Space World 2001: Nintendo talks software

Resident Evil 0 and Perfect Dark: Zero were no-shows, but Nintendo discussed both first- and third-party games.

At its Space World 2001 press conference, Nintendo reiterated third-party support for the Nintendo GameCube. The company listed games such as Soul Calibur II, SSX Tricky, Virtua Striker 3, Phantasy Star Online Version 2, Mickey Mouse, Sonic Adventure 2, Star Wars Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader II, Bomberman Generation, FIFA 2002, Rune, Super Monkey Ball, and Batman Dark Tomorrow as some of the GameCube's prime third-party games. No new third-party titles were announced.

Interestingly, two major games, Resident Evil 0 and Perfect Dark: Zero (a first-party title), were conspicuously missing from Nintendo's Space World press conference. The company released no further information on when a specific announcement is planned for either game.

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