Sony unveils new Vita apps

The publisher has announced three new free applications for its handheld console to be released starting April 18.

Sony has announced three new free applications for its PlayStation Vita console. The apps will be released separately over the coming months, beginning with the release of Paint Park on April 18.

Treasure Park, an upcoming Vita app that allows you to make your own puzzles.

Announced on the official PlayStation blog, the three apps will make use of the console's features in different ways.

Paint Park is a painting app that will allow users to turn the console's touch screen into a sketch pad to make and share drawings with virtual markers and an onscreen colour palette. Users can also use the console's cameras to take pictures and edit them in Paint Park. The app supports up to five players via the ad hoc mode.

Treasure Park will allow users to create their own puzzles, share them with friends, and use the console's "near" application and 3G capabilities to find puzzles located nearby.

The last app, Wake-up Club, turns the Vita console into an alarm clock that can sync up with other Vita users who set their alarms at the same time.

Paint Park will be released on April 18.

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