Star Wars: Battlefront Web site launches

Web site features game info, screenshots, and upcoming downloads for LucasArts' tactical action game.

LucasArts has launched the official Web site for its upcoming action game Star Wars: Battlefront, in development at Pandemic Studios. For now, the Web site features a slew of screenshots from the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC versions of the game, video trailers, and information on the units and vehicles to be featured in the game. Downloads and community sections are coming soon.

Star Wars: Battlefront is a tactical action game that lets players take part in some of the most famous battles from the Star Wars movies and lore. The various engagements will pit the Empire against the Rebels or the Republic against the Separatists, depending on whether the battles are from the original trilogy or recent prequel films. Players can also take the battles online for some Battlefield 1942-style action.

All three versions of the game are due for release on September 21. For more information, see GameSpot's recent planet guide preview of the game.

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