darim ground troops. Upon arriving at a few Protoss turrets, Swann will send you a new vehicle, the siege tank.

They can enter siege mode, which will great improve their attack range, but prevent them from moving. Move your tanks into range and destroy the turrets and any Protoss. Your ground infantry should stay back to avoid taking damage. You'll soon arrive at a abandoned outpost and a mining laser.

Set up a few bunkers and factories. You'll want to produce many siege tanks and place them in siege mode. A few missile turrets can also come in handy. This mission is about holding out against the enemy, rather than direct assault. Eventually you'll gain direct control of the mining laser and should direct it to deal with strong Protoss such as the Archon and Colossus. When these forces are killed off, return the laser to extracting the artifact.

We the coast is clear, send some tanks and SCVs to establish a second command center and gather additional resources. You can also use the laser to destroy other Protoss buildings, which will unlock research back at your lab. When the artifact is close to freed, the Tal'darim will throw everything your way, so hold out one last major defense.

The Moebius Factor

Your objective is to destroy several Moebius archives before Kerrigan can enter them and discover the locations of the remaining artifacts. As the area is already overrun with Zerg forces, you'll need air transports to move your troops safely. Medivacs are a good start, but the Hercules is even better, as it can hold over twice the amount and the passengers will survive if it's destroyed. You'll want marines, marauders and goliaths to board these transports, and wraiths and vikings to help escort them. Two factories, starports, and barracks will be a good start.

Leave some ground units behind at your base too. Nydus worms will spawn ever so often, and you'll need to keep your command center safe. For the assault on the archives, there is typically a safe area to land and drop off your army. Many times there will also be stranded troops that will join your side. Be sure to save as many as possible. For the final archive, there is a lot of anti-air resistance. You'll need to keep your Vikings and wraiths ready to take out these Zerg while your transports take your ground units towards victory.


A wall of fire is coming your way and resources are scarce. Quickly mobilize your SCVs and gather as much minerals and gas as you can. You'll want to get two barracks and starports up. Your factories will be less useful, but are required to make starports. Because you need to be economical, produce mainly marines, while they are supported by medics and banshees. You'll initially need to hold off the Tal'darim, but with enough forces storm their base and wipe out their fortifications.

As the fire moves close, lift off your command center and buildings and place them in a new resource field. The destroyed Tal'darim bases are always a good place to set up again. Simply build your mass marine, medic, and banshee combo to deal with the Protoss. Adding in a few SCVs to repair your air units will make the push even easier. After the mission is finished, Graven Hill will have a new banshee unit ready for hiring.

Maw of the Void

The Tal'darim has set up rip-field generators, which will do continual damage to your forces. Only your battlecruisers have enough resistance to stand a chance inside the fields. After the first generators are dealt with, your base will be set up.

Your first order of business is to make starports. You'll want battlecruisers to be your main force, but other ships such as the viking will help. You'll also need transports to move your ground troops to each cleared location. The Tal'darim have also taken prisoners. Freeing these Protoss will add dark templars to your ranks, who are resistant to the rip-fields. They also have cloak, making them immune to several enemies.

Eventually, the Tal'darim will launch a powerful mothership. It can warp reality, temporarily removing some of your units from the battle. While it's not overly strong on its own, it can cloak and summon it's entire army to your location and quickly escape, leaving you with a massive battle. Make use of the battlecruisers' Yamato cannon to end the mothership fast. With only two resource fields, you'll have to be cautious with costs. Destroy any hampering generators before sending your main army to assault, and the Tal'darim will finally fall for good.

Whispers of Doom

For this mission you'll take control of Zeratul, a Dark Templar hero. He is permanently cloaked, but can be detected by overseers and spore crawlers. As both are anti-air only, Zeratul is safe from them, however these detectors will alert their allies. Depending on the situation, it is some times better to take out the detector first, or destroy the Zerg that are clearly not in the detector's range.

As you explore the caverns for the prophecy fragments, you'll soon be aided by stalkers. These new units are anti-air and can quickly destroy pesky overseers. However, since they are not cloaked, Zeratul will need to fight anything that would quickly decimate the stalkers.

Towards the end of the mission, you'll come across the high templar Karass and Kerrigan. Karass and his zealots will hold Kerrigan at bay, while you escape the cavern. His forces will not last forever, and if Kerrigan manages to catch up to you, escaping may be impossible. You'll need to pick your battles carefully, mainly stopping only to destroy pesky Nydus worms that will produce constant foes. If need be, sacrifice a stalker while you move Zeratul to the goal.

