Spore spreads to mobile phones

EA Mobile exec confirms Will Wright's upcoming sim game headed for handsets; Battlefield and Medal of Honor on the way as well.


Medal of Honor (2012)
Battlefield (working title)

Electronic Arts' $680 million purchase of Jamdat Mobile last year was a pretty clear indicator of how seriously the company took mobile gaming. So while it's no secret that the company is looking to bring more of its frontline franchises to the mobile market, there's still some uncertainty about which ones and when.

In a presentation at the Harris Nesbitt Games Go Mobile Conference this morning, Jamdat founder and EA Mobile senior vice president Mitch Lasky answered one of those questions.

"One of the ways we intend to maintain our leadership position is with the great intellectual property that we've been able to combine from the Jamdat side and from the Electronic Arts side," Lasky said. He later added that "titles like Medal of Honor, SOCOM, Battlefield, Spore, Need for Speed [are] in the pipeline."

While cell phone editions of SOCOM and Need for Speed are already up and available on the EA Mobile Web site, Spore, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield will be making their cell phone debuts. EA has previously posted job listings that it was looking for designers to work on handheld Spore titles, but has been silent about exactly which platforms those would be on. Last month, online retailer EBgames posted a product page for a Nintendo DS version of Spore, but it has since been pulled.

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