Starbreeze queuing up new IP

Synidcate studio teaming with Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares on new game based on original property.


Starbreeze Studios has largely built its reputation on creating games based on other people's properties, having gained wide acclaim for The Darkness and before that Chronicles of Riddick. Last week, the Swedish developer was confirmed to be at work on another established franchise, a Syndicate reboot for Electronic Arts, but it appears as if Starbreeze will have a crack at new IP as well.

There's no indication as to when this placeholder art will give way to shots of Starbreeze's new game.

Develop reports today that Starbreeze has teamed with film director Josef Fares to codevelop a new game based on an original IP. The development house is partnering with media design group The Story Lab, which will produce the title.

Fares, a Swede, is most notable for his award-winning films Zozo (2005) and Leo (2007). The first of those films won the Nordic Council Film Prize in 2006, while the latter was a Forum selection at the 58th Berlin International Film Festival.

The report offered no details on Starbreeze's new project, nor did it provide a release date or platforms. However, Develop did note that the game is being handled by the same team that worked on Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena, which was freed up after EA canceled its Jason Bourne title.

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