A Sinister Turn

You'll have full control of a Protoss base. There are many buildings already constructed, however they lack power. Place pylons close by to these buildings to gain control. You'll need to build forces quickly, as your base will come under constant siege from a deadly Zerg-Protoss hybrid. Gateways and robotics facilities should be your top priority to stop your enemy.

Before taking on the hybrid outright, attack the enemy Protoss bases to clear out their advancing forces. There are also other buildings around the area that can be powered with warped pylons, including a darkshrine. Not only will these buildings allow you to produce new units, several units will join your force instantly.

With a sizeable army, march towards the hybrid for a final confrontation. Your objective is to free the three preservers, which will end the hybrid's resurrection.

Echoes of the Future

The Zerg have several strongholds and have also taken over a few Terran base remnants. You'll only have control of a single Protoss base, so you'll need to have both a strong offensive and defense. Turrets, zealots, stalkers, and colossi should be the backbone of your army. The Zerg will launch Nydus worms every few moments, which should be your prime target.

When the worms are dealt with, leave a decent force at your base to guard against Zerg assaults, while your main army heads for the Overmind tendrils. Zeratul is good for taking out enemy with his cloak, but remember that overseers and spore crawlers can spot him. With each secreted position, bring Zeratual towards the tendril to learn the Overmind's secrets.

In Utter Darkness

This is the Protoss's final stand against the Zerg invasion. It's impossible to destroy the Zerg outright, so your only option is to hold out and destroy as many as possible. You'll need to kill of 1,500 Zerg to count towards a victory. Besides Zeratul, you'll be aided by Urun and his phoenix, Mohandar in a custom void ray, Selendis is a carrier, and Artnais will bring a mothership.

There are three different choke points into your base, all on opposite sides. You'll want to divide your forces equally and place them to guard these entrances. Your photon cannons will also be hit with constant assaults, so be ready to have a probe warp in backups. Nydus worms will also attack the center of your base, so be sure to keep some defense there as well.

Keep producing probes to gather resources and warp in units to replace your fallen ones. With a continual supply of stargates and gateways sending in allies, you'll be able to destroy 1,500 Zerg in no time. After the initial 1,500 are dealt with, the Zerg will push even harder. Continue to fight as many as possible. The mission will conclude once all of your forces are obliterated.

Piercing the Shroud

This secret mission is opened by destroying the science building during the Media Blitz mission. You'll have control of Jim Raynor and a small band of infantry. You'll be storming through a secret Dominion base. However, there are several Zerg and Protoss captured inside, and you'll have to do battle with these potential threats.

You'll have access to various security systems to unleash havoc against the Dominion. These include starting up flamethrower turrets or releasing Protoss Zealot prisoners. You'll typically need to select the medium option, as you'll have to clean up the remaining enemies after they assault one another. Releasing a group of ultralisks may turn out to be a mistake if you're the one who has to defeat them.

Jim has a few tricks up his sleeve. You can use powers such as a powerful sniper shot, grenade fire, and cryo rounds. These are great for taking on large groups or tough foes. You'll eventually take control of a battle mech to distract enemies, but it will eventually shut down. Matt will send in a few more reinforcements as you charge towards you goal. Along the way you can fight a brutalisk for extra Zerg research, however it can cost you a few troops. Raynor's special skills are your best bet for killing off the beast.

Finally, a deadly Zerg-Protss hybrid will rampage through the facility. The hybrid is immune to damage, so you'll need to flee. You must get Raynor to the escape shuttle or the mission will fail. Protects your medics at all cost, and if need be, sacrifice one or more of your marines.

The Gates of Hell

This is another base defense mission. You'll want to get bunkers and siege tanks up right away, along with extra bunkers, factories, and starports to produce new troops. The Dominion will send eight drop pods down, but you'll need to rescue them to add these forces to your army. They not only have offensive units, but sometimes buildings you can move to your base.

Sometimes, two pods will drop at once. It is incredibly difficult to rescue both at the same time, so it's much more tactical to send most of your forces to just one. Any time the Zerg launch a Nydus worm, be aggressive and destroy it right away. A worm will simply continue to pump out wave after wave of enemies, making it a giant nuisance if left alone.

After the final Dominion drop, Warfield and his squad will land in a hostile Zerg patch. Rally your whole army with a mix of tanks, thors, marines, banshees, battlecruisers, vikings, medivacs and any thing else and charge towards the general. Make your initial wave a control group and your buildings their own groups. Set rally points to the frontlines and continue to produces reinforcements while your first wave makes their way to Warfield. When the last Zerg is dealt with, Warfield will be save and the mission will conclude.

