Sony using SingTel for PS Vita 3G plan

3G/Wi-Fi version to be available in Singapore on April 14.


Ever since the launch of the PS Vita in Singapore, there hasn't been any official word on the 3G version of the device being sold in Asian shores. That has changed, however, as Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong has now announced that the 3G version will be out in Singapore on April 14.

The official telecommunication company to provide mobile connectivity is SingTel (short for Singapore Telecommunications Limited). The plan so far sets a monthly charge of S$9.90 and a local mobile data usage of up to 1GB. The contract requires a minimum of three months. Head to SingTel's page for more information.

The device will cost customers S$469. Gamers can begin pre-ordering the device from March 28 at Sony Store, HMV and local game stores across Singapore. Bonuses for pre-ordering include getting a S$20 PSN voucher card. In addition, there will be a 3G version of the PS Vita Value Pack on sale; the S$569 bundle comes with a 4GB memory card, an accessory pack, and a copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

For more information on the Vita, check out GameSpot's launch feature guide here.



LOL 469 singaporean plus tax is a massacre price for the locals heck the 3ds was sleeping during that price range lol


what about Indonesia? It's a lot wider than Singapore........