Soul Sacrifice bundle pack available in Singapore for pre-order

Pre-orders to be open from February 22 to March 6.

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong has announced that it will soon take Singapore pre-orders for the regular and premium edition of the PS Vita title Soul Sacrifice.

The premium version contains a cosmic red PS Vita with a special Soul Sacrifice decal on the back, the Japanese version of the game, a cosmic red head set, and a 16GB memory card. The bundle will cost S$469 ($378), while the regular version of the game costs S$69.90 ($56).

Customers who pre-order the game--standard or premium edition--between February 22 and March 6 will also get a Soul Sacrifice key chain and A4 folder. The game is slated to be out in Asia on March 7.

For more information on the action game, check out GameSpot’s gamespace on the title.

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The game's gonna cost SGD$70? Seriously?


The normal PSVita Price here is 299... Let's say... + game... 56 + headset... + 20 .. 16gb... 

is say this would be worth 400 MAX...