Belly of the Beast

You'll have control of Raynor, Tychus, Swann, and Stetmann. Each of the four is a unique hero with their own abilities. Raynor has a powerful rifle that does high damage and can hit multiple lined-up enemies. Tychus is your heavy hitter and can throw area damaging grenades. Swann is able to throw out flame turrets that can protect a choke point. Finally, Stetmann is your medic who can keep your team healthy. In case one of your members does fall, they will not out right die. Any other hero can revive another by moving close to their fallen ally.

Swann's flame turret will sever the most use among the special powers. It can easily knock out huge waves of oncoming Zerg, leaving the rest of your party free to combat another squad. Periodically, you'll also encounter Dominion forces under siege from the Zerg. Getting close to these troops will add them to your control. However, normal grunts cannot be revived and will die if not healed.

You'll mostly be up against infestors and Nydus worms, both of whom will rapidly produce more troops. Work your way through whatever horde they make, and destroy the producer once in range. Raynor can detect enemies out of range, which will help provide intel regarding what you're up against.

Towards the end, you'll do battle with a queen. Raynor's sniper rifle is your best option for damaging her directly, while Tychus and Swann are best used for taking on her minions. With the queen destroyed and the cavern detonated, it's now time to escape. Lava will continually rise, forcing you to move to quickly ascend to higher ground. The Zerg haven't given up yet, and will attempt to block your path. As only your heroes need to escape, consider sacrificing a Dominion troop to distract the enemy.

Shatter the Sky

Tychus and Warfield have different strategies about lowering the Zerg forces. Tychus wants to go underground and eliminate the Nydus worms, while Warfield suggests heading into space to stop the Zerg air units. Shatter the Sky is the resulting mission of agreeing with Warfield.

Set up your basic base defense bunkers and supply depots to guard against Zerg attacks. Missile turrets will also be handy for taking out the numerous flying units. You'll want to slowly inch south and set up a new command center at the resource patch, along with bunker and siege tank defenses. Vikings, banshees and thors are a good army set up, with the basic marines and medics making a good extra support. Also consider battlecruisers and their Yamato cannons for heavy firepower.

Once you built up around 80 units, proceed to platforms and destroy the Zerg guards. Their mutalisks and brood lords will be little resistance to a strong anti-air force. When ready destroy the platforms themselves. You only have a short amount of time to move your forces off the platform, or they will be obliterated along with the Zerg. Set up new command centers to gather any minerals and gas the Zerg may have missed.

Eventually, the Zerg will release the leviathan, a huge air unit that can release brood lords. Get every single one of your battlecruisers and vikings on it and kill it off before it can reek havoc on your army. The Yamato cannon is your best bet for eliminating this immense threat. After the leviathan is down, it's simply a matter of destroying the final two platforms. Rebuild with more air units and clean up the rest of the level.

All In

This is the final battle of the game and you'll need all of your forces to protect the Protoss artifact. Things will be different depending on if you destroyed the Nydus worms or air units.

Against Nydus Worms

Siege tanks and missile turrets should be your main defense against Kerrigan's Zerg forces. Set these units all around your base, both blocking the entrances, and inside the base itself.

Nydus worms will spawn everywhere, including inside your base. A good amount of siege tanks will take out the nearby worms and their launched ground units. To take out Nydus worms out of your reach, set up startports and make wave of banshees. Send them out and destroy the worms quickly before returning to base. Your SCVs should be ready to repair any damage incurred, as losing a unit is far more detrimental.

Against Mutalisks and Brood Lords

You'll need to concentrate on anti-air. Marines, goliaths and vikings are a strong army to defend your bases. Be sure to also build as many missile turrets as possible. Large groups of these defensive turrets will destroy the waves of mutalisks that will storm your base.

Don't neglect ground forces. Overlords and other Zerg will attempt to charge your base head on. Set up siege tanks to protect any of your buildings. Spare SCVs should be placed in auto repair mode so they fix any turrets or barracks that suffer damage.

As the leviathan hasn't been killed yet, it will storm forward and park itself right in front of the artifact. It will be too far to take down with missile turrets, but they will still prove useful for shooting down the leviathan's projectiles and spawned flyers. Your best option for taking it down is bringing your own legion of vikings and fight it head on.

Kerrigan Attacks

If you become too overrun by Zerg, the artifact can release an energy burst that will destroy them, however it takes several minutes to recharge. Use it sparingly. Several times the Zerg will launch huge waves of overlords carrying ground troops. Your missile turrets should be good for taking out the air units, however if they drop ground units get your tanks or marines on them.

