Square Enix welcoming back retired FFXI players

Final Fantasy XI players with canceled PlayOnline accounts can return with their old characters and up to a month of free play.


Final Fantasy XI

TOKYO--Gamers who have deleted their Japanese PlayOnline accounts and want to return to Final Fantasy XI may be able to make comebacks. Square Enix announced today that it will launch a "Welcome Back Campaign" for FFXI from April 14 to July 13 in Japan. Retired FFXI players that sign up on the game's official site during this period will be able to get their PlayOnline and FFXI registration codes reissued by Square Enix, meaning they can return to the game with their old characters intact instead of having to start again from scratch. What's more, they'll also be able to play the game for free for 30 days.

This Welcome Back Campaign will only apply to FFXI gamers who have already canceled their PlayOnline accounts. Retired FFXI players who still have active accounts at PlayOnline will have the chance to get their deleted characters resurrected when Square Enix begins another campaign in June. Accounts that were banned by Square Enix due to misbehavior are not eligible for the Welcome Back Campaign.

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