Spot Talk: Discuss Steam Early Access & The Banner Saga review with GameSpot Staff.

Hang out and join our Q&A with editors Kevin VanOrd and Chris Watters today at 11:00am PST.

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This week, Chris Watters started his new feature highlighting some of the best of what Steam Early Access has to offer. This video series will be going on for the rest of the week and the theme for today’s list is games that explore mysterious worlds. Steam Early Access Day 3 will be taking a look at Starbound, Secrets of Raetikon, and Dream. You can look forward to seeing this video go live today at 10:00am PST.

Need more Steam Early Access action? Chris will be live and in the comments section starting at 11:00am PST ready to take your questions, comments and feedback. So, if you want to ask him something, or simply tell him that he’s doing a great job swing on by.


January may be a slow month for games, but the blessing in disguise here means that certain games get the chance to stand out. This week, Kevin VanOrd reviewed The Banner Saga, a tale about a caravan of men and giants crossing a bleak, frozen land. Kevin praised the games art and music as well as the job that it did portraying the harsh and frigid wilderness.

But while The Banner Saga is a beautiful game filled with interesting ideas, Kevin still had a few words of caution for the aspiring warrior. Want to learn more about Kevin’s thoughts regarding The Banner Saga? Come by his review for the game today at 11:00am PST, he will be there ready and willing to answer your questions.

If this sounds like the game for you, you can buy it on Steam for 24.99, or you can throw down a little bit extra to get the deluxe edition which comes with the soundtrack.

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Could we see a feature examining the kind of dollars generated by 'early access' pledges? Was looking into Wasteland 2 & was astounded to see the capital they were able to generate, albeit from a dedicated cult following... would be nice if Gamespot could produce a feature also talking to the devs, discussing how the cash generated influences the production process, where any surplus funding goes, and if we'll be likely to see some developments within the 'continuous' gaming experience in future stimulated by fan investment, a la EVE Online.


Banner Saga is turning out to be a great game for me. The combat is actually really well done and it requires some planning. The mechanic of having your strength and Heath as the same stat actually adds some depth, and I dig the very low focus on RNG.

The dialog is a bit tedious, but it's reasonably well done if you take the time to read it.

As stated the art is nearly unrivaled in an indie title.