Kerrigan herself will also take to the battlefield. She can install destroy a single unit every few seconds, including tough ones such as the thor or battlecruiser. The best option is to send out an expendable unit, such as a lone marine or build a decoy bunker. While Kerrigan is distracted killing this unit, send in massive waves of battlecruisers and blast her with Yamato cannons. You'll need to continue this routine until the artifact powers up. When it nears 95%, the Zerg will become more rampant and Kerrigan will emerge for a final assault. Continue to hold out and use another blast from the artifact. Once it reaches 100%, you'll have completed the campaign of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Terran Multiplayer


Unit Name Attack Type Armor Type Unit Type Produced From Food Supply Cost Hot Key
SCV Fusion Cutter: 5 damage, Anti-ground Light, 45 HP Bigological,
Mechanical, Ground,
Command Center 1 50 Minerals S
Marine C-14 Rifle: 6 damage, Anti-Ground, Anti-Air Light, 45 HP Bigological, Ground Barracks 1 50 Minerals A
Marauder Punisher Grenades: 10 damage (20 vs Armored), Anti-Ground Armored, 125 HP Bigological, Ground Barracks with Tech Lab 2 100 Minerals, 25 Gas D
Reaper P-38 Reaper Pistol: 4 damage (9 vs Light), Anti-Ground.
D-8 Charge: 30 damage vs buildings
Light, 50 HP Bigological, Ground Barracks with Tech Lab 1 50 Minerals, 50 Gas R
Ghost C-10 Rifle: 10 damage (20 vs light), Anti-Ground, Anti-Air None, 100 HP Bigological,
Psionic, Ground
Barracks with Tech Lab (With Ghost Academy) 2 150 Minerals, 150 Gas G
MULE None Light, 60 HP, 90 Life Span Mechanical,
Mineral Worker
Orbital Command 0 50 Energy E
Hellion Flamethrower: 8 damage (14 vs Light), Anti-Ground Light, 90 HP Mechanical, Ground Factory 2 100 Minerals E
Siege Tank 120 mm Shock Cannon: 50 damage, Anti-Ground Armored, 160 HP Mechanical, Ground Factory with Tech Lab 3 150 Minerals, 125 Gas S
Thor Thor's Hammer: 20 damage, Anti-Ground
Javelin Missile: 6 damage (12 damage vs Ligth), Anti-Air
Armored, 400 HP Mechanical,
Massive, Ground
Factory with Tech Lab (With Armory) 6 300 Minerals, 200 Gas T
Viking Lanzer Torpedoes: 10 damage (14 vs Armored), Anti-Air (Air Mode)
Twin gatling cannon: 12 damage, Anti-Ground (Ground Mode)
Armored, 120 HP Mechanical, Ground or Air Starport 2 150 Minerals, 75 Gas V
Medivac Healing: Heals Biological by 3 HP for 1 Energy Armored, 150 HP Mechanical, Air Starport 2 100 Minerals, 100 Gas D
Banshee Backlash Rockets: 12 damage, Anti-Ground Light, 140 HP Mechanical, Air Starport With Tech Lab 3 150 Minerals, 100 Gas E
Raven Auto-Turret: 8 damage, 180 Life Span, 50 Energy
Point Defense Drone: Block Attacks, 180 Life Span, 100 Energy
Light, 140 HP Mechanical, Air Starport With Tech Lab 2 100 Minerals, 200 Gas R
Battlecruiser ATS Laser: 10 Damage, Anti-Ground
ATA Laser: 6 damage, Anti-Air
Armored, 550 HP Mechanical, Massive, Air Starport With Tech Lab (With Fusion Core) 6 400 Minerals, 300 Gas B


