Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Chris Huelsbeck

With more than 25 years in the video game industry, Chris Huelsbeck shares his experience beginning with the C64.

The Great Giana Sisters

How many of you have actually used a Commodore 64? Well, for those who are old enough to remember what a Commodore 64 is, you might remember a game called The Great Giana Sisters. To this day, the music from the cult classic is highly regarded by the growing chiptune community. The composer, Chris Huelsbeck, is still a big fan of early electronic music, but his work can also be enjoyed with the use of a full orchestra. In 2008, Thomas Boecker produced a concert called Symphonic Shades that was dedicated exclusively to Huelsbeck's work. Not only was it a tremendous way to have his music appreciated by a large audience, but it also marked the first time that a video game music concert was broadcast live over the radio.

The German composer remains busy. He has more than 80 projects under his belt, has worked the Star Wars Rogue Squadron series, and is most recently working on Star Trek: Infinite Space. Check out our interview below to learn more about Chris Huelsbeck's start and his outlook on the industry, as well some samples of the upcoming Star Trek game and his previous works.

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