Spot Talk: Discuss Watch Dogs Hype and Our Rust Early Access Review with GameSpot Staff

On today’s GameSpot Blog: Join Shaun McInnis to discuss our Rust Early Access review at 2:00pm PST and share your excitement for the release of Watch Dogs with Jess McDonell at 4:00pm PST.


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The release of Watch Dogs was one of the most anticipated for next-generation consoles. Back in October, we all received the news we wished was not true. Watch Dogs was being pushed back to 2014 and not a launch title. This shook up everything. PS3 pre-order bundles were changed and potential Xbox One owners canceled their consoles all together. It’s been a couple months, so we wanted to remind you of we why think Watch Dogs is worth the wait.

Today at 4:00pm PST, Jess McDonell is being featured for her ongoing video series, The Gist. Each week, Jess explains her top 5 for all sorts of things. Everything from "Best Sidekicks" to "Awesome Games you Probably Didn't Play". This week, Jess tells you why she is willing to forgive Ubisoft for the delay of Watch Dogs and why it will be worth the wait. [JESS MCDONELL Q&A]


Rust has been a rising star in the PC scene for weeks now. Rust is a tough and trying survival game where you as a play travel the wild in search of food and companionship in hopes of living. We’ve done a few live streams to check it out and so far we’ve liked what we’ve seen.

Recently, Shaun McInnis wrote his Early Access Review for Rust, calling it an “unforgiving world with no clear goal other than survival.” Our Early Access Reviews, evaluate unfinished games that are nonetheless available for purchase by the public. Shaun will be taking your questions and comments about Rust in the comments section of the review today at 2:00pm PST. [SHAUN MCINNIS Q&A]

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