Star Trek Bridge Commander Screens

More screenshots from Activision's upcoming Star Trek space combat simulation.

Activision has released more screenshots from its upcoming space combat simulation Star Trek Bridge Commander. Larry Holland, the creator of the popular Star Wars games X-Wing and TIE Fighter, is developing Bridge Commander. The game uses the NetImmerse 3D engine, and it focuses on capital ship combat rather than fast-paced fighter combat. It is designed to convey the feeling of having a large, powerful ship and crew at the players' command. Players begin the game as captain of a Galaxy-class ship, and they can advance to the more powerful Sovereign-class ship later in the game. An easy-to-use mouse-driven interface makes the game accessible to both experienced and novice game players.

Star Trek Bridge Commander is scheduled for release in early 2001. For more information about the game, read our Bridge Commander Details story linked below.

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