Building Name Armor Type Function Upgrades Cost Hot Key
Command Center Armored, 1500 HP Produces: SCVs
Collects Resources
Allows: Barracks
Transform: Planetary Fortress
Transform: Orbital Command
400 Minerals C
Orbital Command Armored, 1500 HP Produces: SCVs
Calldowns: MULE, Extra Supplies
Scanner Sweep
Collects Resources
Allows: Barracks
None 150 Minerals B
Planetary Fortress Armored, 1500 HP Produces: SCVs
40 damage, Anti-Ground cannon
Collects Resources
Note: Cannot Lift Off
Allows: Barracks
None 150 Minerals, 150 Gas P
Refinery Armored, 500 HP Allows SCVs to gather Gas None 75 Minerals R
Supply Depot Armored, 350 HP Adds 8 Food Supply None 100 Minerals S
Barracks Armored, 1000 HP Produces: Marines, Marauders, Reapers, Ghosts
Allows: Orbital Command, Bunker, Factory, Ghost Academy
Add-On: Tech Lab
Add-On: Reactor
150 Minerals B
Factory Armored, 1250 HP Produces: Hellions, Siege Tanks, Thors
Allows: Armory, Starport
Add-On: Tech Lab
Add-On: Reactor
150 Minerals, 100 Gas F
Starport Armored, 1300 HP Produces: Vikings, Medivacs, Banshees, Ravens, Battlecruisers
Allows: Fusion Core
Add-On: Tech Lab
Add-On: Reactor
150 Minerals, 100 Gas S
Engineering Bay Armored, 850 HP Provides Infantry and Building upgrades
Allows: Planetary Fortress, Missile Turret, Sensor Tower
Infantry Weapons
Infantry Armor
Hi-Sec Auto Tracking
Building Armor
125 Minerals E
Armory Armored, 750 HP Provides Vehicle and Ship Upgrades
Allows: Thor
Vehicle Weapons
Vehicle Armor
Ship Weapons
Ship Armor
150 Minerals, 100 Gas A
Fusion Core Armored, 750 HP Provides Battlecruiser Upgrades
Allows: Battlecruiser
Behemoth Reactor
Weapon Refit
150 Minerals, 150 Gas C
Ghost Academy Armored, 1250 HP Provides Upgrades for Ghosts
Allows: Ghosts
Personal Cloaking
Moebius Reactor
150 Minerals, 50 Gas G
Tech Lab Armored, 40 HP Provides more advanced units
Allows: Marauders, Reapers, Ghosts, Siege Tanks, Thors, Banshees, Ravens, Battlecruisers
Combat Shield
Nitro Packs
Concussive Shells
Infernal Pre-Lighter
Siege Tech
250 mm Cannons
Caduceus Reactor
Claoking Field
Corvid Reactor
Durable Materials
Hunter-Seeker Missile
50 Minerals, 25 Gas X
Reactor Armored, 400 HP Allows to units to be trained at once None 50 Minerals, 50 Gas C
Sensor Tower Armored, 200 HP Detects Non-cloaked or burrowed units None 125 Minerals, 100 Gas N
Bunker Armored, 400 HP Infantry can enter to provide defense None 100 Minerals U
Missile Turret Armored, 250 HP 12 damage, Anti-Air missile None 250 Minerals T
Autto-Turret Armored, 150 HP 8 damage, Anti-Ground, Anti-Air cannon None 50 Raven Energy T
Point Defense Drone Armored, 150 HP Blocks Attacks None 100 Raven Anergy D

The Terran have the advantage of units with a balanced cost-to-durability ratio. Their buildings are both repairable and mobile, allowing them to withstand powerful assaults and escape from danger. The Terran's main strength is the quick accessibility to ranged attacks. Even the most basic unit, marines, have powerful rifles that can even damage air enemies.

Like all factions, you'll want to place your command center in your first control group and set its rally point towards the nearby minerals. Order your SCVs to constantly gather minerals, while your command center produces more workers. To save money, never queue more than one worker, as it will expend resources that could be spent elsewhere. However, you'll want to manually produce workers constantly by switching to your control group. Once you have around six workers, order a SCV to place a supply depot, which will increase your food stock. A good placement for your depots are at choke points and ramps, which will help block off enemy assaults. While your SCV is building the depot, queue it to return to the mineral patch once construction is done.

The next two building you'll want up are the refinery, which let's you gather vespene gas--the second building material--and a barracks, which will produce your infantry. Like the supply depot, a good placement for your barracks is at choke points. Be sure to set your rally point inside your barrier, as your troops can fire passed the buildings. As with command centers, don't queue multiple infantry in a barracks, instead build a second barracks to produce more troops. Be sure to place any barracks you make into a separate control group.

This is a good time to start scouting. Take either a single SCV or marine and march them into the enemy's base. This can momentarily harass them, but more importantly will reveal what they are constructing. You'll want to build an army that will effectively counter their plans. If your enemy is using mostly ground forces, siege tanks and banshees are a strong bet. For fighting an airforce, consider vikings and marines. Set up multiple factories and/or starports--all of which should have control groups--and start building your army. This force will cost a considerable amount of resources, so be sure to build more refineries and a command center in a nearby resource expansion. With a sizable army, place them all into a control group and send them towards the enemy via the attack command. If your assault is effectively damaging the enemy, consider changing your rally points closer to the battle itself.

