Star Wars: Battlefront advances on stores

LucasArts and Pandemic's future-war FPS jumps to retail lightspeed for PC, PS2, and Xbox.

LucasArts and Pandemic have shipped Star Wars: Battlefront to stores. Timed for simultaneous release with the Star Wars Trilogy DVD box set, the T-rated sci-fi shooter will be available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 when it docks with retail outlets.

Most commonly described as "Battlefield 1942 with Stormtroopers," Star Wars: Battlefront lets players engage in 16 battles from both the original Star Wars films and the more recent prequels. Set on 10 different planets--including Hoth, Geonosis, Naboo, Kashyyk, and Endor--the players can join one of four factions: the Rebel Alliance, Imperial Army, Clone Army, and Droid Army. Battlefront features 20 soldier types in all, from Scout Stormtroopers to Destroyer Droids, as well as other artificial intelligence-controlled races such as Ewoks, Gungans, and Tusken Raiders. Also included are a variety of drivable ground and air vehicles such as AT-STs and snowspeeders.

Battlefront will have both extensive single- and multiplayer components. All versions of the game will be enabled for online multiplayer bouts: PS2 battles will allow for 16 simultaneous players, Xbox Live skirmishes will provide for 24 combatants, and PC clashes will allow for 32 players. The single-player campaign will feature three modes: "instant action," "galactic conquest," and "historical campaigns." The campaigns mode lets players play on either side of all the major battles from the films, allowing many to fulfill their fantasies of incinerating Ewoks and fricasseeing Gungans with hails of blaster fire.

GameSpot's latest preview of Star Wars: Battlefront has a near-final look at the game. Check back later in the week for our full review of the finished product.

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