Star Wars: Battle for the Republic First Look

We glean some first details on this networkable, turn-based military sim.

THQ Wireless is developing Star Wars: Battle for the Republic to service another specific subtype of Star Wars gamer: the grognard (aka the wargamer). We don't yet know many particulars about the game, which is still in the concept/pre-alpha stage of design, but Battle's producers were recently on hand to provide us with its basic outline.

From what we know so far, Star Wars: Battle for the Republic sounds like it will play something like an intergalactic game of Risk--only with high-tech vehicles, laser-toting infantry, and Force powers substituted for cavalry and artillery. The idea will be to wrest control of various important locations, or sectors, from your enemies. You'll have various types of troops at your disposal to complete your objectives, as well as limited access to "hero" characters, like General Grievous, Count Dooku, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, as of now, we don't know what these guys will do for you. A tutorial mode will also be included so you won't be dropped into the vicious civil war unprepared. There will be a campaign mode that covers the suppression of the Separatists, as well as a mode where you can customize a battle against the computer. Finally, THQ Wireless is also planning a network mode for online play.

The developers have their work cut out for them on this ambitious project, which has been slotted for a November release. We'll have more previews for you as additional details come to light

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Star Wars: Battle for the Republic

Star Wars: Battle for the Republic