Zerg Multiplayer


Unit Name Attack Type Armor Type Unit Type Produced From Food Supply Cost Hot Key
Drone Claws: 5 damage, Anti-Ground Light, 40 HP Bigological,
Larva 1 50 Minerals D
Zergling Claws: 5 damage, Anti-Ground Light, 35 HP Bigological,
Larva (With Spawning Pool) 0.5 50 Minerals (Produces 2) Z
Baneling Volatile Burst: 20 damage (35 vs Light, 80 vs Building)), Anti-Ground. Kills Baneling.
Light, 30 HP Bigological,
Zergling (With Baneling Nest) 0.5 25 Minerals, 25 Gas E
Roach Acid Saliva: 16 damage, Anti-Ground Armored, 145 HP Bigological,
Larva (With Roach Warren) 2 75 Minerals, 25 Gas R
Hydralisk Needle Spines: 12 damage, Anti-Ground, Anti-Air Light, 80 HP Bigological,
Larva (With Hydralisk Den) 2 100 Minerals, 50 Gas H
Infestor Produces: Infested Terran Armored, 90 HP Bigological,
Larva (With Infestation Pit) 2 100 Minerals, 150 Gas F
Ultralisk Kaiser Blades: 15 damage (40 vs Armored), Anti-Ground
Head Attack: 75 damage vs Buildings
Armored, 500 HP Bigological,
Larva (With Ultralisk Cavern) 6 300 Minerals, 200 Gas U
Queen Claws: 4 damage, Anti-Ground
Acid Spines: 9 damage, Anti-Air
Can Spawn Larva
Armored, 175 HP Bigological,
Hatchery (With Spawning Pool) 2 150 Minerals Q
Overlord Adds 8 Food Supply
Adds Creep
Armored, 200 HP Biological, Air Larva Adds 8 100 Minerals V
Overseer Adds 8 Food Supply
Produces: Changelings
Armored, 200 HP Biological, Air Overlord (With Lair) Adds 8 50 Minerals, 100 Gas V
Mutalisk Glaive Wurm: 9 damage,Anti-Ground, Anti-Air Light, 120 HP Biological, Air Larva (With Spire) 2 100 Minerals, 100 Gas T
Brood Lord Brooding Strike: 20 damage, Anti-Ground, Launches Broodlings Armored, 225 HP Bigological,
Corruptor (With Great Spire) 4 150 Minerals, 150 Gas B
Corruptor Parasite Spores: 14 damage (20 vs Massive), Anti-Air Armored, 200 HP Biological, Air Larva (With Spire) 2 150 Minerals, 100 Gas C
Broodling Claws: 6 damage, Anti-Air Light, 30 HP Biological Brood Lord 0 None None
Changeling Appears as a different unit Light, 5 HP Biological Overseer 0 50 Overseer Energy C
Infested Terran Infested Gauss Rifle: 8 damage, Anti-Ground, Anti-Air Light, 50 HP Bigological,
Infestor 0 25 Infestor Energy I


Building Name Armor Type Function Upgrades Cost Hot Key
Hatchery Armored, 1250 HP Produces: Larva, Queens
Collects Resources
Allows: Spawning Pool
Evolve: Lair 300 Minerals H
Lair Armored, 1800 HP Produces: Larva, Queens
Collects Resources
Allows: Spawning Pool, Hydralisk Den, Infestation Pit, Spire, Nydus Network, Overseer
Evolve: Hive
Pneumatized Carapace
Ventral Sacs
150 Minerals, 100 Gas L
Hive Armored, 2500 HP Produces: Larva, Queens
Collects Resources
Allows: Spawning Pool, Hydralisk Den, Infestation Pit, Spire, Great Spire, Nydus Network, Ultralisk Cavern
Pneumatized Carapace
Ventral Sacs
200 Minerals, 150 Gas H
Extractor Armored, 500 HP Allows Drones to gather Gas None 25 Minerals E
Spawning Pool Armored, 750 HP Provides Zergling Upgrades
Allows: Zerglings, Spine Crawler, Queen, Roach Warren, Banelings Nest
Metabolic Boost
Adrenal Glands
200 Minerals S
Baneling Nest Armored, 850 HP Allows: Banelings None 100 Minerals, 50 Gas B
Roach Warren Armored, 850 HP Allows: Roaches Glial Reconstitution
Tunneling Claws
150 Minerals R
Infestation Pit Armored, 850 HP Allows: Infestors, Hive Pathogen Glands
Neural Parasite
100 Minerals, 100 Gas I
Spire Armored, 600 HP Allows: Mutalisks, Corruptors Flyer Attacks
Flyer Carapace
200 Minerals, 200 Gas S
Great Spire Armored, 1000 HPs Allows: Mutalisks, Corruptors, Brood Lord Flyer Attacks
Flyer Carapace
100 Minerals, 150 Gas G
Hydralisk Den Armored, 850 HP Allows: Hydralisks Grooved Spines 100 Minerals, 100 Gas H
Nydus Network Armored, 850 HP Allows: Nydus Worm None 150 Minerals, 200 Gas N
Nydus Worm Armored, 200 HP Transports units between the network None 100 Minerals, 100 Gas N
Ultralisk Cavern Armored, 600 HP Allows: Ultralisks Chitinous Plating 150 Minerals, 200 Gas U
Evolution Chamber Armored, 750 HP Provides Infantry Upgrades
Allows: Spore Crawler
Melee Attacks
Missile Attacks
75 Minerals V
Spine Crawler Armored, 300 HP 25 damage (30 vs Armored), Anti-Ground strike None 100 Minerals C
Spore Crawlers Armored, 400 HP 15 damage, Anti-Air acid None 75 Minerals A

