Specnaz: Project Wolf unveiled

Byte Software opens an official site for its upcoming action game based on the Russian Special Forces.

Slovakian game developer Byte Software has opened a new official Web site for Specnaz: Project Wolf, its upcoming action game. The new site contains a brief description of the game, an overview of the game's storyline and missions, and a gallery of character renders and concept images.

Specnaz: Project Wolf is a first-person shooter set in the years after the fall of the Soviet Union. Since the former Soviet military bases are no longer secure locations, the Russian government has begun a secret program to extract its nuclear weapons from facilities around the world. When a transport carrying the materials goes down, the Russian Special Forces soldiers known as Specnaz are called in to help.

The game will include a number of missions set in different locations around the world. In addition, it will include several multiplayer modes, such as deathmatch, squadmatch, capture the nuke, reconnaissance, Specnaz vs. Delta, and atomic countdown.

We've posted some concept images in the gallery above, and they show off some of the characters and structures that players will encounter in the game. No official publisher or release date for the game has been announced. For more information, visit the new official Specnaz: Project Wolf Web site.

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