Sony unveils PSP Remaster series

New line will let gamers play PSP titles on their PS3s, take console sessions on the go; Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to be first offering.

This weekend, Sony announced the PSP Remaster series for the PlayStation 3. The new line of titles will deliver on a potential long desired by owners of both platforms--the ability to transfer a PS3 game save to a PSP and continue the game on the go.

The PSP Remaster series will let players transfer game saves from PS3s to PSPs--and vice versa.

According to Sony, the PSP Remaster series will consist of PSP games remastered for the PS3 with high-definition graphics on a Blu-ray disc. These titles may also have other new features, such as downloadable content and stereoscopic 3D support. Game saves from the PS3 versions of titles will be fully compatible with the PSP editions and vice versa, allowing players to transfer their console game saves to the portable and the other way around. PS3 and PSP players will also be able to jump into wireless ad hoc multiplayer sessions with each other.

The PSP Remaster series will debut in Japan with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. from Capcom. As the title implies, the game will be a high-definition remake of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which has been wildly successful in Japan. The title has shipped over 4.5 million units in the island nation alone since it went on sale in December 2010. No date was given for the release date of the PSP Remaster edition of the game.


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