The Zerg quickly produce very cheap, expendable units. Their work force, the drones, must be sacrificed to mutate into new structures. Each hatchery has a separate rally point for works and other Zerg units. Each hatchery can also only produce three units at a time. It is very effective to build multiple hatcheries in a control group to form a sizeable army. The Zerg food source, overlords, are a mobile flying creature that can spread creep and act as a transports later on. The overlords also make a good scout for early stages.

Because the Zerg have a harder time walling off their base, it's a good investment to birth queens. Queens are not only strong defensive units, but they can produce additional larva to form new fighters or drones. The first structure you'll want to produce is the spawning pool. This will not only let you birth zerglings, your base infantry, but will allow you to morph your hatchery into a more powerful lair and mutate advanced buildings.

After scouting the enemy with an overlord, zergling, or drone, you'll need to form an army to combat your opponent. Roaches make for durable shock troops, though they aren't overly offensive. Hydralisks and mutalisks are excellent as a primary attacker, able to attack both air and ground forces. Be sure to also pump out more zerglings if you find yourself low on gas. Conversely, you may find that you are gaining far more minerals than you can expend. If this is the case, build more hatcheries to both produce units and gather resources. Seizing expansions is a key step in destroying your adversary.

Because the Zerg can form armies so quickly and cheaply, it is very easy to rush and/or harass your enemy. Sending in a wave of disposable zerlings will help you considerably as you man up a powerful mutalisk army. Likewise, because your troops are coming from one source, there will be fewer control groups to juggle around. As your assaulting units push more of the enmy, coninute to produce more mutalisks, hydralisks and zerlings to provide reinforcements.

Protoss Multiplayer


Unit Name Attack Type Armor Type Unit Type Produced From Food Supply Cost Hot Key
Probe Particle Beam: 5 damage, Anti-Ground Light, 20 Shields, 20 HP Mechanical, Ground Nexus 1 50 Minerals E
Zealot Psi Blades: 8 damage, Anti-Ground Light, 50 Shields, 200 HP Biological, Ground Gateway 2 100 Minerals Z
High Templar Can sacrifice self to spawn Archon Light, 40 Shields, 40 HP Biological, Psionic, Ground Gateway (With Templar Archives) 2 50 Minerals, 150 Gas T
Dark Templar Warp Blade: 45 damage, Anti-Ground
Can sacrifice self to spawn Archon
Light, 80 Shields, 40 HP Biological, Psionic, Ground Gateway (With Dark Shrine) 2 125 Minerals, 125 Gas D
Archon Psionic Shockwave: 25 damage (35 vs Biological), Anti-Air, Anti-Ground 350 Shields, 10 HP Psionic Sacrificed Templar 4 None R
Stalker Particle Disruptor: 10 damage (14 vs Armored), Anti-Ground, Anti-Air Armored, 80 Shields, 80 HP Mechanical, Ground Gateway (With Cybernetics Core) 2 125 Minerals, 50 Gas S
Immortal Phase Disruptor: 20 Damage (50 vs Armored), Anti-Ground Armored, 100 Shields, 200 HP Mechanical, Ground Robotics Facility 4 250 Minerals, 100 Gas I
Sentry Disruption Beam: 6 damage, Anti-Ground, Anti-Air
Protects other units
Light, 40 Shields, 40 HP Mechanical,
Gateway (With Cybernetics Core) 2 50 Minerals, 100 Gas E
Colossus Thermal Lances: 15 damage, Anti-Ground Armored, 150 Shields, 200 HP Mechanical,
Robotics Facility (With Robotics Bay) 6 300 Minerals, 200 Gas C
Warp Prism Transports ground units Armored, 40 Shields, 100 HP Mechanical, Air Robotics Facility 2 100 Minerals A
Observer Detects cloaked units Light, 20 Shields, 40 HP Mechanical, Air Robotics Facility 1 50 Minerals, 100 Gas B
Phoenix Ion Cannons: 5 damage (10 vs Light), Anti-Air Light, 60 Shields, 200 HP Mechanical, Air Stargate 2 150 Minerals, 100 Gas X
Void Ray Prismatic Beam: 10 damage (25 vs Armored), Anti-Ground, Anti-Air Armored, 100 Shields, 160 HP Mechanical, Air Stargate 3 250 Minerals, 150 Gas V
Carrier Launches Interceptors Armored, 150 Shields, 300 HP Mechanical, Massive, Air Stargate (With Fleet Beacon) 6 350 Minerals, 250 Gas C
Interceptor Interceptor Beam: 5 damage, Anti-Ground, Anti-Air Light, 40 Shields, 40 HP Mechanical, Air Carrier 0 25 Minerals I
Mothership Purifier Beam: 6 damage, Anti-Ground, Anti-Air Armored, 350 Shields, 350 HP Mechanical, Massive, Air Nexus (With Fleet Beacon) 8 400 Minerals, 400 Gas M


