Sound Byte Radio Ep. 14 - Tomb Raider, Valkyrie Profile 2, Hard Corps Uprising

This month's playlist is all about the sounds of war and conflict, ranging from the latest Tomb Raider to a couple of 2D shooters.

After the subtleties of the last Sound Byte Radio music podcast, it's high time to inject a lot more testosterone into this month's playlist.

From fighting game music to something akin to a Hollywood action blockbuster, we've got you covered. Get your ears ready for this playlist:

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Music for Today's Show

Hard Corps Uprising

Song: Stage 1 - Origin(Extra)
Composer: Daisuke Ishiwatari

The King of Fighters '96 Arrange Sound Trax

Song: Saxophone Storm 2 (Yagami Team Theme)
Composers: Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan
Buy from Play-Asia.

Journey to Silius

Song: Title Screen, Stage 1
Composers: Naoki Kodaka, About SS, Nobiyuki, Marumo & Mabochan

Tomb Raider Original Soundtrack

Song: The Scavenger's Camp
Composer: Jason Graves
Buy from Sumthing Digital.

Grand Knights History Original Soundtrack

Song: Fighting Blade, Fighting Blade(Climax)
Composer: Yoshimi Kudo
Buy from Basiscape.

The Last Story Original Soundtrack

Song: Invitation to Madness
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Buy from Play-Asia.

Motoi Sakuraba Live 2006 -Valkyrie Profile 2-

Song: A Motion of Finishing Blow
Composer: Motoi Sakuraba
Buy from Square Enix store.

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I always look forward to these music podcasts, Jonathan.  Such a great selection of music, and I wish this podcast could become a weekly feature.  Thanks once again.  :)


That is the market they made for them selfs so if it all goes down the toilet they have only them selfs to blame.What we are seeing right now is  creative choke point that will pass.IMO the industry is expanding and brining in more and more people as gamers and game makers.It is rough out there for sure but if you make a shit game why shouldn't you fail ?THQ made mediocre games that where on the 7-8 rating scale and still they failed.Being mediocre is not god enough anymore.


Excellent selection Jonathan! Especially loved the Hard Corps track, big fan of Daisuke's work.


Good show! Really enjoyed it =)


Awesome pieces Keep'em comin'


Thank You so much Jonathan for keeping this show Alive :)

mr_toffee moderator

@RIIIIKU Thanks for listening! As long as we get more people tuning in this show (and the rest of the 13 episodes), it'll definitely be kept alive :)


@mr_toffee @RIIIIKU I really hope you are getting enough clicks... Not enough good casts on game music around. Any recommendations?