Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Updated Impressions

Starkiller's powers are greater than ever, but if he thinks Darth Vader is the only one hunting him, he'd better think again.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

When we got our first look at a gameplay demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II a few weeks ago, we heard about the improved targeting system and a few cool new Jedi powers (not to mention dual lightsabers). This week, at E3 2010, we got a closer look at the same demo and also saw a dramatic new trailer that shed some light on what Starkiller will be up against in this space-faring sequel. View the intense, lightsaberriffic trailer below and read on for some new insights into Starkiller's escape from the industrial cloning complex on Kamino.

During our walk-through of the demo, we got a better idea of the increased Force powers that Starkiller will be able to wield. The new Jedi mind trick ability has a number of amusing results. Some enemies will merely flee from you, while others will fling themselves into oblivion. Still other will freak out and begin blasting their buddies, who in turn blast them in self-defense. That isn't the only bit of humorous mayhem you'll encounter, though. All the enemies have been redesigned, including the jetpack stormtroopers who, when struck with force lightning, now zoom off and spiral out of control, eventually exploding in a burst of flame. Starkiller can now cut off his enemies limbs from time to time, so expect to be pleasantly surprised when your lightsabers actually lop off a few heads.

Another new Force power that reflects Starkiller's strength is an extension of the Force grab. You can now crush mechanical enemies (like AT-STs) and ships into compact balls of wreckage and fling them wherever your heart desires. The crushing animations look really sharp and are very satisfying. Our demoer used his crumpled-up wad of metal to topple a towering spire and made himself a handy little bridge.

The last notable addition we'll mention is Force fury. When Starkiller is appropriately powered up, you can unleash Force fury and exponentially increase the effectiveness of your Force powers. Flinging a squad of 10 stormtroopers is no problem at all, but the most impressive demonstration came when our demoer busted out his lightsabers. Force fury turns all your melee attacks into projectile attacks, and we watched as he literally carved up 20 stormtroopers (there were limbs and heads flying all over the place) with a few throws of his lightsabers.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II looks as impressive as ever, and it once again appears to be well on its way to capturing the intoxicating power of the Jedi. One bonus note: We were told that levels will load in the background during the cutscenes that precede them, so load times should be significantly decreased. With all the improvements at work, we can't wait to get our hands on those dual lightsabers and try the game for ourselves. We'll be sure to tell you all about it.

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