Building Name Armor Type Function Upgrades Cost Hot Key
Nexus Armored, 750 Shields, 750 HP Produces: Probes, Mothership
Collects Resources
Allows: Gateway
None 400 Minerals N
Assimilator Armored, 450 Shields, 450 HP Allows Probes to gather Gas None 75 Minerals A
Pylon Armored, 200 Shields, 200 HP Adds 8 Food Supply
Provides building power
Warps infantry (With Warp Gate)
None 100 Minerals E
Gateway Armored, 500 Shields,500 HP Produces: Zealot, Stalker, Sentry, High Templar, Dark Templar
Allows: Cybernetics Core
Transform: Warp Gate 150 Minerals G
Warp Gate Armored, 500 Shields,500 HP Produces: Zealot, Stalker, Sentry, High Templar, Dark Templar
Warps units between Pylons
Allows: Cybernetics Core
Transform: Gate Way 50 Minerals, 50 Gas G
Robotics Facility Armored, 450 Shields, 450 HP Produces: Immortal, Warp Prism, Observer, Colossus
Allows: Robotics Bay
None 200 Minerals, 50 Gas R
Stargate Armored, 600 Shields, 600 HP Produces: Phoenix, Void Raym Carrier
Allows: Fleet Beacon
None 150 Minerals, 150 Gas S
Forge Armored, 400 Shields, 400 HP Provides Infantry and Shiled Upgrades
Allows: Photon Cannons
Ground Weapons
Ground Armor
Plasma Shields
150 Minerals F
Cybernetics Core Armored, 500 Shields, 550 HP Provides Ship Upgrades
Allows: Stalkers, Sentries, Twilight Council
Air Weapons
Air Armor
Transform: Warp Gate
150 Minerals Y
Twilight Council Armored, 500 Shields, 500 HP Provides Infantry Upgrades
Allows: Dark Shrine, Templar Archives
150 Minerals, 100 Gas C
Dark Shrine Armored, 500 Shields, 500 HP Allows: Dark Templar None 100 Minerals, 250 Gas D
Templar Archives Armored, 500 Shields, 500 HP Provies High Templar Upgrades
Allows: High Templar
Psionic Storm
Khaydarin Amulet
150 Minerals, 200 Gas T
Robotics Bay Armored, 500 Shields, 500 HP Provides Robotic Upgrades
Allows: Colossus
Extended Thermal Lance
Gravitic Boosters
Gravitic Drive
200 Minerals, 200 Gas B
Fleet Beacon Armored, 500 Shields, 500 HP Provides Ship Upgrades
Allows: Carrier, Mothership
Flux Vanes
Graviton Catapult
300 Minerals, 200 Gas F
Photon Cannon Armored, 150 Shields,150 HP 20 damage, Anti-Ground,Anti-Air cannon None 150 Minerals C

The Protoss have very expensive units, however they are among the strongest and durable. All Protoss warriors and vehicles have shielding which will regenerate over time. Their workers, the probes, warp in buildings, which frees them to queue up other tasks. Buildings must be constructed near their food sources, pylons. If a pylon is ever destroyed, a building will shut off.

As with other factions, you'll want to set your nexus producing more workers and at least one assimilator to produce gas. You'll want to guard your choke points with gateways. Because zealots have no ranged attacks, you'll actually want to set the rally point outside your barrier. To help support your infantry, make a few photon cannons. However, don't make too many cannons, as being defensive will rarely lead to a victory. Take a zealot (or probe) towards your enemy base and scout out what they are constructing.

Surprisingly, many of the Protoss units do not have anti-air capacities. Your goal should be to construct a cybernetics core, a stargate, and either a fleet beacon or robotics bay. Stalkers are a good basic unit for fighting air enemies, and the colossus is very powerful for fighting ground troops. However, your best bet is to form a fleet of void rays and/or carriers, which can damage both ground and air. Place all of your starports into a control group and your build up forces into another group.

As you march forward with the attack command, continue to produce units depending on your resources. Carriers along with interceptors should be the main focus, with void rays being secondary. If you're low on gas, continue to produce zealots to support your stronger vehicles.

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