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Welcome to Sound Byte, GameSpot's game music blog!

What is this place? Sound Byte is a home for all things related to video game music. You'll find Q&As, video interviews, soundtrack impressions, the latest news on album releases, musical performances, studio recordings, concerts, and other fun features. Contests as well as giveaways will happen from time to time, so be sure to stay tuned!

We want to keep this blog interactive, so your feedback and participation are important. But please do not request music from us.

Why is this here, and why should I care? Whether you pay attention to them or not, video game music and sound design are important parts of the overall gaming experience. For many games, the soundtrack rests in the background, cuing up only when necessary, or is partnered with the action onscreen for a stronger emotional effect. This blog is here so that we can highlight the composers and artists who are devoted to the nonvisual elements of the game.

Of course, then there are music games, where the soundtrack is the star of the show (like Rock Band and Guitar Hero), but this blog (for now) will be more focused on the former type of game. But that doesn't mean we won't find the time to discuss rhythm music games either.

We'll have more coverage of video game music in the near future, but for now, check out these musical features and tell us what you think!

Composing for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Nobuo Uematsu feature

Green Day Q&A with Mike Dirnt

Sound Byte is GameSpot's game music blog, which covers every aspect of music in games, including interviews with top game music composers and discussions of new and classic game soundtracks. Have a question or suggestion? Leave us a comment below.


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