Square Ships Threads of Fate

Latest PlayStation RPG will soon be available at retailers.

Square announced the release of Threads of Fate for the Sony PlayStation. In this latest RPG from the company, players assume the role of one of two characters. Their journey takes them through different yet intersecting adventures in the game. Both characters are in search of a rare artifact that allows the holder to reshape reality. There are eight levels to explore and many special powers to battle various enemies. The male character, Rue, can assume the form of defeated enemies, while Princess Mint, the second lead character, can cast spells and fine-tune them for specific circumstances. The battles for both characters are fought in real-time.

Threads of Fate is compatible with the dual shock controller, and it carries a suggested retail price of US$40.

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How did i type "Mirror of fate" and eded up here? Anyways, this game brings me back, the time Square's RPG were full of life...


yea, it is. I wish I could go back in time to the year 2000.