Splinter Cell exclusive to Xbox only in 2002

Splinter Cell is out for the Xbox and is confirmed for the PC, but it may also come to other platforms next year.

Since Ubi Soft's Splinter Cell was announced as an Xbox-exclusive game earlier this year, there's been speculation that the game may eventually come out for other platforms and even that development of PlayStation 2 and GameCube versions is already under way. What has been unclear is whether the deal between Ubi Soft and Microsoft that made Splinter Cell an Xbox-exclusive game would run out after a certain amount of time. Ubi Soft has confirmed that it will.

Ubi Soft's Tiffany Spencer told us, "The deal with Microsoft is through the end of the year. After that we are free to develop the game for any other platform we want."

Since the Xbox game just came out early this week, naturally all the attention is on that game, and there's no word on the other versions, except for the PC version, which is scheduled to be released in January. For more details, check out our full review of Splinter Cell.

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