Space Hack set for North American release

New publisher Meridian4 picks up Diablo-inspired sci-fi action/RPG for its maiden voyage.

Canadian gaming publisher Meridian4 announced today that it has signed its first product in Polish developer Rebelmind Studios' sci-fi action/role-playing game, Space Hack.

"Meridian4 is extremely excited to be bringing this highly addictive and engaging game to North America," said Meridian4 CEO Andrew Sher. "This game will have players hacking and slashing their way through hours and hours of action/RPG gameplay. Space Hack brings back what makes gaming fun."

Set aboard a colony transport ship that is trapped and boarded by aliens inside a black nebula, Space Hawk puts players in the role of a former military man who must hack through hordes of aliens as he makes his way to an emergency escape pod on the far end of the ship. Rebelmind is promising 80 to 100 hours of gameplay across 45 levels, with more than 80 different aliens to slaughter and 40 weapons with which to enact said slaughter.

Rebelmind's previous efforts include the action adventure Grom: Terror in Tibet and the family games Great Journey and Timothy. Space Hack has already been released across Europe under various names, including Novasphere 13 and Maximus XV Abraham Strong--Space Mercenary.

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